It is a worldwide known information that the USA includes fifty states. And every of this state is like a separate country partially, with its own traditions and even holidays. Every time, when a state joined the USA it became a holiday because it changed the life of this particular state and its people. In this article, we would like to talk about one of such states, which everybody knows, but maybe not everybody knows its history. This state is Hawaii. When the state joined others, this day became a local holiday and was called Statehood day. In this article we will speak a bit about it and find out, when is Statehood Day in 2019.

The background of the holiday in Hawaii

To begin with, it is important to admit the fact that Hawaii is not the only state, which celebrates the day with the same name. This holiday is celebrated in a couple of other states, Tennessee, for example. That is why these days must not be mixed with each other. Hawaii celebrates the holiday at the end of August – it is a time when the state joined other USA states. But other states celebrate it on other dates. That is why Hawaiians concretely know, what day Statehood Day in 2019 is.

Statehood Day

So, this joining happened more than 60 years ago, in 1959. Since that time Statehood Day has celebrated annually and is a very important day for the citizens of the state.  Actually, Hawaii has rather bright and rich history and every, who lives there till nowadays know about it. Before becoming a part of the USA, Hawaii had a  period of its existing. At the time of wars of America with Spain and Second World War used the islands as a place of location of their navy. For a long time, this place has been used as a base for the army, where also different operations were developed and realized. But as all the wars were finished, those, who lived on the islands, required statehood and didn’t want to live the same life as before no more.

That is why the question of Hawaii’s statehood has been risen, though there were some problems with it. Problems concerned the nationalities of Hawaii’s residents. Too many people of different nationalities lived there and other states had to vote and choose, whether it will be one more state of the USA or not. That is why elections have been organized and people had a chance to vote and show their opinion in such a way. Elections were held in June, where a lot of different votes were accepted. In a couple of months, the president of the country made a decision and signed a document, where Hawaii was made a part of the USA. It all happened in August, 21 and till nowadays the same date has been preserved and people know, what day Statehood Day in 2019 is.

Traditions and celebrations of the holiday

For Hawaii becoming a state of the USA was a great step and a big part of its history. The islands became the 50th and the last state for that time. Earlier this day was called Admission Day, but beginning from 2001 this name has been changed. But still, every year this day is treated as a state holiday that is why it is a weekend and people do not work or study. The exception is made only towards public transport, as some companies still work during this day, and others do not work. So, people usually have to check this information if they are planning to use its services, so as to check, when is Statehood Day 2019.

If speaking about the celebrations of the holiday, there exist totally controversial opinions and it is difficult to judge each of them. All this is happening because of the variety of people of different nations, which live in this territory. Also, there is one factor, which influences the situation – for many years this territory has been used as a base for US army and troops, so not all people are sure, whether it can be called a part of the whole country with the same rights.

According to one of the opinions, not enough attention is given to the holiday. People think that the holiday is more important than many people think and the government should give more time to celebrate it and do it on a larger scale. That is why it may be difficult to define, what is the date of Statehood Day 2019.  These people try to promote the holiday, try to tell as many people as possible about it in order to make it more popular. Such people sincerely wish the state to live long and develop.

Statehood Day

But there are also people, who have totally another opinion. They think that there is no such a holiday and do not think that Hawaii is a real state of the USA and even ignore the holiday. They say that no entertainments and celebrations are organized by the state and its citizens.

All in all this holiday is rather controversial and no one can say for sure, whether all these opinions are true and if it all is really good for people, especially for native citizens of Hawaii. But nevertheless, it is a work of the government to develop it, to make people’s discontent less and not allow people to quarrel and distribute wrong and negative moods among them all.

To be more concrete and to know, when is Statehood  Day in 2019, calendar will help to count it. Though the paper has been signed on a concrete day, the holiday is celebrated on the third Friday in August every year. This time it will be celebrated on August, 16.

Except for the states of the USA, the holiday with the same name is celebrated in a number of countries of Europe, such as Slovenia, Croatia, Lithuania and several others. They must not be confused with each other, as every country has its own traditions of this holiday and celebrate it on different dates and days. Also, every single country has its own history, connected with the holiday that is why everybody should treat it with respect.


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