Housewife isn’t a profession. Nevertheless, this woman has got strict obligations and lots of work. She is a person who never gets pay for her work though she rarely has free time. Her obligations aren’t set by a concrete person as in the office. But she does everything she has to do according to a schedule. Children and shops make her a very busy person without a possibility to get free. There are many holidays when representatives of various professions are marked. Their deeds are greatly valued. As to a housewife, she is always unnoticeable so as her deeds are. She is always a person who has to do everything she does because of an ordinary need. So, a special occasion was initiated to mark this person and show the importance of her existence. When is National Housewife Day in 2022? Who can be named a housewife?


Many years ago women, who maintained houses and were invisible support of family members, were an ordinary case. Men usually thought that their life was simple and carefree. They didn’t thank their women at all because of the absence of need. Many women didn’t think there was another way of life. They were sure that their destiny was to serve their dear family members. Nevertheless, the problem of concern was very great.

Time passed and values has transformed greatly. Women got the consciousness of their importance for a family. The whole amount of housewives has lessened greatly not only due to the opportunities. Women realized that they can get a profession and occupy a position which earlier was only for men.

Ideal Housewife

The possibility to get free from the habitual schedule made women more active. Nevertheless, there are lots of women who want to be the support of the families. Their main role is serving their dearest people and helping them.

The amount of housewives across the world is very great, especially in the developing countries. The value of such a role is very great. Women need concern and gratitude that’s why it was decided to initiate a special day when every housewife can be thanked and congratulated. The concrete year of the idea’s appearance is unknown. It seems to be a rather young tradition. Despite this fact the event has become very popular throughout the world. “What day World Housewife’s Day in 2022?” The answer is “On the 3rd of November”.

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What does National Housewife’s Day mean for women and their relatives? The occasion is a reason to appreciate mothers and grandmothers who make everything to simplify our life and being. People often don’t value wives who are always at home. They think that their life is very simple that they don’t need to think over money and other such things. Their worries aren’t thought to be valuable.

Nevertheless, relatives should understand that the existence of such persons let themselves be free from simple and minor problems which fill our everyday life. We usually don’t think about shopping, children’s troubles and household chores. These matters are under a mother’s or wife’s control.

These individuals deal with a great amount of problems which are invisible for other members of the family. The thing is that it is obligatory to show the gratitude to these persons at least on the exact holiday. They will appreciate this gratitude greatly. It can be a sign that their deeds are very important for their relatives who always notice them.

The day can be a good chance to show love to wives. As representatives of other professions, women can meet and celebrate the occasion following their own traditions. It is also a great possibility to give a housewife a day-off from her difficult problem.

When is International Housewife’s Day 2022? It’s on the 3rd of November.

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The word is a very old itself. It is said to appear in the 12th-13th century. It was noticed in the Middle-English. It was a combination of two words “house” and wife“. These words made a combination of meanings. That’s why people use it for several meanings.

The word is usually used to describe a woman who is obviously married and has certain obligations concerning a process of house management. The actions, which she does, seem to be her main occupation.

The term is used in the form of a verb to express the whole process. Dictionaries propose the relation of this term to a good management including economy.

Modern interpretation of the term accepts the possibility of housewives to be unmarried. Nowadays the family status isn’t very important, because many young people prefer to live together without an official wedding. So, they can be in such a status without an official status of a married person.

The term is always used in the cases when a woman doesn’t get a payment for all her actions. She is selfless in a wide sense. What is the date of National Housewife’s Day 2022? It’s on the 3rd of November.


The day can be celebrated in different ways. The main way to make this day a special occasion is to give a mother or a wife a day-off from her obligations. This day should be full of concern and attention to the woman who need love and attention which she always gives to her relatives.

Various families can follow their own habitual traditions. Many men prefer to give flowers and make small presents to their wives. They usually buy various kitchen utensils on the day to simplify the woman’s live and work.

Domestic Goddess

They can propose their help to dearest people who can use free time for rest and different entertainments. The role of such actions can’t be overestimated. People are to make such pleasant things for the members of their families.

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The occasion can be used for going out. There’re various variants of celebrating the day outside. It is a good chance to have dinner in a restaurant or to sing in a karaoke-bar. Women like travelling, so why not to make a one-day tour across a native town.

A shop-tour is a great chance to show appreciation to a dear person. In this case it’s important to buy clothes but not food, as usually. The products are to be bought by a husband or children.

The main idea of the occasion is to make it a regular event in your family. Wives deserve to be under somebody’s care. They are always in a hurry. It is a good way out to give them time to read a book or to drink coffee in a calm atmosphere. Fathers who have babies and small children can spend their time with them giving their wives to have a rest.

“When is Housewife’s Day in 2022, calendar of holidays” Every calendar proposes the 3rd of November as the date.

International Housewife’s Day Facts

  • According to the accepted statistics in the USA, an average housewife works 94 hours per week.
  • It is considered that a small amount of housewives make their country more strong.
  • Ancient Greeks didn’t consider a woman as a housewife until she became pregnant.
  • Freud thought considered women with a career a neurotic creature.
  • According to the researches, men have a chance to be successful when their wives stay at home. Wives are also managers of wastes.
  • 78% of British wives, who were interviewed, don’t mind being housewives.
  • Norwegian women don’t like the word itself. They think it’s rather embarrassing.
  • 70% of American young men want their women to stay at home. But women prefer to make a career.


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