When is National Bunsen Burner Day in 2020? This is a rather amazing question, however, only a few people all around the planet are ready to reply it properly. Why? The matter is that most of them even donโ€™t know about its existence. And we find this situation to be an unfair one that is why today we are going to investigate it in details.


Discussing the matter what day World Bunsen Burner Day in 2020 is we can’t but mention the biography of this famous person. It is quite known well, that the father of the scientist was a prominent professor of literature. Bunsen was an educated person. He received his primary education in two places, Gรถttingen and Holzmunden gymnasiums. After that in 1828 the boy entered the University of Gรถttingen, where he studied three subjects: physics, chemistry as well as geology.

After completing his education in Paris, Berlin and Vienna, he defended his thesis in a difficult subject. He chose chemistry and did it at the University of Gottingen in 1833. Three years later he occupied the chair at the Kassel Polytechnic Institute, which was freed after the departure of Veler from there. He stayed in Kassel until 1838, until he was asked as an extraordinary chemistry professor at the University of Marburg, where in 1841 he was elected an ordinary professor and director of the chemical institute.

Bunsen Burner

In 1846, together with the popular geologist Wolfgang Sartorius, he visited Iceland.

In 1851 the young man moved to Wroclaw and organized a chemical laboratory there. But soon the man left Wroclaw and took the chair of chemistry at the local Heidelberg University. Here, on his 50-year doctoral jubilee he received the rank of privy councilor of the first class and only in 1889 passed the chair to Victor Meyer.


What does National Bunsen Burner Day mean? โ€“ All in all, it is only up to you to decide whether to celebrate this special occasion or to forget completely about its existence in the contemporary calendar.

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In general, Robert is deservedly considered to be one of the greatest researchers of the XIX century. He was also an outstanding experimenter and designed many original instruments. For example, he invented a Bunsen flask for vacuum filtration, a convenient tripod and a burner giving an almost non-luminous flame of high temperature. At the same time we should forget about cheap and powerful galvanic cell, steam and ice calorimeters, a valve for relieving excess pressure in the reaction vessel and a spectrograph. His water jet pump with regulator, a very effective photometer with an oil stain and an absorptiometer are also among the most famous devices.

The study of poisonous compounds undermined the health of the scientist, the doctors advised him to do something safer. Since 1839, R. Bunsen, as director of the Marburg Chemical Institute, began electrochemical studies and studies of gas mixtures. Here he invented a simple and cheap coal-zinc source of current, replacing expensive precious metal electrodes on coal plates.


Investigating the question โ€œWhen is International Bunsen Burner Day 2020?โ€ we found a great amount of the amazing facts devoted to this direction.

In general, Robert Wilhelm Bunsen is one of the most brilliant chemists who was known well as the notable Robert Bunsen in the history of science. He was engaged in chemical and physical theoretical research, he paid great attention to practical research and pedagogical work. The man designed many convenient and simple instruments and devices, which are still used in laboratories. The most famous of them are a Bunsen flask, a Bunsen laboratory stand and a laboratory stand.

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All in all chemical reactions are considered to be a significant part of our daily lives. Cooking in the kitchen and driving the car canโ€™t happened without various and rather difficult reactions.

By the way, for many children, chemistry is a complex and incomprehensible subject. The hardest way to understand it is for those to whom it is simply uninteresting. As the practice shows these kids usually torture themselves with chemical tasks and as a rule, they donโ€™t choose this subject with their future profession. And if the boys and boys do not understand the topic at the beginning, then the lessons turn into a living hell, except that the experiments somehow dilute this nightmare.

In order to interest a child with chemistry, you can use entertaining experiences, but the main thing here is not to overdo it. Why? – Parents can show experiments, children are addicted, make experiments themselves, but it is not necessary to get involved only from the outside, because as a result the expectations of the child can be deceived. Because in the lessons they study not only entertaining experiments, but experiments in the context of explanation. Knowing only the outside, the children will wait for entertaining vivid experiments.

kids and Bunsen Burner


When is Bunsen Burner Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you and as a rule, it is not a problem to be involved, as the special occasion is fixed and it is celebrated on March 31st annually. Of course, this holiday is not an official one that is why we shouldnโ€™t expect for any events organized by local administration. However, it is not a reason for being upset, especially if you have a good imagination. Today we are going to represent you some ideas and you can improve them in accordance with your personal requirements and desires.

  • First of all, March 31st is a perfect opportunity to honor and to congratulate your chemistry teachers at school or at university. All in all thank them you have the chemistry knowledge now.
  • Some people prefer to organize an evening of chemistry experiences. Introduce children and adults the facts, which can prove the role of this science in the modern life. And at the same time it is full of the joys, so you may entertain yourself in a perfect way.
  • And at last the calmest way to spend March 31st is to learn as much about the Robert Bunsenโ€™s life as it is possible. In this case your choices are really endless, as nowadays there are a lot of books, movies, articles and documentaries devoted to his famous person.
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International Bunsen Burner Day Facts

So you have already received the answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Bunsen Burner Day in 2020?โ€ and know quite well that is will happen on March 31st as usually. However, today we are going to introduce you a lot of amazing pieces of information.

Chemistry is a rather dangerous science and the experiments in this sphere can finish in a tragic way. In the hands of this famous German chemist a sealed glass jar filled up with an arsenic compound suddenly exploded. As a result the man stayed without the right eye as well as poisoned himself badly.

Because of the constant work with chemicals Bunsen’s hands chemicals were so rough and scarred that in society he preferred to hide them under the table. But in the laboratory he usually demonstrated their “invulnerability” by bringing his index finger into the flame of the gas “Bunsen burner” and holding it there for several seconds until the smell of the burning spread. He used to say calmly: “Look, gentlemen, at this point the temperature of the flame is higher than a thousand degrees”. It was amazing and awful at the same time.


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