One of the most interesting festive events in the United Kingdom is Early May Bank Holiday. At earlier times people met the beginning of the summer period. Nowadays it is a remarking date of workers’ rights and interests. When is Early May Bank Holiday in 2022? How do people usually celebrate this day?

Backgrounds of the day

During the pagan period humans used to believe in spirits of Earth, water and fire. People idolized goddess Flora. Thus, there was the ritual of wintering, meeting summer. It is considered to be a Roman belief. When Christianity strengthened its authority, humans were forced to forget that day as it had a mark of paganism.

Early May Bank Holiday remarked Robin Hood. The British commemorated him, had fun together. The coming of warm period was celebrated. There had existed 33 commemorating dates of Christian Saints till the 30s in the 19th cent. Thus, later only four celebrations of this date remained. They were on Good Friday, 1 November, 1 May, Christmas.

Early May Bank Holiday 2017

The governmental acceptation of the date goes back to 70s of the 19th cent. The law about designing short vacations without loss of salary was introduced. The government decided to give to Brits, Irishmen and Welshmen 4 days for rest. In Scotland people got five days for rest. The official calendar included the 1st Monday of May, Whit Monday, New Year’s Day, Christmas, Good Friday, Easter. Christmas and Easter were considered as traditional days off. Other dates had to be mentioned. Time passed, the governments of all parts of the country put their national holidays into the calendar.

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People shifted the festival several times from one date to another. Only in the 70s of the 20th cent. it got its official observation in May on the 1st Monday. 2022 is the year of coincidence. If a person writes an internet request “When is Early May Bank Holiday 2022”, he’ll get “1 May”. It’s the International Labour Day. The English usually make demonstrations and parties on this day. Some serious riots happened across the world earlier. Usually people claim easier working conditions and an increase of salary.

What do people usually do on the day

Almost all the people have vacations in the United Kingdom on the day. The government ordered schools and organizations to have days off. They are mainly closed on the holiday. Urgent services continue their work as usual. There are no problems with transport on that day in the United Kingdom.

Local authorities organize traditional events as it was accepted in early years. One of these actions is maypole dancing. A big pole is set and tied up with colored ribbons. Girls and boys begin dancing around the pole and create wonderful colorful patterns. The tradition of pole dancing is so beautiful and interesting that many educational establishments make different festival, contests, especially in the villages.

The beginning of the spring is often associated with Morris dancing. It’s a male tradition when men dress in white, fix many bells on the clothes, take a scarf, a wooden stick. Accordion music usually accompanies those dances. The entertainment is so fascinating that local authority often organizes contests, competitions on Morris dances.

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If the British ask “What day Early May Bank Holiday in 2022”, they will get an answer “Monday”. It means they will have at least two days off. They will decorate their houses, gardens with floristic compositions and garlands as usual.

Girls follow the tradition washing their faces in the dew. It’s considered to be a sign of beauty, longevity and happiness. In some villages people make a festival in which the chimney-sweepers take part. It is their day off. It is also traditionally accepted in the UK to decorate the walls of the houses with flowers.

What is the date of Early May Bank Holiday 2022? It is on 1 May. The situation states an obligation to join celebrations and make marches and parades devoted to the International Labour Day. It’s generally accepted in big cities to demand support of working people. During the earlier times a local authority was on the lookout.

Early May Bank Holiday

Short facts about the day in the UK and across the world

Different countries have their meaning of this day. Official dates of Hong Kong are considered as bank holidays. These days are ordinary days off. In Australia this term doesn’t mean days off for banks, but their workers usually have two days for rest:

  • Easter Tuesday;
  • in August (the 1st Monday).

Fifteen Indian holidays from a whole amount of events have the status of bank vacations. Irish bank days are the days when employees have vacations. These days may not be public.

There are some facts about the holiday that should be known:

  • Up to the 30th of the 19th cent. the Bank of England had days off 33 days a year according to the religious calendar.
  • Lubbock made the law. He was famous among bankers and politicians.
  • The English had a tradition to give additional days on special occasions (weddings, anniversaries);
  • People may stay at work during Early May Bank Holiday if they want;
  • If the dates are weekends, people always have additional days.
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Tourists, who want to see different interesting traditions, come to the country on the date. Visitors can find an answer on a question “When is Early May Bank Holiday in 2022, calendar of the UK”, then go to England.


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