Wine has always been the noble beverage with a special bouquet. People from many countries have their own types of the beverage. Nevertheless, there are several kinds of wine which are commonly accepted throughout the world. Every person can find its own favorite kind of the beverage according to its taste and flavor. Many kinds of the beverage have got a special respect and love of people. These holidays have become popular among thousands of people across the world. When is National Beaujolais Nouveau Day in 2019? How can people celebrate the date?


Beaujolais was the region where the Romans cultivated various plants. It was situated in the area of the trading route. Romans cultivated grapes in different parts of Europe. They chose special places for their harvest. Several centuries passed, and the beverage was produced by theย Benedictineย monks. They cultivated wine kinds of grapes from the 7th century to the 15th century.

The name of the region appeared in the 10th century. It was given to the region from the name of its main town Beaujeu. His rulers also had the corresponding title.

The product of the area was sold in the neighboring markets. It wasnโ€™t a product of the common use. The extension of trading territories happened in the 19th century due to the development of the railroad system. From that time Paris got the opportunity of tasting a new kind of the beverage. C. Redding admitted that Beaujolais had a low cost and was consumed very well.

Beaujolais Nouveau Festival

The highest international popularity of this kind of beverage was got in the 80s of the 20th century. The potential of the wine trading was noticed. It was decided to make a special festival in France for promoting the time of harvest. It was decided to advertize the idea on TV and other kinds of mass media. During the time a special race was provided when the bottles were carried. Later the idea became popular in other countries of Europe. In the 90s the race spread to Asia and America.

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1985 was the year when the occasion was set on the 3rd Thursday of November. This tie is the best period for selling beverages of the new harvest. โ€œWhat day Beaujolais Nouveau Day in 2019?โ€ The answer is the 19th of November.


What does Beaujolais Nouveau Day mean for the representatives of wine industry and ordinary people? Wine industry provides a great amount of benefit to the territories where itโ€™s produced and to manufacturers. Lots of money is gained due to the alcohol trading.

The occasion is a good chance to promote a certain kind of beverage which is to be sold most of all on the date. Besides, the territory of its origin is also gets much attention and is visited by many tourists. The help of mass media canโ€™t be overvalued. Manufacturers make as much as possible to advertize their product.

The product of a new harvest is proposed to local people and tourists who have a chance not only to taste Beaujolais Nouveau but also to see the famous vineyards. The owners of these vineyards propose to taste the most delicious beverages.

The day is a great act of promotion which helps to attract the foreignersโ€™ attention to France which is famous for its wine manufacture. There are several propositions to visit various French regions in November. The country always welcomes tourists who spend much money there and promote French wine. The occasion unites many manufacturers throughout the world. They accept the common concept of observing the day. Such collaboration helps to raise the whole amount of sales. When is International Beaujolais Nouveau Day 2019?Itโ€™s on the 19th of November.

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Beaujolais nouveau is described in many dictionaries. The term has derived from the name of the region which produces this type of the beverage. These territories gave its name to this kind of beverage in the 10th century.

The term is explained as young beverage which is sold 2โ€“3 weeks after the production. It is necessarily produced from one kind of grapes โ€“ Gamay. The beverage is usually filled with fruit flavor. People usually race for getting the 1st bottles of Beaujolais nouveau.

The wine starts to be sold at the noon at many markets of the country and outside France. The first day of sales coincides with the 3rd Thursday of November. This information can also be found in the international dictionaries. Beaujolais nouveau is referred to the vin de primeur. It is always used to get great benefit.

The title of the occasion is definitely understandable. Real fans of the kind of the beverage understand the idea of celebrating the day. They use the date to buy their favorite type of wine. A few foreigners donโ€™t know the meaning of the term. They are to visit the local restaurant on the occasion and try the example of the vin de primeur. What is the date of Beaujolais Nouveau Day? The event is on the 19th of November.


The original village provides an annual festival. It is usually held the day before Beaujolais Nouveau Day. Its aim is to give the right of the first tasting of the wine to the local dwellers. In the evening thereโ€™s a procession with torchlight. As the territory is the original place of this wine, people celebrate the start of trading for several days. Itโ€™s high time to visit the cradle of Beaujolais Nouveau.

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People bathing in wine

Another 5-days festival takes place in Tarare. Local people also taste wine and food and release it throughout the region. Other neighboring territories support the common tradition of the wine promotion. Paris also takes part in the observance. Local bistros and restaurants make special propositions to their visitors. They make interesting evening programs dedicated to this kind of beverage.

The best way to taste the beverage is to go on wine tours which are widely proposed to every tourist who wants to feel the atmosphere of France. There are dozens of annual programs.

The US restaurants also actively participate in the occasion. They try to celebrate the event through releasing thousands of bottles during the date. The Americans have a tradition to present a bottle to their relative on Thanksgiving. Many families like spending Christmas with a bottle of sweet young wine.

โ€œWhen is Beaujolais Nouveau Day in 2019, calendar of sales?โ€ Itโ€™s on the 19th of November.

National Beaujolais Nouveau Day Facts

  • Beaujolais Nouveau is sold at the age of 6โ€“8 weeks. It is a representative of the โ€œPrimeursโ€. Some people donโ€™t like it because of various yeasts.
  • The manufacturers annually produce almost 30 million bottles of the beverage. The most number of them stays in France. Some millions bottles are sent to the USA.
  • Japan is the third country where this kind of wine is very popular. People prefer to bathe in the beverage.
  • The most popularity was gained in the 80s of the 20th The manufacturers made 10 million bottles more.
  • People always harvest grapes by hand.
  • The beverage can taste as strawberry, raspberry and banana. The producers make the wine with different flavors. Thatโ€™s why itโ€™s very fruity.
  • The banana variant has lots of sugar. The alcohol level is raised in such a way.
  • You canโ€™t keep the bottle for a long time. Itโ€™s good for a half of a year.


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