The history of radiographic research begins in 1885, when Wilhelm Roentgen recorded the darkening of photographic plates for the first time. At the same time, the scientist discovered that when a part of the human body is irradiated, the image of the skeleton remains on the photographic plate. This discovery served as the basis for the method of medical imaging. Before this, it was not possible to investigate internal organs and tissues. As you can see, this invention is among the most important ones in the human history. However, could you answer the question “When is National X-Ray Day in 2022?” without thinking? Or perhaps we should give you some time to thinking about?

Unfortunately, as a rule, contemporary men and women haven’t even heard about this holiday existence and that is the main reason why we have made a decision to discover this matter in details.


Of course, we have understood that it is almost impossible to answer the question “When is International X-Ray Day 2022?” without paying attention to the historical background of this event.

As a rule, this special date is celebrated on November 8, and this date was chosen not occasionally.

The first discoverer of X-ray radiation is the well-known physicist Wilhelm Roentgen. On this day in 1895 his famous German professor and rector of the local Bavarian Würzburg University, experimenting alone in the equipped laboratory, unexpectedly discovered the so-called “all-pervading” rays that are now called “X-rays”.

X-Ray Specialist

When all his assistants went home, Roentgen wanted to finish some work. He switched on the existing current again in a cathode tube, which was closed on all sides by black paper. The platinocyanide barium crystals that were lying nearby, started to glow in green. The amazed specialist switched off the power and noticed that the crystal glow stopped either. When the voltage was applied to the cathode tube again, the glow in the crystals, not connected with the instrument, resumed. As a result of careful research, man came to the amazing conclusion that an unknown radiation is emanated.

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After that studying the properties of the invention, the scientist established that some substances completely passed them, others weakened, and metals almost completely detained them.


What does X-Ray Day mean? In this it is only up to you to decide whether you have to celebrate this holiday or to forget completely about its existence. It is annual, but not official

For the application of open X-ray radiation, special equipment was invented. The most varied modifications have found application in almost all fields of modern medicine.

It should be noted that the rays pass through the human body tissues, but they stop, when they meet bones or any solid items, which are inside for any reason, on their way.

In order to find out the state of the skeleton as well as the presence of foreign bodies a separate direction was developed. It is called fluoroscopy.

The discovery of Wilhelm Roentgen has been widely spread already by 1919. Thanks to his research, new medical branches began to appear. With the help of roentgenology, X-ray diagnostics, X-ray analysis the health and life of hundreds of thousands of people around the world have been saved. Therefore, beyond any doubt, the results of Roentgen’s work are one of the greatest achievements in the history of mankind.


In our attempts to find out the proper answer to the question “What is the date of X-Ray Day 2022?” we can’t but mention the importance of this process for the contemporary society.

Due to X-ray studies, special properties of X-radiation were recorded. So it became clear that it is able to penetrate various opaque materials without reflecting and not refracting at the same time. In addition, radiation can not be polarized, and it can not be diffracted.

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Special attention deserves the fact that X-rays are harmful to the human body. The discoverer did not know this, therefore, most likely, his health broke down due to the prolonged exposure of the radiation he discovered.

Modern equipment can effectively protect the patient from the harmful effects of X-rays, but, nevertheless, radiographic examination is not recommended to do more often than once a year.


As you can understand, when is X-Ray Day in 2022, calendar is ready to remind you any time. The only thing you should forget is when November 8 comes. By the way this year it will be on Wednesday, just in the middle of the week.

Unfortunately, among the representatives of the common society there are no any special rules and customs to spend this holiday in an interesting or even amazing way. But, please, don’t be upset. Why? – The matter is that you can always invent your own traditions if you really want to celebrate this notable date.

The easiest way is, of course, to visit your doctor and to be examined with the help of these rays. But if there is no any necessity to do this you can meet your friends or family members and to organize a collective reading or mutual movie watching.

All in all this matter has a lot of questions to be discussed.

X-Ray Heart

For instance, have you ever heard about X-ray astronomy, which is a special way of observing the stars. Heavenly bodies radiate waves in any ranges, including in the X-ray. X-ray telescopes with special lenses make it possible to study stars in a new wave band with a sufficiently large angular resolution.

Some people are interested in X-ray lasers, that are a special type of application of rays discovered almost 100 years ago. Today they can be used as an enemy striking force or in missile defense. Using the energy of an atomic explosion, lasers have the feature of being excited and transferring focused energy over considerable distances. It is for this reason that many studies in the field of X-ray lasers are classified.

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National X-Ray Day Facts

When contemporary people are trying to find the answer to the question explaining, what day X-Ray Day in 2022 is, at the same time they want to know something amazing about this matter. Do you agree with us? – If your reply is positive it means that the following pieces of information will draw your attention for sure.

This well-known word “X-ray” has long been written not with a capital letter. It happened from the name of the scientist-physicist who discovered this special kind of rays. Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, almost 100 years ago, made an amazing discovery, which is now used not only in medicine, but in many other areas of human life.

  • The first and most widely known area of ​​application of X-rays is medicine, of course. The images of this kind have become already familiar tools for traumatologists, dentists and other medical specialists.
  • Another industry where x-ray equipment is widely used is security. So, at airports, at customs and other checkpoints, the principle of using a roentgen is almost the same as in modern medicine. Rays are used to detect items that are prohibited for transportation in luggage and other cargo. In recent years, small-sized, autonomous devices have appeared, which make it possible to detect suspicious objects in places of large concentrations of people.
  • X-ray flaw detection was not far from the field of medical application. The principle of operation is about the same, the purpose is quite different. This technology helps to identify cracks, defects, foreign inclusions in cast products. Also in the scope of its application includes the inspection of welded joints on the quality of execution.
  • X-ray spectral analysis makes it possible to draw conclusions about the chemical composition of any substance. As is known, all elements of the periodic system under irradiation by X-rays have certain spectra. X-ray spectral analysis can be performed in several ways.


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