Diwali is the well-known festival in Hinduism. When is Diwali in 2022? The question is impossible to be answered shortly. The annual holydays are being feasting for several days. But the major feast day falls on the On 14th of November 2022.

The meaning and the history

Diwali has a great significance in Hinduism. These days people glorify the victory of good and light.

The date of first mention of Diwali is unknown, but it is sure to be not later than first millennium AD. It was named Skand Puran in the ancient texts and celebrated in Kartika month. But some of historians suppose Diwali to have been celebrated for more than 7 thousand years.


The festival has one more name, which came from Sanskrit. Deepavali means the series of lights. People in India and the Hindus from all over the world light up the special earthen oil lamps called diya and candles. They do it in the streets and inside of their houses. There’re also colorful electrical lights and special beautiful lanterns named Kandeel hanging on the house facades.


The Deepavali is celebrated in families. Many people cross the entire country to join their relatives for 5 days of celebrations. It’s used to clean or even renovate the houses, to dress up the best clothe and to buy the gifts for parents, children, friends and other special people.

When is Diwali in 2022, calendar of the Moon can say. To realize when the date comes, the Hindus follow the Lunisolar calendar. The major day falls on the new moon. Usually it happens in the October or the first decade of November. During many centuries it was a harvest time for farmers. That’s why Lakshmi is the most worshipped these days in India as brings abundance.

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Everywhere shots and the explosions of firecrackers are heard and the fireworks are seen. On these days it’s recommended to be very careful by keeping a distance from the fireworks because these days many cases of burn injuries usually happen.

The schedule of the celebration

But actually the Festival starts on the 28th day of Ashwin month. This day is called Dhanteras. People make decorations and draw Rangoli in front of the entrance of their home or in their courtyards. Rangoli is an amazing design on the floor made of colored rice or flour and flower petals or other materials. After sunset people make puja dedicated to Lakshmi. The diyas are burning all the night. Many shops and markets are opened till midnight or later. People buy gifts. It can be sweets or chocolates for friends. But as for close relatives, mostly people prefer to buy jewelry for them. It’s popular to send flowers also. This day in every shopping mall a sale starts when discounts can be up to 70%.

Than Narak Chaturdasi day comes when the Hindus remember the murder of the demon Narakasura Katha who has been wreaked a total mess all over the world. He was killed by Krishna helped by Satyabama and Kali. According to mythology it is necessary to take bath to remove the fear of hell. Women make Mehendi on their hands using henna. And the homemade sweets are made for the next day.


Next day is the major feast day of the festival. The diyas and pujas are dedicated to goodness Lakshmi this day. So onย 14th of November, the day, when is the date of Diwali 2022, the Hindus wear their best clothes and they wish about Lakshmi blessing for a good year. They believe Lakshmi to walk around the earth on this great night. So they want her to come inside their home, that’s why they open the doors, place the diyas everywhere trying to invite her to come in.

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After puja the Hindus go outside and make fireworks. Some people hold the diyas in the hands and it’s very beautiful to see many lights in the dark. Finally, on Lakshmi puja day families come back home and continue to celebrate with conversations eating sweets.

Next day named Bali Pratipada is dedicated to the love, faithfulness and respect in a family. Husbands make special gifts to their wives. Some new married couples can be invited for dinner by the wife’s family. In some regions this day is called Padva, which means the first day of New Year.

It is the day of Goverdhan puja, which is made for Lord Krishna. For the most of shopkeepers it is the day when the new financial year starts. They summarize the last year and start keeping new records.

And finally Bhai dooj, the last day of Festival comes. On this day the love between sisters and brothers is celebrated. Women make puja praying about their brothers.

Diwali fireworks

The meaning of the Diwali attributes

According to the information what day Diwali in 2022 is, one can tell that decoration will start on the 12th of November. There are many things, which are traditionally being used these days. It is interesting to understand what means every attribute of Diwali.

In every home the diyas can be met these days. It is earthen lanterns with ghee or any vegetable oil inside. They can be plain or colorful. Mostly they are made by hands of members of a family. But nowadays it can be bought in the shop also. And the diyas are drawn on every greeting card. The Diwali diya shows five elements:

  • Earth;
  • Fire;
  • Sky;
  • Air;
  • Water.
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Inside and out of so many houses one can see Rangoli. You will never find the same color and design of this beautiful decorative element. Every line and every form of Rangoli is symbolic. And it’s almost impossible to believe, but women who are drawing Rangoli never use any special devices. They make such amazing and difficult designs using only their fingers. The center of Rangoli usually represents a deity and the other world is drawn around such as nature elements or the manโ€™s unity. It is used to believe drawing Rangoli changes the vibrations of the house.

So don’t forget when is Diwali 2022. All over India and the world also people will enjoy the light of the millions candles and diyas on 14th of November.


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