In Judaism Purim it is considered to be as significant as the day when the Holy Mount, God gave the Torah to the Jews to live according to its laws and honor tradition. However, in the Scriptures about this holiday or was not found a single mention, because it does not apply to non-working days and has some special traditions that are not found anywhere in the Jewish culture. For example, on Purim made dress: men can put on women’s dresses, and ladies – in men’s suits. Such behavior is strictly forbidden on any other day. And when is Purim in 2022? Purim 2020 will begin in the evening of March 9 and ends in the evening of March 10.

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Before you learn the history of this holiday, you must know what day is Purim in 2022. According to the Jewish calendar, this holiday comes 14-15 of the month Adar, which in our chronology, in 2022, this date falls on 9th and 10th March.

It is no secret that the Jewish people time and again yielded to persecution. Some rulers have tried to get rid of them altogether from the earth, but to no avail. Purim is a feast was appointed in honor of the events that took place long before the present day – the fifth century of a bygone era. It was at this time there was a great battle, in which the Persian king, Haman was trying to exterminate the Jews, but they repulsed the attack of the enemy, and it is celebrated two days. These two days are still dedicated to the celebration of such a grand event.

Feature Purim is a Jewish holiday that this is not the Bible, and was set those who keep the law, not rabbis. The holy book of the Torah, this date is not mentioned at all, and rejected by all adherents of biblical teaching.

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When is Purim day 2022? On 12 and 12 March, don’t forget about this. Duty to celebrate Purim – one of the seven commandments established by our sages, and this duty is itself also consists of seven commandments. Here they are:

  1. The reading of Megillat Esther,
  2. “mishloakh Manot”
  3. “Gifts to the poor”
  4. The reading of the Torah,
  5. Utterance insert “Al ganisim” in “Shmone-esre” and “Birkat gamazon”
  6. Cheerful feast,
  7. The prohibition of mourning and fasting.


For centuries, there was an extremely rich folklore associated with Purim. And do you know what is the date of Purim 2022? Among the sea of ​​torment, anxieties and trials, surrounding us all year, Purim stood as a lone island of reckless fun, humor and optimism characteristic of the Jewish people. Special Purim literature, comic presentation with amusing disguises and masks merry heart. Only on this day theatrical performances with distinctive characters have been resolved. For example, choose “Purim Rabbi” thus “to settle scores” with the leaders of the community, which “had a tooth”. There was a custom oven for Purim sweet cakes filled with poppy and sweets, which for some reason are called “Hamann ears.” It should be noted that different communities have their own versions of Purim customs.

When is Purim in 2022, calendar shows us the date 9th and 10th March.


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