Today we are going to tell you about rather unusual and at the same time interesting or even amazing holiday. Have you been fascinated already? Well, but at the very beginning you have to answer a question: โ€œWhen is National Elephant Day in 2022?โ€ Are you able to do it immediately and without any serious thinking? If your reply is no, it simultaneously means that this article is just for you.


Of course, it is of common knowledge that it is very difficult to answer the set question, what day National Elephant Day in 2022 is, without historical background of this event, so letโ€™s discover the most important points.

All in all the very first event was held five years ago, in 2012, when the specialists decided to celebrate this special occasion on August 12.

Many contemporary people have already watched the movie called โ€œReturn to the Forestโ€, which was shot by well-known film director William Shatner. The story was about the captive Asian elephant reintroduction to the wild nature.ย  Initially the film was released on August 12, which at the same time turned this moment into appreciated World Elephant Day. We canโ€™t but mention that this talented man also created one more film, telling vividly about the relations of people and young elephants somewhere in Thailand.

National Elephant Day

Since ancient times, elephants have been respected by many peoples of the world. In many cultures they have been a symbol of power and greatness of rulers, wisdom and tranquility, kindness and well-being.

In general, in any Buddhist country, elephants are revered as a symbol of longevity and prudence. They have always played an important role in the real life of people. It is known well that in ancient times these animals participated in military campaigns and battles, helped in the construction and transportation of goods and were irreplaceable helpers of the hard-working peasants.

And even today the welfare of a number of countries, where tourism is one of the key sectors of the economy, directly “depends” on these living beings that attract tourists to the country. For example, in Thailand and India, elephants take part in all holidays, creating a unique color. They play polo, go racing, draw and entertaining the local people as well as numerous guests.

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What does National Elephant Day mean? As a rule every person find the own answer to this question. But for most of us it is an additional opportunity to know something new about the largest mammal on the planet.

For example, these huge animals never leave each other in trouble. If one of them falls into a hole or a trap, others stretch out their trunks, trying to help. Elephants will never leave the baby who lost his/her mother.

Do you know that they’reย  excellent swimmers? Although they swim very rarely, but they bathe with great pleasure!

African elephants, unlike Indian, never lie down, they even sleep in standing position. In the powerful legs of the elephant there are receptors, thanks to which the elephant catches the slightest earthquakes.

According to intelligence, elephants are among the ten most intelligent animals in the world. Their speech consists of hundreds of sounds. Elephants’re emotional, sociable, have an excellent memory. You see, they never forget human kindness, but they will not forgive their offense.


When is Elephant Appreciation Day in 2022, calendar will help you not to forget. But would you like to know the real purpose of this special occasion? โ€“ All in all the main goal of this holiday is to create certain awareness to the urgent problems of Asian and African creatures of this type. The establishers also want to share as much knowledge about these living beings as it is possible. They are sure that the main thing we need nowadays is to find out the effective solutions in order to organize the better management and general care of elephants, both wild and captive. We also canโ€™t but mention that these African animals (400 thousand representatives) have been considered to be vulnerable, and Asian ones (40 thousand correspondingly) in their turn โ€“ endangered for twelve years already.

On August 12 many countries celebrate this one of the ecological holidays, which was established on the initiative of environmental organizations, environmentalists and caring people concerned about the amount of these animals reducing.

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Some contemporary men and women will be rather surprised to find out, that nowadays unfortunately, such thick-skinned giants need protection.

These creatures are really intelligent, possessing self-awareness and highly organized animals, the only survivors of the ancient group of proboscis, formerly inhabiting most of the land.

Now in nature, elephants mostly inhabit the tropical forests and savannas of Southeast Asia and Africa.


It seems like you have already understood the question โ€œWhat is the date of Elephant Day 2022?โ€ but do you know how to keep August 12 properly? Unfortunately, there are no any definite traditions as to its celebration.

But, please, donโ€™t worry and be upset. This fact has an undisputable advantage. โ€“ You can invent something really special for your family, close friends, relatives or even colleagues from work. What about going to the zoo? โ€“ The specialists, who are working there, are able to tell you a lot about these terrific creatures. You can also participate in scientific lectures or fascinating seminars.

National Elephant Day

The children will be extremely glad to draw this huge creature as well as the circle of its activities.

In the evening it is recommended to watch the documentary or even a kind cartoon about largest animals of the planet. By the way, these is a great amount of them, so everybody can something for his/her own preferences.

Elephant Day Facts

So you have already known the answer to the question โ€œWhen is World Elephant Day 2022?โ€, but would you like to find out some amazing information about these terrific animals?

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Here is our list:

  • Now on Earth there are three kinds of elephants: African savannah, African forest and Indian. Unfortunately, all the others have already disappeared from the face of the Earth.
  • The elephant is the largest land mammal in the world. The weight of an African elephant can reach 7.5 tons. And the height in the shoulders is 4 meters. Indian elephants are a third lighter and reach a height of not more than 3 meters.
  • An adult elephant can eat 200 kg of grass, shrubs and leaves per day. Just imagine, in order to feed one elephant, you need vegetation from an area of 5 square kilometers annually!
  • In just one day, the elephant drinks from 100 to 220 liters of water.
  • The trunk of this giant creature holds 7.5 liters of liquid.
  • Elephants live for a long time – up to 70-80 years.
  • The elephant’s trunk means a lot more than a hand at humans. This unusual organ allows the owner to breathe, to eat, to drink and to monitor the purity of its body. Elephants even bathe and protect themselves with the help of them.
  • Elephants live and move in herds, leading by the oldest she-creatures. In other words, there is matriarchy. The herd takes care of a small baby for 10-15 years.
  • These living beings have the longest period of kids bearing – 22 months! It’s almost 2 years! At birth, the tiny mammal weighs about 60 kg and for a day it drinks 11 liters of milk. The first six months of its life the child does not know how to use the trunk.


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