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When is Lailat al Bara’a 2018

The Muslim holiday of Laylat al-Bara – Baraat Night (Night of the remission of sins). In the night from 14 to 15 Shaaban according to Muslim chronology (Sha’ban – the eighth month of the lunar calendar), Muslims around the world celebrate the onset of the holiday night Baraat (Arabic “Laylat al-Bara ‘-‘ Creation Night”) – “night of liberation” or “remission of sins of the night.”  Baraat in Arabic means “innocence”, “complete separation”, “cleansing”. According to believers, this night God created specially to archangels reported to him about his deeds. When is Lailat al Bara’a in 2018? According to calendar, this holiday will be celebrate on Tuesday, the 1st of May.

Lailat al Bara'a 2018


According to popular belief, Muslim, occur annually, “shaking the tree of life” that night, on the leaves of which were written the names of all living: it is believed that if a sheet called a person falls, he will die within a year.

Night of Revelation, forgiveness and mercy, otherwise it is called, is approaching Allah Almighty for His servants, going down to the closest to the earth the heavens, in order to provide them with his great mercy and grace. If a person does not want to list with his name down, you need to ask for the grace of Allah, pray for forgiveness for their sins. When is Lailat al Bara’a day 2018, people with bad deeds completely separated (weaned) from Paradise, and people with old good deeds – from Hell.

Therefore, Muslims spend the night in prayer, repent of sins, asking for forgiveness from Allah. Allah Almighty forgives the sins of all people, in addition to the apostates, envious, detractors, abusing alcohol, interrupted communication with relatives, disobey their parents, the adulterers, the proud and provoking confusion.

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According to belief, the Prophet Muhammad had a dream in which God told him of the holy night Baraat. Muhammad prayed for the forgiveness of sins for three nights in a row. After this, being forgiven, Mohammed told all about this amazing thing about the sacred nights.

In Baraat night in the house of every Muslim is rich in meats stares low table (dastarkhan). Muslim himself, removing his house, taking daret (ablution) and dressed in clean clothes, to recite prayers and ask Allah for forgiveness of sins.  What is the date of Lailat al Bara’a 2018? Muslims in the nights of Monday, the 30th of April – on Tuesday, the 1st of May in 2018

  • exalt special prayers for the dead and for the remission of sins,
  • vows for the future,
  •  come to the tombs of the righteous,
  • and give alms to the poor food and sweets for children.

When is Lailat al Bara’a in 2018, calendar of Muslim has a lot of holidays and one of this Lailat al Bara’a.

Lailat al Bara'a


On the day of the holiday, Muslims attend the mosque, perform prayer together and listen to the sermon of the Imam, attend the burial place of the righteous, and give alms to the poor food and sweets for children.

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Additional worship, timed to coincide with the night, is considered to be the post the next day.

And do you know when is Lailat al Bara’a in 2018? On Tuesday, the 1st of May.

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