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Treacherous and tragic War is intertwined interests of various forces. People who close in spirit and the social status turned into enemies, spilling an incredible amount of blood of their compatriots. General Lee, in this sense, was a witness to the era of irony, which is put the patriotic man at the head of the opposition to the federal government forces.

The Civil War in the USA in 1861 – 1865’s was one of the bloodiest wars of the XIX century. The contradictions between parallel developing capitalism in North and the Slavery which is flourished in the Southern states reached its apogee.

Lee Jackson Day


Robert E. Lee

General Lee was the best prominent American commanders of the XIX century. His role in the history is ambiguous but to this day he is recognized as the face and pride of Confederate forces.

Robert E. Le is adorable by American South people; the country where he was born he has the title of “man-god”. But nowadays the new historians believe that he is a strange and contradictory figure.

His mother and father were from the respected Virginian families but due to circumstances (his daddy was bad in financial operations), the raising of child, the 4th in the family, was doing mainly mother. She embodied in him a basis of hard discipline, patience and godliness. The only first 4 years the strong and healthy boy spent in Stratford but these years determined the destiny of the future legend of Southern.

It sometimes happens that one of the children will take over the best of previous generations; this thing happened to Robert Lee. He got mother’s good look and father’s rhysical power and sense of the responsibility and duty. These qualities were mentioned by George Washington himself in the Revolution. Robert all his life long was careful in things that concerned business and money because of the situation with financial problem of his father. This situation played a positive role for him.

Robert E. Lee

The holiday in Alabama and Mississippi states is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of January.

Robert is one of the greatest American military leaders of the 19th century, the Commander of Confederate Southerners army in the Civil War of 1861-65. Thanks to the talent of General South who had no military base and therefore fully armored army was able to cause substantial injury to his opponents northerners.

The war won northerners, but the winning side still treated to General Robert with sincere respect and reverence. Once, being a teacher in Military Academy at West Point, General taught military science of his future opponents – Grant, Sherman and other commanders of northerners.

In 2003, there was released a movie “Gods & Generals” which showed the image of Robert E. Lee. The film tells about the time when the American nation was split, from 1861 to 1863, culminating moment of which has been the Battle of Chancellorsville.

In his own state Virginia the talented commander is remembered and respected as it was one and a half century ago. Until now, most of the higher military institutions of some countries of the world study the Robert E. Lee’s tactics of warfare and plans because they believe that his model is the best in military art.

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Despite of the history of Lee’s victories interspersed with the lost battles throughout the war, he always was the soul, the inspiration of Confederate troops. Contemporaries and descendants amazed by his stamina and ability to win victories through its poorly equipped, hungry army against the enemy many times superior in strength.

He was a great man in a fact of which is said that after the war he returned to Richmond as a pardoned prisoner. It was offered a variety of honorary jobs to him but he has agreed only to the presidency of Washington College, where his reputation has brought great benefit and inspiration. Having become a symbol of “a lost cause”, Lee also became a legend. He died in 1870.

What day Lee Jackson Day in 2021? You will know very soon.

Thomas Jonathan Jackson

Thomas Jackson was the General of the Confederate Southerners Army. He was the right hand of General Robert Lee. In one of the battles he was accidentally wounded by his soldiers and lost an arm. Jackson lost a lot of blood because of the wound that he get when was shot by his own soldier and died two days later. When General Lee knew about it he wrote: “He has lost his left arm, but I have lost my right”. He also was a man of strong belief.

When is Lee Jackson Day 2021? Keep calm we are almost there.

Thomas Jonathan Jackson

How celebrates the holiday?

This event lasts four days. The long holidays allows people to meet with their family or friends or just to rest from job or study.

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The celebration of the holiday lasts full day. The people who live in Lexington and in some other cities in Virginia are participate next entertainments:

In the Lexington Сity is held a big parade, a ball, songs from that period of time. These entertainments are going all day long.

In Lexington, you can also see the burial places of Robert and Thomas. When Robert was a president of the Washington College he had built a chapel. He is buried under the floor of this chapel. His faithful horse is buried at the head of this chapel.

Some visitors like to visit final home of two generals.

State institutions

All the state institutions do not work on this big event because the celebration is considered as state.

When is Lee Jackson Day in 2021, calendar?

Virginia began to commemorate Robert’s birthday in 1889. Jackson’s commemoration coupled to the event in 1904. M. Luther King’s Day is become a state celebration in January 15, 1983. This event was close with the event of two Generals. These holidays were combined and celebrated together. But in 2000 they were divided as two different celebrations. It was organized so that the holiday of two Generals is to be celebrated before M. Luther King Holiday on the Friday.

What is the date of Lee Jackson Day 2021?

The celebration of the event in 2021 will be on The 15th of January.



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