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🏪 When is Small Business Saturday 2022

The popularity of big trading chains isn’t a disputable question. They propose a great amount of goods and products which are common among the majority of people. These companies propose many sales for their clients. The small representatives trading sphere can’t give so many benefits to their customers. That’s why they face many financial problems. This situation can’t influence the local economics in a positive way. Despite all advantages of big chains, not so big shops and firms can also become popular for their ability to pay the closest attention to any client. Small businesses should be supported by the local authorities. The importance of such support made it possible to create a special event which aim is to attract the common attention to the problems of these representatives of business. When is National Small Business Saturday in 2022?


The process of displacing became obvious in the 60s of the 20th century. Those years were the time when the popularity of big trading and producing enterprises took place. The amount of these representatives of this sphere lessened greatly. This process was very obvious in the USA. Later the situation spread throughout the world.

The situation is very common in the developed countries. In the developing countries this process isn’t so obvious. There are many shops and other companies which develop themselves despite a wide range of big trading chains.

Small Business Saturday

The small businesses let people buy products and goods in credit. Their owners usually know every client. This fact lets them to use the individual approach. The so-called corner shops can propose certain products for every territory.

The lessening amount of such shops raised the necessity of a special day when local authorities and ordinary people would pay attention to corner shops. The first event took place in 2010. It was organized in Massachusetts. The first aim was to make it a part of Black Friday.

The sponsors of the occasion were NTHP and American Express. The date wasn’t only set in the local territories. It was highly promotes among the public. Later on, the United Kingdom also started to make the event. The first event took place in 2013. “What day Small Business Saturday in 2022?”

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What does Small Business Saturday mean for ordinary people and business? The event leads the great aim in order to save the infrastructure of shops. They provide lots of jobs for people and pay taxes in a great amount. These businesses usually carry national peculiarities. They are the representatives of the local infrastructure in every city.

These trading places, cafés and restaurants may reflect the local character and traditions. They are usually very popular among tourists who come to visit them. People are always to visit places which reflect the individuality of the concrete region. They prefer to watch them instead of buying goods in the international chains.

One of the aims of such occasion is to prevent business from disappearing. The public attention leads to the increase of their benefits and helps to save working places. Small companies and firms are always more attentive to their clients than big enterprises. They value every customer. Big chains don’t think about every individual. They pay attention only to their benefits.

The occasion makes people buy festive things and other presents in such shops. The day stands after the Thanksgiving Day. It is very convenient for customers and shops. When is International Small Business Saturday 2022? It is set on the 30th of November.


The title of the holiday helps people to understand the reason and aim of the occasion clearly. It is used to develop the public attention to the problems of corner cites of trading sphere. It is clear not only to native citizens but also to visitors of a city or a country.

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The definition of the name of the event was set in 2011 by the President of the USA, Barak Obama. He proposed to make the day an annual occasion. It was named with the use of the ordinary words on order to understand people the importance of corner businesses.

The word “business” includes all representatives of trade and other spheres of service. It doesn’t matter whether it is a small shop or a designer firm. The day concerns every participator of the business world. Clients may use the day to visit not only shops. It can also be an art gallery.

The term appeared in the 10th century as a derivation from the word “busy”. It is considered to be an organization which produces or sells goods. It always gets money for their service or goods. Besides, every business needs a certain amount of cash infusion. The representatives always need a certain profit for further functioning. What is the date of Small Business Saturday? It’s on the 30th of November.


There are several ways of celebrating the date according to every person’s likes. The most common ways of observing the day is to do an ordinary shopping in any corner shop. This action will support the local community and the trading establishment.

Small Business

The next way is to real journals or watch programs or films on TV concerning the business matters. There are several movies that show the basis of business building. The most famous are You’ve Got Mail and The Wolf of Wallstreet. They are great examples to understand the principles of this case.

If you’re a businessman, try to make other owners to take part in the holiday. There are many helpful materials in the internet. A good promotion can develop the common case.

Lots of small shops and companies propose various programs for people in need in the local communities. If people would support small businesses, they’ll get a certain profit.

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Friends and relatives can unite in groups and visit a small business place. This approach also lets people spend less money for unnecessary things than during shopping tours to big chains. The internet always helps to promote the occasion. Find the schedule in the internet “When is Small Business Saturday in 2022, calendar?”

National Small Business Saturday Facts

  • According to the statistics, the amount of money which is on average spent every year in the USA reaches 17$ billion. Almost 100 million people prefer to do shopping in such places. There is a certain increase of the amount of money spent in such places.
  • The event is known in the USA and the UK. The representatives of the local companies provide various championships to promote every trading place. Every year more and more owners take part in these championships.
  • More than a half of American men and women admit that they like to follow the observance of the day. It is a very inspiring event. They try to visit these corner shops every day.
  • More than a half of sales in the USA are proposed by such kinds of business.
  • These representatives propose more than a half of the whole amount of patents in the USA.
  • Almost of 10 million places are owned by women.
  • All these owners propose the largest amount of working places for local dwellers.

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