Lots of people, especially women and children, adore chocolate and other confectionaries. It’s very difficult for them to refuse desserts. If you are such person, just try a tasty cake. It’s a wonderful example of a tasty meal which is presented in many cuisines of the world. Lots of restaurants propose this dish to their clients especially in January when a special date is observed. When is National Chocolate Cake Day in 2020?


The history of the dessert started more than 100 years ago. The meal was created in 1764. It was the year when a new ability of cocoa beans was discovered. Dr. James Baker tried to make powder. He used circular milestones. Some time later they used it for many dishes and drinks, including cakes. The main derivative of the cocoa beans became chocolate.

In the 20s of the 19th century cocoa beans were firstly used in production of cocoa butter by extracting fat. Conrad Van Houten even used cacao liquor to get the butter. The man proposed a new way of use the cocoa beans. Due to the man the mankind got the possibility to make a bar and other meals connected with this dessert. The dessert also became very accessible to every layer of society.

Chocolate Cake

In the end of the 70s of the 19th century R. Lindt invented a new process which made the tasty mass smoother. It let people use it as an ingredient of cakes. Till the end of the 19th century the mass was mostly used for drinks. The first cakes which were made of chocolate started being produced in the USA.

The first dessert was proposed for the mass market in the 1930s. After World War II the cake became very popular. In the 90s of the 20th century the production of the dessert expanded greatly. The international culinary tradition got many new recipes.

Besides, there are lots of recipes which are made on the basis of chocolate. There’s the classic kind of the cake. Nevertheless, there are examples which are made with different topping and filling. Coconut pecan is the ingredient is the German variant. Cherries are used for the Black Forest cake. Other ingredients which are widely used in cakes are different kinds of cream and fudge. The best day to taste a new kind of a dessert is during the day devoted to it. “What day World Chocolate Cake Day in 2020?” It’s on the 27th of January.

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What does National Chocolate Cake Day mean for the Americans and people of other nationalities? The development of the culinary production let people create different examples of desserts. It is obvious that the majority of recipes proposed a great variety of dishes according to different tastes and financial potential.

The occasion isn’t very old. Besides, it’s hard to say who proposed to celebrate the event. It could be proposed by any restaurant, café and even a chef. It is a great possibility that the event was created in purpose to promote the dessert. People took the idea for granted. They usually use the occasion to meet together and spend some time with a cup of tea or coffee. They usually have a piece of a dessert.

Friends and relatives can meet each other and spend the whole day making a cake. It is high time to show their culinary skills and teach children to do the cakes. It doesn’t matter whether to make a classical variant or to make the dessert using not only chocolate but also other ingredients for topping and filling. The most interesting variants are cherries, oranges and rum or liqueur. The event is a great possibility for every restaurant to promote itself in the best way. When is International Chocolate Cake Day 2020? The event is annually observed on the 27th of January.


There are many dictionaries that give the explanation of a “chocolate cake”. It is mainly defined as the cake with chocolate inside. Besides, it can be also a bakery made of cocoa powder and a dessert with chocolate layers.

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The first recipe of the dessert was published in 1957. It took place in Texas. The recipe was proposed to be published by a homemaker. The recipe was named as a German cake. It was named by S. German.

The holiday can be simply understood due to the popularity of the word “chocolate”. It has the same meaning in many countries. That’s why people don’t ever hesitate what they should do during the occasion.

The substance is mainly made from cocoa seeds. People roast it and sometimes add vanilla and other sweet ingredients. People also use the word to describe the special drink which is used hot and sometimes cold. Candies made of cocoa are also named as chocolate. It was at first used in the 16th century. The origin of the word is Mexico. Later the Spanish started widely using it.

The first use of the word “cake” took place in the 11–12th centuries. It’s an Old-Norse term. It is used in the meaning of a dessert baked from flour, sugar, eggs and other ingredients.

What is the date of National Chocolate Cake Day 2020? The occasion is on the 27th of January.


The ways of celebrating the event are various. They are chosen according to the family’s traditions. People usually observe the occasion with a piece of a dessert. They prefer visiting restaurants and ordering the best variant of the dessert.

The ordinary behavior of every dessert-lover is to taste one kind in the morning and two other ones for dinner and supper. In the evening it’s better to meet friends and have a cup of tea or coffee with them. It’s high time to speak about life, love and career with girlfriends.

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Chocolate Cake with strawberry

There’re many of dessert-lovers among men. But they don’t usually meet their friends for having a cake. The best way to observe the day for every strong man is to go to their female relatives and spend the day with them.

Women are to use this occasion in order to study several new recipes. They can meet together and make a common meal with their female friends. Another way to show culinary skills is to make a meal with a daughter, a granddaughter or a niece. After that there can be a small home party with this tasty sweet piece of culinary art. Coworkers will be very glad to have a piece of a dessert.

If you are a venturesome person, you can take part in any culinary competition. Look for a schedule in the internet “When is Chocolate Cake Day in 2020, calendarof contests?” The event annually takes place on 27th, January.

International Chocolate Cake Day Facts

  • There are several holidays which are devoted to this kind of bakery. They are devoted to a certain filling or ingredient. Three of them contain chocolate and coffee.
  • The phrase “a piece of cake” wasn’t in use until the 1900s.
  • The Scots used to make the dessert thick and hard.
  • The highest variant was made for Christmas Eve in Jakarta.
  • The most expansive variant cost $35 mln. Its name was “Pirates Fantasy”.
  • In the middle 16th century people started using a phrase “You can’t have you cake and eat it”.
  • In 1785 the first birthday variant was made.
  • The tradition to put a fruitcake under a pillow appeared in the 17th It was said that an unmarried girl could see a fiancée while dreaming.
  • If you are a fan of “Black Forest”, you should observe the 28th of March. This variant contains cherries and kirsch.


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