San Jacinto is an annual holiday in one of the states of America called Texas. It commemorates vastly important day of San Jacinto Battle, on which Texas finally gained its independence and separated from Mexico.

In Texas it considered an official holiday and celebrated with wide variety of entertaining activities, such as concerts and reenacts of battles. Of course, reenactment is not only a way to entertain people, but also good method of honoring soldiers that sacrificed their lives for freedom.

When is San Jacinto Day in 2018? It takes place on the actual date of San Jacinto Battle every year, so in 2018 it is also going to be on the twenty-first of April.

San Jacinto Day 2018

Curiously enough, the Battle of San Jacinto was very short and lasted for less than twenty minutes. There is huge difference between losses of both sides, as Texans lost only nine men, while Mexico had dozens and dozens of people killed and captured, not to mention those who were wounded.

There is huge eponymous monument installed on the site of San Jacinto battleground that is known worldwide as tallest masonry column with height equal to 169 meters. On top of it situated huge heavy star, which weights more than two hundreds of tons.

How it is celebrated

In past, San Jacinto Day was officially public holiday, but now it is not.  Still, plenty of educational institutions consider it as one, as they given permissions to set their own celebratory days for as long as their number does not go beyond the established limits. Public transportation system can also be working by different schedule or not work at all, so if you need to use it consider getting in touch with local offices.

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What is the date of San Jacinto Day 2018 – that is what you probably need to know before attending to its celebration. Unless you live in Texas, you hardly are going to gain any knowledge about this day from radio and television. But internet can always help you find any little piece of information you need. The answer to this question is April, 21st.

So, how is San Jacinto Day celebrated exactly? There is large festival, which includes various activities such as educational gatherings, where everyone can learn something new about Texas’s victorious struggle for freedom. There, family entertainment is combined with historical and cultural studying. The purpose of this is to educate youth and adults in form that doesn’t require lots of effort.

But the most interesting part of all this is re-enactment of San Jacinto Battle, the event that spawned the feast in the first place. It includes not only reconstructors in precisely recreated uniforms, but also artillery and pyrotechnics. It is absolutely spectacular and no less than breathtaking, as soldiers march, cannons strike and people are cheering.

If you want to see it for your own, then you must be wondering what day San Jacinto Day in 2018. We provide you with latest up-to-date information regarding this question. This incredible feast will be settled on twenty-first of April.

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San Jacinto Day

Historical background

As we established when San Jacinto Day 2018 is, let’s take a look on the reasoning behind it. The more you know, the more you understand about importance of honoring historical events like this.

In 1835 Texas started to fight for disengagement from Mexico actively. They created Declaration of Independence and formed local government, trying to separate themselves. But Mexico did not accept this softly and the president himself led forces of Mexican army into rebellious land. At first he was victorious, as he managed to restore control of many counties.

But then Texans were able to capture president of Mexico and force him to accept full independence of Texas. As you probably already understood, the battle that allowed this to happen now bears the name of San Jacinto.

That is why you should know answer to when is San Jacinto Day in 2018 according to calendar. Remember: it’s on April, 21st.


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