Texas War of Independence began in 1835, when Texas was a part of Mexico. In 1836 Texas became an independent republic, not recognized by Mexico. Anyway, Texas independent and now we can ask the question “When is Texas Independence Day in 2018?”. And the answer is simple: as always. But let’s see, which impediments were occurred before the independence was reached.

It must be said, that people of the Texas faced many problems before to make it independent. The preconditions of the war appeared many years ago – in 1829. In 1825 the government adopted the law, which said, that the people from the USA had a chance to receive the land plots at the lower prices. That is why the amount of people form USA was quickly increased and by the middle of 30-ies there were more the 30 thousand American colonists. In 1829 the head of Mexico Vicente Guerrero adopted the law, that cancelled the slavery of Afro-Americans. In 7 years, there were about 5000 slaves. Moreover, Mexican Congress restricted immigration from USA to the states of Mexico, which USA border on with. Such a policy of the government forced the discontent among the Texans, that force the beginning of the war.

Texas Independence Day 2018

The beginning of the war

In October 1835, there was a clash between Texans and the Mexican army, that consisted of 100 people. Initially, Texans had no regular troops, and their small armies were only of the volunteers, who wanted to take part in the war and struggle for independence. Another serious clash was at the end of October, when about thousands of Texans came to blows with 450 Mexicans. Now this clash is known as the Battle of Concepcion. October 2, 1835 the citizens of Texas occupied the small town called Goliad. One of the reasons, why Texas rebels early won, was the usage of hunting rifles, which fired at distant targets. And it was much more effective, than the older Brown Bess muskets, which were used by Mexicans.

The Mexicans won many battles. And nowadays, in 2018, it could be so, that we would not ask, when is Texas Independence Day 2018, calendar could show nothing. But all that is done is for best. And the defeats of Texans inspired them to create the regular army, which was commended by Sam Houston.

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April 21, 1836 there was a decisive battle between Texas and the Mexican armies at San Jacinto. At the meeting in the morning the majority of Texas officers decided to defend and wait for the attacks of Mexican army, but the Sam Houston insisted on the attack on Mexicans, before they did it, and received approval of his plan of actions.

Trying to be fast and silent, approximately 800 Texan soldiers came to the camp of the enemies and suddenly attacked it. About 1500 of Mexicans were not ready for the battle. This led to their quick defeat. Mexican General Manuel Fernandez Castrillon died, trying to organize the soldiers for the defense against the Texans, most of the Mexicans began to throw in the towel. Soon the Mexican army was surrendered. The overall outcome of the battle, which lasted less than twenty minutes, was a complete defeat of the Mexicans.

March 2, 1836 is date, when Texas Declaration of Independence was adopted. This document is to be an official document, that officially claimed the Independence Washington-on-the-Brazos is the city, where document was adopted. Main issue of declaration is to proclaim a creation of the new country and was based on the works of J. Locke and T. Jefferson. A document said, that Mexican government stopped to protect the life, freedom and property of citizens. Also, it criticized the attitude of authorities to such issues as religion, education and political rights.

The rumors about the possible separation

Some years ago, there were conversations, that Texas can separate from the USA. That is why some people might ask, when is Texas Independence Day 2018. The state experienced two separation. First, it was separated from Mexico in 1836, and then in 1861 from USA. But nowadays there are no reasons the state to be separated. Now Texas is the second biggest state of USA, after Alaska. There live more than 25 million people that makes the state the second biggest by population. Texas is one of the agricultural and educational centers. Also, there are a lot of chemical plants. The capital of the state is Austin.

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Texas Independence Day

Today Texas is only a state that has a right to hold on the referendum on independence. There is one thing, which Texans proud of. The fact is that it is allowed to raise Lone Star Flag on par with the nation flag of United States of America.

So, what is the date of Texas Independence Day 2018. Despite many statements, which say the Texas can separate from USA, it stays one of fifty States. In 2011, there was the demonstration in Austin. The main issue of demonstration was to proclaim the independence. The reason was the national debt of USA, that rapidly grows. The event was organized by the political organization called “Republic of Texas”. It is reported, that both republicans and democrats took part in the demonstration. The members of the “Texas Republic” think, that in 1845 the territory was illegally annexed by Washington and now it’s occupied. The governor said, that it is cannot be excluded, that Texas can separate.

In 2012, after a reelection of Barack Obama, on the White House’s web-site a petition to the US administration on the peaceful withdrawal from the state was posted. The people of at least 20 states joined to this petition. These appeals to the president became the first massive so-called “separatist” protest since six states of the South leaving the USA in 1861. In aftermath, the document got the signatures of only 125 746 people, that is less than 0.5% of Texas’ population.

So, all rumors about the possible Texas’ exit from USA stay the rumors. Thinking what day Texas Independence Day in 2018 is on, you should not take into consideration different. Texas stays with USA, it has only one Day of Independence, and it is March 2. This year the holiday is to be celebrated on Thursday.


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