When is National Tell A Lie Day in 2020? Well, what do you know about this holiday? In fact, have you ever heard about its existence? To tell you the truth we are almost sure that you are going to answer this question negatively now. However, we find this even to be rather amazing one. And this is the reason why we are planning to discover it occasion in details today.


Thinking of the matter what day Tell A Lie Day in 2020 is, we want to introduce the readers something really amazing. As a rule, the historical background of the special occasion is of great demand among the followers. However, in this case and under these conditions we havenโ€™t managed to find out any pieces of information devoted to this direction.

Unfortunately, we know nothing about the establishers of this event as well as about the reasons to celebrate it on April 4th exactly. But we are almost sure that this person or these people have had the particular sense of humor and the perfect imagination level. Also these men or women seem to be kind and amazing. You see, they have to be extraordinary and creative.

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What does Tell A Lie Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is up to you to decide, whether to celebrate this special occasion this year or somewhere else. By the way in accordance with the specialistsโ€™ points of view, nervous men and women cheat more often.

If there is a chance, restless people will rather go to deception than those who are not inclined to worry about trifles.

The professional authors performed the special study called “Alarmed, frightened and … deceitful: how anxiety makes people feel threatened and commit unethical acts” at the University of Northwestern (USA). In order to set the participants of the experiment into an anxious state it was decided to use the music. 63 students were offered to listen to relaxing music or an anxious composition from the movie “Psycho”. Making sure that the soundtrack to the thriller causes the necessary level of anxiety, and calm music – relaxation, the researchers moved on to the next part of the experiment.

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The participants were instructed to perform a computer task, for which a monetary reward was supposed. However, people could get it with the help of deception as well. The so-called calm students, who listened to relaxing music before the task, deceived 19 times. And the “restless” participants did it 24 times. And the more anxiety was felt, the stronger was their decision to tell the lies. The researchers believe that the reason for this behavior lies in the desire to protect themselves: feeling anxious, we first think about ourselves and worry less about compliance with generally accepted rules and norms.


Discovering the question โ€œWhen is International Tell A Lie Day 2020?โ€ we would like to demonstrate our followers a great amount of very important facts.

To tell you the truth, in the broadest sense of the word, we tell lies to our interlocutors, on average, up to 200 times a day. It means that the well-known character called Pinocchio, whose nose was stretched because of his constant deceptions, would be just an average hero today.

Contemporary skeptics can see this matter themselves, taking part in a small test and answering the questions:

  • How often do you seek a non-existent excuse to refuse to meet with an unpleasant acquaintance?
  • Do you praise the new outfit of a colleague, although it, in your opinion, is really terrible?
  • How often do you embellish your own biography to make a better impression?
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All these things are quite ordinary in the modern life, arenโ€™t they? And the majority of respondents, as it has been confirmed by the special survey, deceive because it is “so convenient”: it allows, for example, to think of themselves from the best side or to avoid unpleasant questions and unnecessary explanations. But more often people deceive from social considerations: half of us say untruth to support or to cheer up our interlocutors. More than a third of respondents have confessed that they are deceiving, when they want to protect a loved person from some troubles.


When is Tell A Lie Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you any time you want to be involved. The date of this holiday celebration is fixed and it means that the special occasion is celebrated on April 4th annually.ย 

Of course, you understand that this holiday is not an official one, so you shouldnโ€™t expect any events, organized on the state level. However, we are sure that it is not a problem for people with good imagination. You are always free to organize something really amazing.

Certainly, it wonโ€™t be easy in fact. Some people prefer to investigate the matter in details. You see, there is a lot of literature, devoted to the direction. The scientists have paid a special attention to the theme. You can find out the facts about the reasons, which provoke people to tell the unfair things to everybody around.

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Also you can spend April 4th watching the documentaries or reading something special about the greatest and the most amazing lies in the world. As a rule, most part of them concerns the history, famous political subjects or significant characters. These facts usually draw a lot of attention among the contemporary men or women.

National Tell A Lie Day Facts

Investigating the question โ€œWhat is the date of Tell A Lie Day in 2020?โ€ we would like to demonstrate our readers something really amazing.

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More often than not, people tell lies from their inner politeness sensations. It has been confirmed by Klaus Fiedler, professor at the Department of Social Psychology at Heidelberg University. At the same time tactfulness and courtesy play a decisive role, quite often they are pushing us to deceit,” he said. In most cases, lies are not due to their own benefit or hostile attitude, but rather to social motives.

And really, is it necessary, at the risk of offending your beloved grandmother, to confess to her that she gives you the same socks for the third time in a row? Under these conditions, it is not a gift, which is important, but attention. And what is the point in sincere telling a colleague that the stories about his/her personal life are terribly boring?

Lying is a kind of lubricant, which “smears” the spare parts of the complex mechanism of human coexistence, says sociologist Klaus Fiedler. It often smoothes the sharp edges, appeared in professional and personal life. People start to tell untruth already in the early childhood. In the course of time, a skill comes, and, speaking a deliberate lie, we already know how to “honestly” look directly into the eyes of the interlocutor. In a professional sense, this type of behavior is considered to be rather useful, because otherwise, for example, the selling of this or that product would be much more difficult.

There are, of course, typical liars who do it so convincingly that for a long time. In most cases, it is difficult to scam these people. According to the Austrian psychologist Werner Stangl, these impostors have the so-called personality disorder: “Some try to play a role that they actually do not have in. Lies for lies, they weave a kind of network of small and big deceptions, into which, as a rule, they get themselves.”


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