In the modern calendar you can find a great number of various holidays and some of them sound like really amazing ones. For example, we are not sure that you are ready to answer, what day World Squirrel Day in 2020 is? We are not mistaken as to this matter and your reply is negative, are we? โ€“ Oh, please, donโ€™t be upset, because in accordance with statistics, you are just belonging to the most people of the planet.

But in fact this is a real pity, of course, as these funny little creatures deserve to have their own holiday. And that is the main reason, why we have decided to investigate the situation in details, and to give you some pieces of information.


Trying to give the proper explanation to the question โ€œWhen is National Squirrel Day in 2020?โ€™, we should take into account the historical background of this event, because, of course, this memorable date was started not occasionally.

The ideas of these funny creatures protection urged Christie Makeone to establish this occasion. It happened in 2001. And the creator was a well-known in some circles member of the North Carolina Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, USA. The people, who are working there, consider these animals to be rather widespread all around the planet. As a rule, they are loved for funny behavior. Fortunately, even being a strong propensity for leprosy, squirrelshave tended to avoid the unlucky fate of other creatures, like mice, rats and pigeons.


The day of the squirrel protection is celebrated every year on January 21, but unfortunately, up to the present moment it has been absolutely decentralized, unlike, for example, the appreciated all around the planet Elephant Protection Day.

Day of squirrel protection is celebrated in the middle of winter, as for these animals this is the most difficult time.


What does National Squirrel Day mean? โ€“ It is rather difficult to answer the question like this quickly and properly. The matter is that every person has to reply whether this holiday is important for him/her or it might be completely forgotten.

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In general squirrels receive a lot of people’s attention, but they are often underestimated. As a rule, we tend to be annoyed because of stolen or spoiled walnut stocks or because of noise in the attic, but at the same time the squirrels can boast of a long and mostly harmless history of life among human society.

On this day, environmental enthusiasts, as well as representatives of nature protection agencies, often organize and hold events dedicated to funny creatures in the parks and city squares. Sometimes they can even go to the game reserves, especially during long and cold winters.

Squirrels living in parks, have already been accustomed to communicating with people and willingly accept from the hands various gifts, represented by nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Thus rodents never refuse to eat and often take even more than they need. But this is not occasionally in fact. – They use to hide excess food and look for it in the case of necessity.


When is Squirrel Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. The main thing you have not to forget is when January 21st comes. However, we would like to tell you about the peculiar features of these creaturesโ€™ behavior.

This little animal with so funny and fluffy tail and tassels on the ears can be recognized by everyone. However, sometimes it seems that the creature is quite unknown, as only some people are ready to name some interesting facts about it.

It is obvious that sharp claws help the animal toย  climb the trees. Long and strong back legs in their turn allow four-meter jumps. The tail in these flights serves as a “helm”.

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The usual squirrel builds its homes only on trees, where in the case of necessity it can be hollow or an empty bird’s nest. As a rule, each animal has several shelters, and every 2-3 days the funny creature changes its place of residence, obviously, to escape from parasites.

It should be mentioned that an ordinary fluffy has a wide range of appearances, as the color of the animals is extremely variable. European squirrels have a more reddish fur, while ones living in Siberia have brown or almost black hair.

For the cold and nasty winters, animals usually make small food reserves in hollows and just among the trees and bushes roots.

The amazing thing is that it quickly forgets about the created warehouses, that is why it finds all of them only accidentally in the winter. This is very convenient by the way for other forest inhabitants, for example various birds, small or tiny rodents and sometimes even by brown bears.


As you have already known, the answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Squirrel Day in 2020?โ€ sounds quite easily: โ€œOn January 21, annuallyโ€

However, in fact only some people are in how to do it properly. Unfortunately, as it has been already mentioned above, there are no any special traditions and peculiar ways of this day spending.

As the establisher marks on the personal website, there are no official events yet, but you can help the community to celebrate, leaving more food for these creatures. But at the same time she warns that too many yummy things will lead to health problems. And in general, please, mind that the regular feeding of any wild animals makes them dependent.

Squirrel on the fence

So, January 21 is a perfect opportunity to spend the ordinary winter day in an interesting way. What about going to the park or nearest forest? Oh, it will be a perfect experience in fact! You can organize even a small picnic, but, please, donโ€™t forget about warm closes and vacuum flask with hot tea or coffee. Some people even prefer to take mulled wine, but in this case donโ€™t drink too much of it. And by the way, this year it will happened on Sunday, so donโ€™t miss your chance.

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International Squirrel Day Facts

Trying to discover the proper answer to the question “What is the date of National Squirrel Day 2020? we would like to give our curious readers some amazing pieces of information.

So, here is the list for you.

  • Believe you or not, but on the planet it is possible to meet more than 210 squirrel species, which are so different that sometimes it is difficult to understand that, for example, funny chipmunks and fat marmots belong to the same category. However, all of them are representatives of the huge squirrel family and are considered to be rather widespread. In fact not everybody knows that these funny creatures do not live only in Australia and the Antarctic.
  • These animals are able to vary in size: from a 10-centimeter mouse squirrel to an Indian giant one of about 90 centimeters.
  • The animals have 4 anterior teeth, which grow continuously by about 15 centimeters per year.
  • The NASDAQ stock market in the United States was briefly closed in 1987 and 1994 because of the funny mischief-makers that had cut the wires.
  • Some years ago in Russia a group of them killed the average dog, who was disturbing them by barking. Obviously, the creatures were starving, as a result of the lack of pine cones.
  • Typically, adult representatives live alone and only from time to time they nest together in groups. It happens during periods of severe cold.
  • When squirrel tries to hide carefully its food supplies for the winter, they always dig upso-called fake holes to puzzle the possible thieves. And in order to make sure that they do not deceive themselves, the creatures lick the food before digging in, so there remains a smell that they can find supplies even under a layer of snow.


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