In the modern world you can meet a lot of men and women, who play an extremely important role in our life. Who are they? As a rule, they are represented by our parents, brothers and sisters, other relatives, close friends or even colleagues from work. But what about our grannies? Can you personally answer the question โ€œWhen is Gorgeous Grandma Day in 2022?โ€ for sure and immediately? Unfortunately, contemporary people canโ€™t do it properly even if you give them some time for serious thinking. But that is really unfair, because usually this lady is an inseparable part of our childhood.

That is the main reason, why we are going to discuss this matter in details.


As you understand, it is impossible to answer the question โ€œWhat is the date of Gorgeous Grandma Day 2022?โ€ without discussing the historical background of this event. Initially the celebration of this notable event was introduced by Alice Solomon, who is considered to be a famous book author and talented radio host. She proposed to establish this day in order to think about these ladies and remind them how beautiful they are in any age, even if they are not so young.

It is not clearly understood why the day of July 23 had been chosen as a date of celebration. But perhaps it was the birthday of Alice Solomonโ€™s granny.

Gorgeous Grandma Day


What does Gorgeous Grandma Day mean?ย  As a rule, every person can find his/her own answer to this question, but for the most of us this is an odd little special occasion, which is considered to be a real chance, necessary for those, who are going to honor the special women, who are usually over 50 years old.

All in all there are four types of contemporary grandmothers. Letโ€™s discover all of them.

  • Grandmother-hen

Perhaps this is the most common type. Such grannies do not trust anyone, especially you, because you are still young. They are eager to interfere in all your affairs. The ladies are extremely worried that the baby is badly fed or can catch a cold during a walk, because you dressed him too easily.

  • Strict granny
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This type is considered to be rather pessimistic. The ladies tirelessly repeat that in the happy time of their youth everything was fine, but now all is bad. Sometimes with the disorder in the country they prefer to fight at the level of their family. They can regularly rebuke the child, but he/she will return to you so well-mannered that you will be really stunned. The kid will turn into an indefatigable worker.

  • Pretty nanny

This grandmother always tries to feed all the surrounding cats. She will talk a lot on interesting topics, telling fairy tales every evening. If your baby has any medical prescriptions or should follow a certain diet, you can be calm, this grandmother will take everything into account and will strictly adhere to the cooking rules of cooking.

  • Sophisticated lady

These women are rather elegant. They use cosmetics, wear fashionable clothes and worry much about their age. But, when such a grandmother sees that everyone takes her for the childโ€™s mother, she will calm down. Her apartment or a house is always clean and in order. The lady will always control the condition of the child’s things.


Unfortunately in the fast contemporary world we do not have enough time to honor these people. That is why it has been a perfect idea to invent this date, making the answer to the question โ€œWhen is Gorgeous Grandma Day 2022?โ€ well-known on the Earth.

23 July is a perfect time that allows us to celebrate our beloved grannies. In general everybody finds their beloved grandmother the best one.

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As a rule, grandma is associated in our life with unbelievable warmth, tender care, interesting fairy tales for the night, cozy knitted mittens and socks and, of course, tasty pies. But in the modern society, this image is changing, as well as their relationship with grandchildren in general. Nowadays, various nannies and educational institutions play more important roles.

At the same time we canโ€™t but mention that many grandmothers are able to spoil their grandchildren very quickly. In what way? โ€“ The matter is that they allow them to do almost everything, sometimes even those things, which they are not allowed to do at home. For example, beloved grannies do not limit the time of cartoon watching and donโ€™t usually mind, when children miss a day’s sleep. Some of them even try to agree with the grandkids to keep silence as to these liberties. It is not surprising that after such visits, children try to gain the same privileges from their mother and fathers, using whims, tears and hysterics.


When is Gorgeous Grandma Day in 2022, calendar or somebody from our surrounding will remind us without any problems, but would you like to know, how to celebrate this date properly in order to feel and to remember afterwards only positive emotions?

Frankly speaking there are no any definite traditions, but that isn’t a serious trouble if you’reย  really going to celebrate this special occasion. You can invent them by your own.

Gorgeous Grandma Day

Think about the activities your granny loves to do together. It may be something special, like knitting, embroidery or sewing, or quite ordinary things as talking, walking or baking tasty and so delicious cakes. Why not to realize all these plans together with her for a difference? You’ll both feel much happiness and a lot of relaxation because of it.

You can also invite your granny somewhere, for example, to the theater or to watch a new romantic film in the movies, to cozy cafรฉ in order to have a cup of hot chocolate or to an expensive restaurant. It’s up to you to decide, of course.

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Whatever you choose, bring this important lady a bouquet of flowers, hug her and kiss. And donโ€™t forget to remind how much you love and need her.

Gorgeous Grandma Day Facts

Initially, we can’t but mention that for many young and always busy parents, the significant help of their own moms and dads becomes a real fortune. And that’s the main reason, why they usually remember, what day Gorgeous Grandma Day in 2022 is. In many situations the older generation life experience helps to overcome all unknown and difficult situations as to the small child’s upbringing. By the way the word “granny” may be considered to be a complete synonymous of “tenderness”, “generosity”, “amazement” and “love.”

Also it’s necessary to mention that the support of our elder relatives in the babies’ caring. Unfortunately, as a rule, parents have to work the whole day long, and at the long-awaited weekends they want to go outside, for example, to a cafe, movies or just to meet friends somewhere in the town center. And that’s the time, when perfect grandparents can be really helpful.

New parents are often afraid to make responsible for decisions that concern the care and treatment of the first-born. And then experienced grandmothers come to the help. Why? โ€“ Because they are more confident in their abilities and know what to do with small children.

And at the same time the adult generation will usually have time to help their kids with lessons, play with them, expand their horizons, read books, tell real stories from life.

By the way, sometimes there is an amazing feeling that there is a so-called “mystical” connection or interaction, which has been developed between the old people and small kids in the same family circle.


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