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😀 When is Say Something Nice Day 2022

All people are different, and it is obvious that our behavior differs from each other. Sometimes we may be extremely kind, sometimes we are rude or on the contrary, pleasant and lovely. So, who we really are and why can’t a person stay nice all the time? It is all about our minds, differences in character and other individual peculiarities. We all can’t be good, but at least we can try to be like this. As we are taught from the childhood, the good wins the evil always, though it may be difficult all the way long. However, we must struggle, and the nicer will we be, the better our world and lives will become. That is why today we would like to pay your attention to a related holiday, which is called Say Something Nice Day. We will speak about it closely and find out when is Say Something Nice Day in 2022.


To move closer to all important questions, concerning the holiday and everything, connected with it, we should first speak about its history, reasons, which lead to its existence and other important things and details. Also, we should admit that the holiday itself is not really old and its history has not many things to be said. The first time this holiday has been celebrated goes back to 2006 only, so it is held annually only about 10 years.

Say Something Nice Day 2017

But it is known, who was the person, created the holiday, so as the date and reasons for doing like this. There was a doctor, psychologist, who specialized at people’s behavior and communicative skills. He had patients and also wrote about on a close topic. After some time he raises a question or problem, where he connected people’s traits and behavior with nice things, we say or can say to each other. And soon he offered such a day to be created to help people communicate and build good relationships with each other. From that time people started to know, what day Say Something Nice Day in 2022 is.


What does Say Something Nice Day mean, we will decide further in the article. As you could have understood from previous paragraphs, during this day people are offered to say as many pleasant and good words to whomever they meet on their way. Certainly, it is better not to do such like things only one day a year, but to try doing like this all year round as much as possibly. It will make not only your mood better, but people around you will get pleasant emotions too. Even a lot of doctors say, that such things really work and make a positive effect to your inner and psychological world.

During this day it was offered to say nice things to your close people, like parents, children, brothers and sisters. Just think, how rare we feel the same, but do not tell these people about it. How do they know, that you really love them or are proud of them? When you just try it, you will understand that it is not difficult, but on the contrary – it is very easy and pleasant for yourself first. Together with people you know, try to tell something nice to totally unknown people, like sellers in the shops, where you usually go, to drivers of the buses, to postmen or whomever you think of. It will help you to remember, when is Say Something Nice Day 2022.

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Therefore, we have already defined in brief, what is the named holiday. It is one day a year when doctors and other people recommend you to hide everything bad, all evil traits of your character and try to show everything good, which you own. There are no people, who have only bad inside. Everyone has something good to show. And to this day try to say about this to all people, you want. Every person deserves to be pleased, so you can find what to thank or grant him for.

It is a good practice to become better. There are a lot of psychologists, who have worked on this problem for ages, made tests and experiments. They proved, that it really works, help a person to solve his or her inner problems, become better for him or herself personally. Such practices raise your mood, though critics or skeptics may not believe in it. But you just try and you will not need to be proved about this topic. Many people worked with this recommendations and really felt psychologically better. Now they all really know for sure, what is the date of Say Something Nice Day 2022.


If we speak about the traditions, which concern this holiday, there are no some really special things, which people do or have to do. It is just a national holiday, which is not sure a day off works or studies.  It is just one more reason to have a good day and get positive emotions from our lives, which are so difficult and full of stresses and nerves. Certainly, different educational institutions try to make some kind of events, which are aimed at waking kindness and politeness at children and teenagers. It is a really important thing because it is easier to be done while the organism and psyche are formed when it is not too late to change person’s character.

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Say Something Nice Day

Also, offices and other institutions try to form small events, which are aimed at supporting this holiday and spread positive mood among adult people. Adults are always more difficult to be spurred to a good thing to be done, that is why it is more important to make them behave better. It is offered to notice every person on your way to this day and say a couple of good words to him or her. It may be a driver of your taxi in the morning or a single person in a queue of the shop, which you visited in the morning, or whomever. Just be as kind and polite as it only possible. In addition, certainly to do this, remember when is Say Something Nice Day 2022, in calendar thins information is mentioned.

Say Something Nice Day Facts

We have already discussed all the most important moments, which concerned this holiday. Thought some people may treat it as not very important, you should look deeper into the problems of the society and you will understand the necessity of such things. There is an interesting fact – when the day has only been offered to be held, we have told you, that it was done by the doctor. But he was not the only person, who offered this thing. He was supported by the participants of a Baptist church in Charleston. So, Charleston may be treated as a birthplace of the holiday.

There are also different contests, conventions, which share their ideas and photos of this day in social networks. Young people sometimes invent really interesting things about how to spend this day and bring as much good as possible to their lives and lives of surrounding people. They all enjoy this holiday, like to be in the center of attention and feel good about bringing positive emotions to other people. So, join them, be kind too, do not forget to make the world around you better and you will see, that the life will get brighter colors!

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