The USA consists of 50 states, each of which as its own history, traditions, rules, and laws. Nevertheless, the whole country lives like one and whole mechanism and treats the values and traditions of each other. Usually, every state has its own holiday or several holidays, which are celebrated only in this state. These holidays are dedicated to a person, who lived in that state, or to an event, which happened there and had an influence on country’s history. In this article, we would like to speak about one of the holidays of Alabama, which is called Jefferson Davis Birthday. Here we will talk a bit about the holiday itself and will find out closer to the end of the article, when is Jefferson Davis Birthday in 2017.

Jefferson Davis Birthday 2017

Who was Jefferson and what does the holiday mean

This famous person lived at the time of Civil War in America and was a great leader of the party of confederates. Before becoming their leader, Davis worked in the US senate, though his career was not so successful. After becoming the leader of Confederates, though people chose him, after some time he was taken into prison. The reason for it was blaming in treason. He spent quite a lot of time there and when he came out he had no more chances to continue his career in politics. That is why he spent a quiet life and wrote books until the very death.

It is quite difficult to judge Davis and his deeds while his whole life. There are two opinions, according to one of which people wanted him to be the leader, to rule the war and they listened to his opinion and relied on him. But there is another opinion, according to which his ruling during the War was treated like strange and many people didn’t understand what was he doing. So, according to the second opinion, he earned being in prison and all his deeds were not for the country’s best.

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Nevertheless, Alabama celebrates his birthday every year and all people there know, what day Jefferson Davis birthday in 2017 is. But not only this state admits birthday of this person. There are about ten other states, which also celebrate Davis’ birthday, but not separately – as a part of some other holiday, for example, in conjunction with Confederate Memorial Day or 3rd of July, etc.

Traditions and celebration of the holiday

So, as you could already guess, this holiday is a state one only in Alabama. That is why only there all the companies, offices, school are closed on this day and people do not work and have a day off. Actually, though people know, when is Jefferson Davis birthday 2017, they do not have usually some special celebrations. Especially those, who do not have this holiday like an official one. In Kentucky, they crown so-called “Miss Confederacy” and all the associations, which re somehow linked with this person, reunite.

There are no some other special entertainments or things of the sort. That is why usually people have a good chance to have a day off, have a rest and meet with friends or family and go somewhere out. By the way, we should admit, what is the day of Jefferson Davis Birthday 2017. Every year Alabama celebrates it on the first Monday of June. So, it is not difficult to count that this year it will take place on June, 5th.

Though the holiday is rather controversial, such people shouldn’t be forgotten. Even nowadays many historians argue on the topic of Jefferson’s politics and tactics. There are opinions, according to which he chose not right friends, followers, etc. Also they say that Davis’ tactics was rather strange and didn’t lead the army to winnings. Moreover, a lot of people blame him for all this, because it was his fault in not gaining main aims, unlike other commanders did.

Jefferson Davis

Nevertheless this person has been very popular and became well-known in many spheres. Right, there are many people, who became famous for their deeds and there are many of those, who try to do as much as they are able to do, but do not get worldwide fame and confession. But Davis managed to have it all, though his life couldn’t be named easy or wonderful. He also went through hundreds of difficulties and maybe he hasn’t even reached all aims, which he wanted to do.

But instead of all this he earned belief of people, who treated him like a good commander and leader and followed him. There was a library, built in his honor, portraits, picturing him, monuments, which are sited in several cities and a monument, which is situated in a cemetery and pictures this person in life size. All this proves us that he really influenced the history of his native country and that he made all the efforts to change the life to the best side. Maybe he was wrong at some moments, maybe he chose not correct ways of acting, but in spite of all this he tried and was one of those, who teaches after all mistakes and the country should say “Thank you” to him and feel only pride and respect for such people in the life of the world.

This year the holiday will also be held in Alabama that is why all people, who want to join the celebrations, have an opportunity to know, when is Jefferson Davis birthday in 2017, calendar will help in all this. If you are a tourist and are interesting in history of the States or foreign countries all in all, this is a great opportunity to see, how people spend this day. Maybe it will become a developing entertainment for you and certainly you will know a know a lot of new things from history, which happened long time ago. Moreover, all this will be not only useful and informative, but will be held in a very interesting for, so that it will not be boring.


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