Gardens or forests are named the lungs of the Earth. Green areas have always been in the heart of towns and cities enjoying souls and views. They help to breathe fresh air, to be in touch with nature and to feel the difference between ยซthe stone junglesยป and the natural world. The importance of them is not difficult to understand though Americans have created Public Gardens Day to celebrate the gardens in the human beingsโ€™ life. Do you want to know when is Public Garden Day in 2022 and can we also begin to celebrate it?

The history of the day

To begin with, the history of humanity was accompanied by gardens. Gardening conserved its popularity during the ages and remains very popular nowadays especially in Great Britain and other countries. The first chapter of Bible, the Book of Genesis mentions the Garden of Eden where lived God himself with first people, Adam and Eva. The Bible even indicates the geographical position of the garden or between two main and general rivers Tigers and Euphrates. Then remember famous world wonder Semiramide’s Hanging Gardens where rich people relaxed after a sunny day.

Public Gardens Day 2017

In the Middle Ages, gardens were a refuge for of nobility but not only for them. The monks found their peace and calm for prayers. Gardens also inspired poets. Kings and queens planted flowering gardens for delighting and hunting.

Now there is a sad tendency โ€“ gardens are disappearing from the Earth. We are not planting but buildings, restaurants, and shops. The risk of lost the gardens forever is rising day by day. That is why Americans took it in consideration and proposed to create ยซa day of all gardensยป or Public Gardens Day.

The meaning of the holiday

What does Public Gardens Day mean for Americans?

Professional gardeners and ordinary people crazy about gardens and flower wanted us to understand the importance of green spaces in the big cities. Therefore, they emphasized on the feast celebrating nature, calm and ยซgrassยป and organized the holiday for those who do not just protect the environment but who love the nature and try to preserve it for future generation. You are not alone in the world. All your traces rest for the people coming after your death.

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As for me, a holiday has a deeper sense.ย Do you remember when you last time went for a walk? When you left home and set on the grass in the park and heard the birds singing in the garden? Accept one truth that your children would better be staying online all day long and be chatting with but not meet them at open air. Youโ€™d better sleep in your bed than rode a bike or fishing. Why? There are two answers. The first that we are very lazy, and the second that we do not have any garden near the house.

The definition of the Holiday

The problem is very urgent because people have to live somewhere and everybody try to sell a good house and apartment. That is why the green areas are very few. The definition of the holiday flows out from the problem. It is good to create new but not destroy the old maybe the most important that is nature.

I can even imagine that someone does not like gardens or fresh air, do not you? Do not you like these great places for picnics and barbecues? Do you want your little son and daughter breathe a polluted atmosphere?

Positive sides of gardens and parks are numerous. Their value cannot be underestimated:

  • Always fresh air
  • Good mood and the sunshine
  • A possibility to go for a walk, walk the dog, walk the baby etc.
  • Relationships with nature and feeling as its child
  • A place for a little party, private lesson, open air course or just for relax from the noise of the world.

People should know what day Public Gardens Day is in 2022 and do not forget about it. The nature lovers ask to appreciate this day and care about trees, flowers, and bushes near you. There are not many people who know about this day-off so take a chance to let them know and support the action of landscape protection.

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It is interesting to stress when is Public Gardens Day in 2022. The calendar date has not been chosen accidentally. It is on Mat 8th when nature blooms in all its abundance. Do not forget to round the holiday in your calendars. Americans want to memorize and eternalize all this beauty. When if you do not look forward to being the best gardener or do not like the manual work, feel that joy in your hearts watching wonderful flowers and trimmed bush. Even if one does not have any garden, try to stay outdoors all the day. It will help you to refresh mind, enrich the soul and breathe the spring to become healthier.

The holiday was established in 2008 and since then a lot of people joined the celebration. They became true nature-goers. The awareness of the necessity of a ยซgreen pointยป in our lives pushes many people to live big cities and to settle in small villages. Trees and flowers are calling us to discover the glory of Earth.

Public Gardens Day

What are the Public Gardens Day facts and traditions?

Celebrated annually, the holiday has many special amusements. Tastes differ. Every one of the garden connoisseurs brings a piece of originality to this art. Every region and every person create his own garden style. How can we maintain a tradition and share the love toward nature with this people?

First, I want to set up some ideas for this holiday party and one may choose the appropriate way of celebrating.

  1. At the beginning, we must not be indifferent to public places as gardens and parks. Sometimes we think that it is not out place of living. We should help the workers to cut off the bushes or weed out the grass. They need our help. Take profit of this occasion and stay at open air.
  2. The human society is not perfect. There are a lot of social classes living nearby. Some of them are homeless. They present an instant group searching for a food and job. They especially live in public places and may cause some damage to it. The Public Garden Day is a good opportunity to make them do some work helping other people. It will give them chance to be like we are.
  3. Propose to them to dust some areas and you will see how their attitude will change. Do not pigeonhole these people. We have to respect every creation in the world.
  4. Then there is another option to celebrate this feast. It is to promote the green areas in your quarter and among your relatives and friend. So, one can start up a competition whose garden or flowers, or bushes are the best. The winners will be donated some little presents but the party will focus on green planted vegetation. People will better understand they really need to breathe clean and pure air.
  5. Inviting some professional gardeners will also draw attention to the importance of good-looking of green spaces. The man and women who love their profession a lot will mark an unforgettable impression on those who are hesitating at the moment. Special methods, some interesting facts about gardening and a good will help us to begin practicing new things. Be open to learning something new!
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The last and the most important thing in the celebration planning is your attitude toward the question. Actually, do you want to bring some good to the world? If you do, begin with yourself. If you do not have much space near your house, plant a little tree or a bush with flowers in front of your window. Share a moment of beauty with everyone. Show to all that you love nature, you want to protect the trees and green implantation. Your actions may inspire other to do their best and to join the initiative.


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