Food holidays prevent people’s attention to the importance of nutrients and their impact on the human’s health. The majority of food holidays has been created in the United States of America. The people are very creative as to the invention of public holidays. Special attention is paid to products which are the most nutritious. One of such holidays is devoted to a special kind of nuts. Almonds are very popular in many countries throughout the world. People use it in different receipts. They also eat nuts for lunch. The occasion is celebrated by every person who likes to use it. When is National Almond Day in 2018?


People don’t know the circumstances when and why the observance was initiated. The founder of the occasion isn’t known too. The product is very useful for every person. One of the most important nutrients is vitamin E. it helps people be strong and healthy. The use of these nuts is approved by the majority of doctors. They accept the importance of its contents.

Nowadays the greatest amount of almonds s produced in the USA. The local production is equal to 80% of the whole amount of almonds in the world. It’s supposed that the observance started in the USA.

The original territory of this kind of nuts is the Middle East. The ancient Indian territories are known for the spread of the product. Later almonds were brought to the south of Europe and Africa. The USA got nuts much later.


The start of use of the product was connected to the process of domestication. At first bitter kinds grew. They were rather poisoning. They grow nowadays too and contain amygdalin. People started eating the nuts in the 3rd-2nd century BC in Jordan. The nut was founded in the tomb of Tutankhamun which dated the 14th century BC. The new forms of the nut can be found even in the northern parts of Europe.

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Nowadays people from the whole world annually produce not less than 3 million tons. The USA has the first place in almonds’ production. The country earns more than 3 billion dollars every year. Other countries which produce a great amount of the product are Morocco and Spain. What day World Almond Day in 2018? The day is observed on February, 16th.


What does National Almond Day mean for people? Professionals admit the certain use of almonds. The product is very nutritious, that is why it gains a concrete place in the people’s food industry. Scientists and nutrition experts have made several researches as to the impact of almonds on the people’s health.

According to one of the University researches, people get special nutrients which help them stay satisfied for many hours. Despite a huge amount of calories, the product isn’t considered to be a harmful one. It helps to support weight on an appropriate level. Researches claim that if a person eats almonds, his analysis of blood will show the reduced level of cholesterol. It helps avoiding a heart attack.

The day is a great chance to attract people’s attention to the problem of nutrition and rational diet. The majority of people, especially in the developing countries, can’t buy almonds because of the high price. The product isn’t a part of the obligatory products. Nevertheless, it can become an important part of the diet.

The observance is a day when people can join together and cook and bake. The main ingredient should be almonds. It is a chance to study information about nuts and other products. The holiday is a day when everybody can try to make some special desserts with the product. The day can be started with a plate of cereal with almonds.

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When is International Almond Day 2018? The celebration is on February, 16th.


The definition of the holiday is a very understandable thing. It is obvious that the main product of the day is to be this kind of nuts. The nut itself isn’t a very ordinary thing. It is rather expensive. The term itself is a derivative of the Latin word. It’s in its term came from the Old Greek. The first use of the term was in the 13th century.

People also use the word to explain a shape of any thing. It is a shape which is something like an ellipse and a triangle. The common term is “almond”, though there are several kinds of bitter and sweet kinds of the nut. The most kinds of seeds are sweet which means that they are domesticated. Cherries and peaches are the relative fruits.

Sweet seeds are longer than bitter variants. Cyanide is a part of bitter seeds. It’s a serious kind of poison which can lead to death. Adults can eat only 50 almonds and children can die after eating 7-8 seeds. The bitter variants are used mainly for the medical purpose.

The sweet seed contains magnesium and fibre. The most important ingredient of the nut is vitamin E. Thus the nuts are used in cosmetology. It is also added into butter and milk.

What is the date of National Almond Day 2018? It is on February, 16th.

Almond in hands


The day is a great chance to spend time with a family cooking food and making desserts. Women always try to make various meals with the ordinary products. This kind of nuts isn’t considered as an ordinary product in the majority of the countries in the world. It’s explained by a rather high price of it. Poor people in many territories can’t afford themselves to buy this food. Desserts made of the almond flour are also very expensive for an ordinary people.

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Nevertheless, if you aren’t a very wealthy person, try to save money for tasting the nuts themselves and desserts with them. It is a chance to choose any appropriate receipt with inexpensive products which let to make a notion about the product.

Children can spend a part of the day communicating with parents, especially mothers. They can cook and bake. They may take part in the process of making the list of meals for a family dinner. The main meal has to be made of almonds. Such process helps families unite together. It raises the mood of a person and a family in a whole.

If you are a rather healthy person, buy macarons and welcome your relatives or give cakes to your neighboring children. You can also donate them to any orphanage of your region or district. Involve your friends or other people to donation. The best way is to post the idea in the internet. When is Almond Day in 2018, calendar of big deals? The events are to be set on February, 16th.

International Almond Day Facts

  • You can storage almonds for 24 month. The fact is explained by the high amount of vitamin E.
  • The product can regulate Cholesterol in the human’s body.
  • You can eat it without any fear about your weight. Seeds have unsaturated fat.
  • Flour made from these seeds is very useful.
  • The Indian children get the seeds to develop their brain.
  • The seeds give a certain benefit to the human’s skin.
  • Producers use more than 40% of the whole amount of seeds in chocolate.
  • Biologists admit that it is rather a seed than a nut.
  • People use the hulls for breeding the cattle.
  • People can eat only 10 varieties of seeds.
  • The product helps prevent diabetes and a cardiovascular disease.
  • Many people like almond milk.


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