There are thousands of various observances in the world. Some of them celebrate certain position of our planet and other honor the memories of important historical events. One of those observances occurs annually in Great Britain, as people gather to rejoice the disruption of the assassination of a King James First.

Assassination was planned by catholic activists, who had developed a horrible scheme of setting off lots of explosives in order to kill King James First and numerous parliament members. The reasoning was pretty dumb โ€“ King James was genuine Protestant and Catholics wanted to replace him with one of them.

The disruption of this appalling assassination happened mostly through the capture of Guy Fawkes, the guy that guarded explosives beneath the Westminster Palace. People of United Kingdom started to feast this day every year since then, happy with the fact that their beloved king survived this unbelievable horrible plan.

Guy Fawkes Night

That leads us to the question of when is Guy Fawkes Night in 2022. As Guy Fawkes himself was captured on the fifth of November, the celebration falls on the same date every year. So, in 2022 it will be pretty much the same old November, 5th.

Gunpowder Plot

The theme that is most related to the question of what day Guy Fawkes Night in 2022 is the theme of Gunpowder Plot, which is also known by the name of Jesuit Treason. The plan was designed in order to assassinate the King James First with his supporters. The whole House of Lords was supposed to explode into pieces, burying parliament underneath its shatters.

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James was Protestant and never trusted Catholic Church. He saw danger in popeโ€™s system, as the net of Catholic Church did spread wide across the globe. Parliament also never really supported or tolerated this confession. So, Catholic activists undermined Westminster and waited to set off the explosives. Guy Fawkes, one of the terrorists, guarded barrels of gunpowder beneath the palace. Amounts were so huge that not only House of Lords, but also everything in close range was going to turn into dust.

But, thanks to anonymous letter, which was send to William Parker, the plan was disrupted. So, on the night from fourth to fifth November of 1605 Guy Fawkes, experienced military specialist with more than ten years of service, was found by police and put to jail. Later, all of terrorists were tortured and executed.

That is why when someone asks something like when is Guy Fawkes Night 2022, the answer is fifth of November. By the way, majority of Fawkesโ€™ assistants and fellows left him, leaving the country in a serious hurry. That is no surprise, considering the fact that all caught terrorists were put to death after horrible torture.

Interesting thing is that in 2005 one of British TV-shows researched through the case and simulated the situation, in which sets did explode. To do this, they reconstructed whole palace with dummies representing those who were in a building, including King James First himself, and set off the exact amount of gunpowder. The results were just scary, if not terrifying.ย  Whole palace with its thick concrete walls was shattered and every dummy was either removed from existence completely or found far from the epicenter of explosion. The gadget that was supposed to calculate the power of explosion was destroyed itself. Approximate calculation showed that explosion would be heard from more than three kilometers and would wipe out everything in radius of hundred meters.

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Traditions of celebration

First of all, it is probably good time to mention that this day also called Bonfire Night and Firework Night, so there obviously will be some fireworks and bonfires during the feasting. One of the most significant traditions of celebration includes incinerating of Guy Fawkesโ€™ dummy. Letโ€™s take a closer look at this.

Tradition of lighting up bonfires on the fifth of November is so popular that it even was shown in TV series frequently. For example, in Sherlock Holmes sidekick of main hero gets stuffed inside one of those bonfires, which nearly led to his death.

So, why people of Great Britain do this? From the perspective of benefit, this ritual of some sort is a perfect opportunity to burn garbage. But that is obviously not all the reasoning behind such massive celebration.

Guy Fawkes Night

The feasting is impregnated with anti-Catholic symbolism. Britain is well-known for its proud Protestantism, even old TV-shows, such as Monty Pythonโ€™s Flying Circus, did notice and ridicule it. So, by firing up one of the most famous Catholic in the world, people get a chance to once again brag about their confession.

Another reason is, presumably, the fact that this holiday was merged with old pagan feasts of the past. Various other celebrations did involve bonfires in United Kingdom since long ago.

That is why such questions as what is the date of Guy Fawkes Night 2022 and what is the date of this day with bonfires are not exactly the same. Still, majority of British people will probably give you correct answer.

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In their turn, fireworks became inseparable part of many celebrations long ago. In the dark evening sky hundreds of colorful flares flash with majestic sounds of happiness. People film it on their cameras and mobile devices to re-watch and show to friends and relatives that had no opportunity to watch for themselves.

Guy Fawkes Night often gets merged with another famous holiday โ€“ Halloween. Both holidays involve kids walking from home to home in search of sweets and money, only costumes are differing.

That is believed to cause the erasure of such holiday as Guy Fawkes Night, as local British traditions are being replaced by global worldwide customs. But today the question of when is Guy Fawkes Night in 2022 never gets left unanswered and the holiday remains in calendar.

Last thing that needs to be mentioned is that this day is only an observance and not a public holiday, so everything works as usual. Shops and libraries can provide you with books and films, somehow related to this date. But donโ€™t really count on their veracity.


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