When is National Zipper Day in 2020? Well, to tell you the truth nowadays we are not sure that you have ever heard or been told about this special occasion. As a rule, only a few modern men and women know about its existence somewhere in the calendar. Actually we find it to be a strange thing, because we use this type of fasten our clothes and accessories almost every day. Today we are planning to introduce you new holiday. Are you ready? We are beginning!


Trying to explain you the matter what day Zipper Day in 2020 is, we would like to mention some episodes form the past of this amazing special occasion. In fact it is not as easy as it may seem at the first sight.

Actually it happened a long time ago. More than 100 years ago, on November 7, 1891, to be more exact, Whitcomb Judson from Chicago received his patent saved under the number 504038 for an invention, which he called “Shoe Clasp”. It was represented by a series of hooks on one side and eyelets on the other, which were hooked with the help of a special guide key.

In 1894, this ambitious man managed to convince investors to set up a fastener manufacturing company Universal Fastener. The head of the company, Lewis Walker, was confident in the success of Judson’s invention, but things were not going brilliantly: the design was complex and unreliable, and for 10 years the largest order was the purchase of 20 bag fasteners by the American postal service.

In 1904, Judson made changes to the design, securing the hooks and loops on the cloth ribbons so that you can sew the buckle to the shoes. In 1905, the company was reorganized and moved from Chicago to Hoboken, New Jersey. But there were very few buyers, and the company took the next logical step: hired a qualified engineer. Gideon Sundback, an immigrant from Sweden, left the famous company Westinghouse and electricity in order to work in a small company that produces a single product. Why did he do it? – Well, the explanation is quite simple and understandable. Gideon was in love with Elvira, the beloved of Peter Aronson, who was the company manager. By the way, the couple married in 1909.

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Frankly speaking, we don’t know why we have you to celebrate this occasion on April 29th annually. However, in accordance with some specialists’ points of view, initially it was nothing but a marketing decision, which turned out to be a great success. 


What does Zipper Day mean? In fact, it is only up to you to decide, whether to hold this occasion or not. Actually, the invention has two birthdays, not one. The first one, we have already mentioned above, but the second happened some years later.

Sundback fully justified the hopes placed on him. In 1912, he proposed a completely new design, called Hookless # 1, in which the cloth tape was clamped with metal teeth. To tell you the truth, this clasp wore out in just a few opening cycles, so Sundback decided to replace hooks with elements of a different shape. In such a way Hookless # 2 was born. It was an almost modern zipper. The first four items were sold on October 28, 1914 for $ 1. Success came only in 1918, when the company sold 24,000 fasteners for “money belts”. They immediately became very popular among the sailors going to Europe.


The investigation of the question “When is International Zipper Day 2020?” we came to the conclusion that our readers would be rather glad to get some additional pieces of information.

The main task of the invention is considered to be functional. Certainly, this type to fasten the clothes and other accessories was created for making all these things more reliable and to make the process of putting the clothes on and off faster. However, it is not everything, of course.

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Also it is able to emphasize the unique style of the thing, giving it at the same time two essential features: elegance and originality. Nowadays it has textile labels, and sometimes is decorated with logos or prints.


When is Zipper Day in 2020, calendar will remind you for sure. The only thing you have to do is to memorize the following information: this holiday is kept on April 29th annually.

As you perhaps understand there are hardly any traditions and rules to celebrate this special occasion in a proper way. The local administration doesn’t usually organize something special devoted to this holiday. However, it is not the reason for being upset or worried. You see, you are always free to introduce something new for your surroundings.

All in all you can devote April 29th to investigation some additional pieces of information. In fact, many people know that it is a tiny detail in any outfit. Actually, zippers are small and at first glance not very noticeable elements of clothing, shoes, bags or other accessories. But in fashion, every detail is important and it doesn’t matter whether it is a small button or the color of a thread on a pair of sneakers. Such small details either create an attractive appearance of the product, or completely spoil the overall impression.

With this item appearance, as an element of clothing and in the markets of the fashion industry, it was considered more likely to be a functional addition than to be used as an aesthetic detail of the product. But over time, zippers-fasteners gradually found their niche in the fashion world. Moreover, a variety of designs, colors, materials, allow you to apply them to any kind of product. Interesting variations in the use from season to season are offered by many brands in their collections, thereby refreshing and bringing new items to the fashion world.

We recommend you to organize a party and to invite as many friends as it is possible, however, ask them to wear something with this element. It would be really great.

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National Zipper Day Facts

The question “What is the date of Zipper Day in 2020?” is very amazing. However, it requires the representation of some additional pieces of information.

First of all we would like to mention that this simple device is distinguished by the type of its connection, its visibility, the general amount of locks, tightness, separability and, of course, size. Let’s discover the most common ones. Here is our list:

  • Twisted (spiral) zipper. Its connections are formed by coils of a polymeric spiral of a special form.
  • Tractor zipper received the name due to the similarity of links with tractor tracks.
  • Metal item looks like a tractor, but the links are made of metal, nickel or sometimes brass and, as a rule, smaller in size. It seems to be more durable than plastic types, but sometimes ше sticks in the most important moment.
  • With two locks. It has two sliders, which move in the opposite direction. Such zippers are comfortable in long clothes, for example, to be able to get to the pocket of trousers without undoing the jacket completely. Also often used in bags and backpacks, but triggers are opposed, and the zipper itself is non-detachable.
  • Hermetic item isolates the fastened space from the environment. Respectively, it has a more complex and capricious design. Sealed zippers are used, for example, in space and underwater space suits, as well as in chemical protection suits. Such clasps need special care (usually require regular lubrication). Unfortunately, it loses its insulating properties when it is cleaned untimely, for example, from sand or dust.


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