Modern world is impossible without various tasty things. Of course, tastes differ, but there are products, which are considered to be the so-called classics and they are usually appreciated all over the world. However, could you answer the question โ€œWhen is National Toasted Marshmallow Day in 2022?โ€ or perhaps would you like to have some time for thinking and reminding?

If you are not able to, please, donโ€™t worry as โ€œnoโ€ is the typical answer to the greatest part of all contemporary people all over the world. That is why we have made a decision to discover this matter in details.


Nowadays when is Toasted Marshmallow Day in 2022, calendar is always ready to remind you. โ€“ It will be just at the end of the summer, on August 30 exactly.

National Toasted Marshmallow Day

Unfortunately we havenโ€™t been able to find out much about this holiday founders as well as about the reason of this notable date celebration just on that day, but initially marshmallow was represented like a medicine. Why is it so? – The matter is that the product was made on the basis of the dense althea plant root extract. It was mostly used as an effective angina remedy. By the way we can’t but mention that the decoction, received from its other parts was also applied in medicine. In general in Ancient Egypt, for sore throat it was taken in combination with honey, but the specialists have found the recipes, in which it was combined with egg white, flavored with special rose water.

Later, in the 19th century, the talented candy manufacturers from France introduced several innovations into the sweets recipes, bringing the confectionery product closer to the contemporary marshmallow style. These confectionery products were made in some regions by the talented owners of tiny confectioneries who received althea juice, whipping the plant. These sweets were very popular, however their production didn’t continue long. Some years later French manufacturers developed a special method, according to which it was necessary to use corn starch gelatin in order to receive the desired product consistency. All in all this method really made the process much easier, but people needed special technologies to combine gelatin with cornstarch.

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Another important moment in the typical marshmallow production was introduced by the special process invention, which was represented by skilled scientist Alex Doumak from the USA. It happened in 1948 and allowed to automate totally the marshmallow production. At that very moment the product obtained its cylindrical shape, which is nowadays associated much with modern product. We can’t but mention that all the ingredients came through special pipes, mixed and squeezed out in the cylinder form, then divided into typical pieces. At the end of the technological process the items had to be mixed with cornstarch and after that powdered by sugar.


What does National Toasted Marshmallow Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is up to you to decide. You see, some contemporary men and women donโ€™t even know about its existence.

And now we just want to bring a little clarity and to say that fried marshmallow is confectionery product that looks like a pastille, made without the inclusion of eggs. The composition of such sweets, which look like marshmallows in appearance, include ordinary sugar or tasty corn syrup, safe gelatin, glucose and various pleasant flavors.

After careful roasting, this product takes on a cameral taste. It becomes soft inside, and a beautiful crust from the outside. If someone tried to roast a delicacy, which is sold in almost every shop, then, most likely, he/she will be disappointed. The thing is that the sweet mass simply melts and spreads, falling into the hot fire.

Contemporary American marshmallow is not only eaten as an independent treat, but it is also put in different desserts, sweet salads, cold ice cream, used as an ornament for cakes and even sugary drinks. The assortment presented on the shelves of stores is wide enough and everyone can find chocolate, caramel, nut and various flavored variants.

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Marshmallow is a confectionery product, which consists of sugar or dense corn syrup, safe gelatin, which is softened in hot mild water and glucose, whipped to a sponge condition. A small amount of various dyes and flavors can be sometimes added.

Believe you or not, but the very name “marsh mallow” can be translated exactly as “mallow swamp”. So in English it is a name for the definite medical plant. An adhesive jelly-like white mass was previous obtained from the althea root. Over time, the marshmallow was replaced with gelatin and starch. Modern the so-called “air” American marshmallow appeared in the 1950s. They began to be produced the company Kraft.

Nowadays some small pieces of this product are added to exquisite salads, tasty desserts and sweet ice cream. With the help of them you can also decorate your cakes and pastries. However, a fairly common method of consumption is small pieces of marshmallow addition into cocoa, hot chocolate or even coffee. The most famous and somewhat stereotyped-traditional way of cooking in America is to fry the pastilles during forest picnics. While warming up, the marshmallow grows in size, becoming airy and viscous inside. The roasted parts are brown.

That is not the whole assortment of things, which can be tasted by you if you remember what day National Toasted Marshmallow Day in 2022 is. Marshmallows are sold by weight and in bags. Most often they are white, but sometimes you can meet the colored ones. Also there are marshmallows in chocolate or caramel glaze, with nuts and aromatic additives. There are many categories of them: large and small, round and square. From this material it is also possible to make mastic for decoration of cakes and pastries.

National Toasted Marshmallow Day


So you have already got the answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Toasted Marshmallow Day?โ€ but how can you celebrate this notable date properly? Do you know it? No? โ€“ We will help you then.

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Of course, this holiday is impossible without tasting of this product. All in all you can purchase it in the nearest supermarket, take in cafรฉ or restaurant or to prepare at home. Some people even prefer to organize a party on this occasion, invite a lot of guests or to spend it in the family cycle. And, please, choose some new taste for you. You should remember its celebration for a long time. Try them with cacao, for example, and you will definitely like that moment.

Toasted Marshmallow Day Facts

So you have already known the reply to the question โ€œWhen is International Toasted Marshmallow Day 2022?โ€ but would you like to find out something really interesting about August 30?

Here is our list:

  • By the way not everybody knows but the marshmallow using for sweets production also came from the Ancient Egypt, where the local people mixed the althea juice or the plant itself with honey and nuts. Also sometimes the roots were boiled carefully in the dense sugar syrup and dried under the sunlight outdoors. The obtained product was chewed for a long time both by men and by women.
  • In America and England there is even a popular exam for children from 4 to 6 years old. It is called “Marshmallow test”. It allows predicting with almost 100% accuracy whether a child in adult life will become a successful person. The test was first used by American psychologist Walter Michel. In the late 1960s he locked up a group of four-year-old children in the room, giving each one a marshmallow. They had a choice: immediately eat a marshmallow or, after waiting 15 minutes, get another candy. After becoming adults, all the children who passed the test turned into successful people, and almost all of those who did not resist the temptation went to work in fast food restaurants and gas stations.


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