When is World Milk Day in 2022? Well, would you like to have some truth? โ€“ We are almost sure that our followers are hardly able to answer this question immediately or without any hesitations. As a rule, the significant part of contemporary men and women are not able to do it even under the condition we give them some prompts. Certainly, this special occasion doesnโ€™t belong to the list of the most promoted ones, but to our mind it deserves to be popular. So today we are going to represent it to you in details. Are you ready to find out something new? โ€“ We are starting.


As you perhaps understand the matter what day Milk Day in 2022 is needs some investigations. And we are not able to talk about the holidays without mentioning their historical background. Why? โ€“ You see, only discovering the past it is possible to understand the present properly. And at the same time this direction is thought to be in the list of the most popular ones among our followers.

In general, it is amazing why people belonging to the class of mammals did not think of earlier to celebrate this important product on a special day. In many countries, from time immemorial, the cow was treated like a wet nurse. It is not for nothing that the cow is mentioned in many folk tales, and in India, which is one of the world leaders in milk production. The cow is revered as a sacred animal.

The holiday is considered to be quite modern. It has been kept all around the planet since 2001. The date (June 1st) for the world holiday was chosen not occasionally. It is based on the fact that up to that very moment many countries of the world had already celebrated it and their dates were close to the beginning of the summer season. Therefore, the organization decided to establish a single day when everyone on the planet would honor and praise this favorite animal product.

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The idea was appreciated by many inhabitants of our planet, and they were enthusiastic about it from the very beginning. Literally seven years passed since the establishment of this date, when it became really popular. Up to the present moment more than forty countries have already joined the celebration of World Milk Day. Residents of each state tried to come up with something so original that they would remember it until the next June 1st.

The most surprising thing is that although the UN established this holiday on the first day of summer. Many countries continue to celebrate this date according to their national calendar. For example, for Australians the day of praising milk falls on the twenty-sixth of September. And the Malaysians have it on the eleventh of June. The Finns are not far from them – their holiday falls on the third of June.

In fact the founders are confident that time will pass and the celebration will become much more popular all over the world.


What does World Milk Day mean? โ€“ Well, we are not sure that we can answer this question instead of you. Why? โ€“ You see, we donโ€™t know all our followers personally, so we canโ€™t even predict their reaction to various events in the modern calendar.

Why did the establishers decide to hold this holiday at all? It’s that simple! It was created in order to popularize milk and dairy products, as well as to inform the inhabitants of the planet about what should be included in a healthy diet.

Up to the present moment, many states have timed campaigns on the use of milk for this day, not only sports, but also intellectual games are held, a review of the achievements of the dairy industry, seminars, and lectures are organized.

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The World Health Organization has recognized by that milk is the most important source of calcium. No child’s diet should be deprived of dairy products. After all, this is the very product that has a significant impact on the development of the physical and intellectual sides of the baby. Maybe because of this, World Milk Day was united with International Children’s Day?


Well, you have already got the answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Milk Day 2022?โ€ and know quite well that it happens regularly on June 1st. However, why is it so important to be involved?

Following the specialists, we should pay much more attention to this product. You see, a person who drinks milk regularly and does not forget that it is in it that the health lies, will be much stronger. Throughout life, dairy products should be included in the diet of any person. If you consume 3 servings of dairy products every day, then your body will be 80% provided with calcium.

Milk and dairy products are essential components of a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. It contains almost all the vital elements and various kinds of vitamins necessary for the proper development and normal functioning of our body. There is no national cuisine in the world that does not use milk and dairy products.


When is Milk Day in 2022, calendar will surely tell you. Actually, it is not a serious problem to memorize the date. Why? โ€“ You see, it is fixed, which simultaneously means that it is held on the same date regularly. You may join any June 1st you like.

As you see, we should expect that the local authorities will organize something special devoted to this special occasion. As a rule, they donโ€™t even know about its existence. However, certainly, it is not a reason for being worried or upset. You are able to create a cool holiday for yourselves as well as for your surroundings.

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What is happening in the world on this day? In any country celebrating this event, everything is entertaining and positive. Various kinds of dairy festivals are held, thematic seminars and lectures, comic games and prize-winning quizzes are held. Everyone is invited to visit a dairy farm tour, take part in tasting the best varieties of cheese.

In fact, under this condition everything is restricted just by imagination. For example, the Germans decided to spend this day under the motto – faster, stronger and smarter. Thank you milk for that!

In 2008, on the first day of summer, the community of Argentine farmers took care of organizing the promotion of the use of a live product. They chose the motto, which said that in the country not only honey, but also milk flows like a river.

Members of the Norwegian National Council for Dairy Products have become the founders of an Internet competition in which they are invited to write a story about milk and its benefits. The best story, or rather its author, ultimately receives a valuable prize.

World Milk Day Facts

The set above question โ€œWhat is the date of Milk Day in 2022?โ€ involves a lot of amazing pieces of information. Today we are planning to share some of them with you.

Certainly, you have already known that an ordinary glass of milk has a whole of unique properties. Scientists say that a person who drinks half a liter of fresh milk every day saturates his or her body with all the necessary nutrients.

The list is really impressive. Milk contains:

  • vitamins A and B1;
  • lactose, which is necessary for the stable functioning of the liver, heart and kidneys;
  • calcium, which strengthens our bones

Other beneficial substances, vitamins and minerals are also present, of course. It is not surprising that modern nutritionists advise people looking after their health that a third of their diet should be devoted to milk and dairy products.


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