Do you consider yourself lucky? Do you win every your competition in sport and ordinary life? If you don’t, you shouldn’t be disappointed. There’s even a special day which is devoted to such persons like you. The US society likes winners. But they also like to pay attention to losers. An occasion is provided to appreciate individuals who try but fails. When is National Underdog Day in 2022?


People have weird holidays every year. They try to follow the calendar, especially speaking about funny observances. Such date is devoted to individuals who don’t win despite their obstinacy. Such people have always existed. That’s why one day it was decided to initiate a funny event which had to carry the man idea of the occasion.

This day was created in 1976 for the first time. It started in the United States. The Americans are great pranksters. They always create strange holidays and customs. They also promote such events. So, they become very popular.

The creator of the event isn’t really known. People even don’t have concrete facts about the place of the first observations. The event was initiated by a group of people who wanted to be noticed by the society. Another version is that it was promoted by a group of fans who were not indifferent to losers.


Years passed and the group of fans became more numerous. The public tries to be involved into these celebrations. They promoted the occasion into the mass media. Due to the introduction of the net the holiday became more popular. The number of fans has become so impressive that there’re lots of groups in various social nets.

“What day World Underdog Day in 2022?” The holiday is observed every third Friday in June. It’s held on December, 18th, in 2022.


The day was made to appreciate people who don’t give up in competitions. People may not have enough physical or mental abilities to win competitions or contests. Nevertheless, they want to get the best points every year proving other participants that they’re worth to win the best prize.

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It’s a usual situation when some persons participate in competitions every year though they can’t win prizes and appreciation. Their usual prize is a taunt from other sportsmen or viewers who don’t expect great results from this him.

Such person’s persistence makes him an object of respect, but not a joke. The occasion has the main aim which is to show the concern to such people, give them a certain amount of concern. The event is to raise the competitive spirit of such people.

The occasion is devoted to losers not only in sports. It can concern people of movies media, literature and other spheres, even life. If you have such a person nearby, just try to spirit them up and give them hope to win the contest.

Sometimes a good word can help very much. It can make a person believe in his own forces and skills. Such good treatment sometimes can help a person in every competition and make him set in the certain place in any tournament.

When is International Underdog Day 2022? It’s observed on June, 14.


“Underdog” is a very weird term. It was created in the 1800s. It was taken for granted by many people, though it is rather hard to understand its definition. The origin of the word comes from a dog that is defeated in a fight. It’s a losing dog. Another version of its appearance concerns shipbuilding. Wooden planks were named as “dogs”.  “Underdogs” were people who had to cut and fit the board while building the ships. The word is worth to be remembered.

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The term is used to name an individual who isn’t a very lucky person. Spectators always expect him to lose. They are always sure that he can’t win at all. This thought has different origin. Sometimes it’s an ordinary fact when a person always loses. Such thought can also have roots in the general opinion. People can just support the common belief.

The word is also used to name a person who is unlikely to win. He is always discriminated in justice. Underdogs are unlucky in any sphere of life.

Americans started using the term actively. That’s why it came into the everyday usage. The US citizens use the term in their everyday life. The name of the holiday doesn’t raise any complication. Foreigners should get acquainted to this event. They’re to get more additional information concerning the observance or the word itself.

What is the date of National Underdog Day? The observance is held on the third Friday in June. It’s on June, 14.


The occasion has to be celebrated. The public can appreciate every person that wants to win against all odds. The best way to follow the aim is to meet the date with a person who is an ordinary loser. It can raise a person self-assessment.

The day can be spent in a funny way. It’s very interesting to make a holiday or a small party. One of the funniest ways is to lay the table with the most unpopular ingredients, the cheapest meals. It is obvious that the best entertainment is to play unpopular games and watch the worst representatives of the cinema world. Another film can be devoted to such persons.

Underdog flying

There are lots of former underdogs that later succeeded in the activities. The failure during lots of years led them to a certain success. Individuals made a record, a patented invention and other achievements. These individuals can become a theme of discussion on this date in many educational establishments. The youth should know that strong intention and will are capable to make a person successful.

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If you have a friend who is always considered to be a loser, try to meet him and spend time with him. You should try to persuade your friend in his skills and spirit. It can ease his life. Try to work harder, if an underdog is you. Your expectations will give you the expected result later.

The US people usually watch Underdog. It’s an animated series. It was shot in the 1960s. It was the NBC’s show. Its hero was a super person that had a caped costume and used rhymes in its speech.

There are several events in the world which observe the date. It may be high time to participate in it. When is Underdog Day in 2022, calendar of observance? Be ready to observe the occasion on December, 18th.

International Underdog Day Facts

Several researches were made aiming to compare losers and winners. Victory and loss come very closely.

  1. Great losers can achieve success. M.Jordan lost made more than 9 thousands bad shots and then had a great success.
  2. It’s very important to have responsibility for every failure. It will be a great step to success. Our destiny is in our spirit.
  3. Studying is the best correction of any loss.
  4. Be positive and your life will be the best.
  5. Negative thought can do a great harm to every loser. If there is a positive mind, there is a great win.
  6. If you are a loser, try to be a goal oriented. It means that you should think about goals as the main aim of your life.
  7. Work hard and always try to take an action.
  8. A real winner is an independent person. He’s always alone.


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