Holidays dedicated to food pretend to be the most interesting occasions. Various events devoting to eating these foods are held across the world. The Guinness Book often registers world records. The reasons vary from making the biggest or the tiniest meal to eating the largest amount of the proposed food. These holidays are usually initiated in the definite country but later the matter is caught up by other nations because of its ingenuity. One of such holidays is National Trail Mix day. It is devoted to the very famous type of snack food. When is National Trail Mix Day in 2022? What are the usual traditions of its celebrations?


The origin of the day is very doubtful. People don’t know exactly who made the day an international occasion. The day isn’t in the official list of holidays. People don’t have a day-off on the date. Nevertheless, the reason was so great that people decided to follow the traditions of observing the date.

The day is set on the 31st of August. It has a strict schedule. Every year lots of people buy this snack for themselves and their children. The exact history of this date is hidden. But there are several ideas for the founder of this reason.

National Trail Mix Day

It is thought that the annual occasion’s beginning was in 1968. Two friends from California who were surfers decided to spend several days on the hiking tour. They needed to have a nutritious meal without great wastes. These men mixed peanuts and raisings together. The friends managed to create one of the most interesting products in the world cuisine.

These great properties of such food have made it very popular among travelers, children. Later sportsmen accepted this snack to be a great ingredient of their nutritive regime.

Another idea of the snack’s origin goes to the 1910s. It is said that H. Kephart proposed people in the camps to taste a mix of chocolate, raisins and nuts while they were on a tour. He proposed to take the food on a hiking tour to get many nutritious components. It was especially useful when people couldn’t prepare cereals or meat.

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The day itself appeared spontaneously. It could be a great promotion of a trading company or the factory which produce this trail mix. People took the idea for granted and began using it in their life. The occasion is a chance to taste their favorite kinds of a snack. If you ask the people “What day National Trail Mix Day in 2022?”, they’ll answer “On the 31st of August”.


What does National Trail Mix Day mean for the majority of people? Every holiday has a great meaning of uniting and communicating with each other. They may spend the whole day together or make a short meeting outside. The holiday can give the majority of people to have a great fun and develop their communicative skills, to make their characters more sociable.

National Trail Day is such an occasion. It is not necessary for a person to spend his time with their relatives only. It is a great motive to get acquainted with other people. It is an event when everybody is free in his actions. Nevertheless, it is a great reason to get pleasure through eating. The event may be used for having fun and joy. People can gather and spend some time playing outside, going to the forest or to the shores of lakes and rivers where they can develop their physical abilities.

The followers of the date can use the occasion to spend time communicating with their friends and relatives. It is a great time to unite. It is a reason to pay attention to elder people. Despite the absence of the concrete conjunction of the date with relative affairs, people can use a chance to make pleasant things to other individuals. The reason isn’t as important as the willing to do good things. When is International Trail Mix Day 2022? It’s on the 31st of August.

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This kind of a snack hasn’t got lots of definitions. People from English-speaking countries know exactly what it means. The second name of the product is a gorp. There are many persons who like to eat them, but the most numerous group of followers consists from sportsmen. They prefer to eat simple food which gives many nutrients and energy to their bodies and can give the strength for training.

The majority of people know that a trail mix consists from raising and nuts, though there are many recipes which contain other ingredients. This kind of a snack can be done of cranberries and raisins, nuts, chocolate drops or chips and honey. In various dictionaries it is announced to contain the healthy fats, such as omega 3. Trail mix is taken to hiking tours and camping.

The mix has other names which are used as synonyms. German-speaking people use “Studentenfutter” which means “food for students”. New Zealanders prefer the word “scroggin”. These products contain only raisins and nuts. Though the cooks may put other dried fruits into the mixture and name it a “trail mix”.


The best way to celebrate the day is to spend it outdoors. Every country can have a very interesting ways of spending time outdoors. The list of activities can vary depending on the natural possibilities of the local territories. If you live near a sea or an ocean, you can invite your friends to the shore and spend a great time having fun and playing beach volleyball. If there is a forest or mountains on the local territory, a hiking tour is the best way to spend time outdoors.

It is not very convenient to take much food. People prefer to make a trail mix for their tours. It provides humans the nutritive energy. If a person is on a diet, he or she can choose the best recipe for the journey. The best way to make a trail mix for every friend is to reach an agreement beforehand. Friends can also discuss a list before buying the products for a mix.

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National Trail Mix Day

Another way to celebrate the occasion is to make an individual recipe. Friends and relatives can even make a party where they can make a recipe competition. Every participant can find the recipe of a trail mix and make it for friends. The prizes may be chosen beforehand.

An interesting way to follow the celebration is to propose a child to make a snack. The recipes are so easy that they can make any variant without the parents’ help. Every child can put his own ingredient into the recipe. What is the date of National Trail Mix Day 2022? It’s on the 31st of August.

Trail Mix Day Facts

The day’s origin is a disputable theme, but there are several certain facts that should be known by every follower of the date:

  • This kind of a snack is made of dried fruits and nuts. Many cooks also put chocolate and honey into the mixture. This food isn’t taken as a main meal.
  • The snack is very popular among travelers because of its taste, easy storage, light weight and a high amount of nutrients. Nuts contain much useful fat and energy. Dried fruits contain the carbohydrates.
  • There are several thoughts about the history of the snack food. But the most accepted variant is proposed by the biggest companies in California (Harmony Foods and Hadley Fruit Orchards). They insist that trail mix was made by blending raisins and peanuts together. A special energetic mixture was created in 1968.
  • The truth is that the mixture was made in different variations in Europe in the 17th The evidence can be found in various books and chronicles. They described the mixture under different names.
  • Another idea of the snack’s origin belongs to J. Kerouac. His characters describe a new snack.

Take a part in a cookery contest on the date. Ask the community “When is Trail Mix Day in 2022, calendar of events?” It’s on the 31st of August.


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