All our lives we buy and sell things, some of them we need extremely much, others we throw out because they become useless. Nevertheless, such state of things will take place all the time and people will always need something. But the problem is that not everybody has enough money to buy everything they want, at the same time there are people, who can allow themselves throw out things in very good condition. But people found the way out and turned it all in a whole “ceremony”, which is not only useful for people with enough money and opportunities, but for those, who suffers from a lack of it all. In many countries, garage sale becomes very popular and many people take part in them, not only selling and giving things to others but also finding there something useful for them personally. And nowadays even such a holiday was born, which was dedicated to these events. We will further find out, what is it all about and when is National Garage Sale Day in 2022.


The discussion about it all must be begun from the history of it all because particularly the background lets us know and understand such an event correctly and fully as possible. That is why in the next paragraph we will pay some attention to its history and will know, why and when was it begun.

National Garage Sale Day

The history began not so long ago, just in 2001, right from that year this holiday was first celebrated and turned into a tradition. A man, who lived in Alabama, often saw that many of his neighbors made opportunities to sell their things in front of their houses on the weekends or just when they had an opportunity. After several times he thought that it would be convenient for everybody to choose one special day, about which such “sellers” and customers would know and celebrate it every year. The idea had a success and the day is celebrated until nowadays and many people know, what day National Garage Sale day in 2022 is.

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What does National Garage Sale Day mean, we will be discussing and finding out in a couple of further paragraphs of this article. Any modern person, in any case, will understand it all well because everybody knows, what a garage sale is and the name of the holiday makes us understand everything very easy. Nevertheless, we will try to give you as much information as possible; it will be useful and will include some more details for better understanding of the things. It will help all of you have no any questions at all, even if you had some until this moment.

So, this holiday is dedicated to such an event in the world, to be more concrete – in many developed countries, even small, when people have an opportunity to sell any things, which they have in their houses but do not need or use it anymore, standing in front of their houses. Such a practice has been invented and tried up many years ago, and surprisingly it got a success, because it is a thing, which is very convenient and useful for many modern families, not depending on their earning and material status. Earlier not so many people were involved in it all and the traditions were not widespread, but now people understood that it is really very helpful, so the holiday became very popular immediately and people know, when is World Garage Sale Day 2022.


So, in previous paragraphs, we have already found out the meaning of the holiday, which we are speaking about. We are sure that there are practically no people, who do not know, what does it all mean or what are we speaking here about. Everything is very simple and there is nothing special about it all, which you would not be able to understand. But now we will dedicate several sentences to its definition in order to make you have as small questions as possible.

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So, to define the holiday and everything, dedicated to it, we should say that this holiday has been invented more than 10 years ago to join all people, who take part as a seller or as a customer, in a garage sale. Earlier people did the same things but at different days, when they had the opportunity. But in such a way the possibilities to sell something or find what you were looking for rising because many people take part in it all. So, since the first time of its celebration, the holiday was supported by thousands of people and by now the situation is getting better and better and all of them always know, what is the date of Garage Sale Day 2022.


So, we have already decided, what does this day mean, that is why all of us should have more or less understanding of it all. What do people concretely do, while this day is going? Everything is pretty simple – from the very morning people take all their belongings, which they want to sell, outside, put them in front of their houses and let others buy something. At garage sales, you can sell and buy everything – from furniture and various devices to clothes and such like things.

National Garage Sale Day

Earlier, when this day has not been celebrated and didn’t exist at all, such sales were popular, but you never knew, when and where somebody will sell something. But when one day joined together all these people – those, who want to buy and those, who want to sell, everything became easier. You always are sure that during this day,  wherever you come, you will be able to make a purchase. And such sales are a success, because only in such places often you can find something, which you will not be able to find anywhere else, like some rare or antique things, which are not sold in usual shops. Moreover, those, who want just buy things for everyday use, can save quite a lot of money for their budget.

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Garage Sale Day Facts

So, in all previous paragraphs, we were speaking about this holiday and answered possible questions, concerning its background and celebrations. Garage sales are often very funny and crowded, there are plenty of people there, communicating with each other, talking about different things and discussing everything around. It all is like a real holiday, where you can have a rest and combine it with interesting and mostly cheap shopping. By the way, it all doesn’t mean that people there sell ugly old things. There are plenty of goods, which are practically new or in a very good condition.

We have discussed practically all the topics in the article, which are important for the readers and those, who want to participate in it all. But there is one more important question left – we still didn’t mention, when is Garage Sale Day in 2022, according to the calendar. Every year people do all this in August when there is a second Saturday of the month. That is why every year the particular date changes. For example, in 2022 it will go for August 11, so maybe this year you will prepare something for sale in the year or will find some interesting thing to buy?


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