When is National Caramel Popcorn Day in 2020? – This question would seem a bit strange for a great amount of contemporary people. Why? – You see, the matter is that almost all modern men and women have never heard about this day existence in the calendar. Are you among them? – If your reply is positive, be attentive, please, because today we are going to discover this holiday in details for you.


Investigating the matter what day World Caramel Popcorn Day in 2020 is, we would like to represent our followers a great amount of various pieces of information. As the practice shows, our readers are rather curious people and most part of them is especially interested in historical background of any event.

Unfortunately, under these conditions, we haven’t managed to find out any facts available about the establishers as well as about the reasons to celebrate the special occasion on April 6th annually. There has been a point of view that initially this snack was nothing more but a successful marketing decision that came to the list of the most requested ones.

Caramel Popcorn

All in all, homeland of this snack should be considered Central America. Curiously, at first it was produced not from ordinary corn, but from a special kind of maize, bred 8 thousand years ago on the basis of a wild herbaceous theosinte plant. The maize grains had a starchy core and hard walls. When heated, the grains burst as a result of pressure.

Gradually, it became popular throughout the American continent. Everyone liked that it crunches and has a pleasant smell.

In 1885, Charles Cretor invented the first steam machine for making the snack. Now it could be done right on the spot. The car could be transported from one place to another. Aerial corn easily bypassed potato chips, which, unfortunately, could only be cooked in a kitchen or workshop.

By the end of that century, this yummy thing began to be sold in the US at every corner, especially in places of entertainment – in circuses, at fairs, at stadiums, almost everywhere, except the theaters, where it was not possible to buy any: Melpomene’s followers were so serious about their art and could not allow spectators to chew the snack from the package in front of the stage.

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What does National Caramel Popcorn Day mean? – To tell you the truth this question seems to be rather easy, but this is only at the first sight. Why? – The matter is that it is only you, who can reply it properly. It is rather personal and nobody is able to demonstrate you the prepared version. The only thing we know for sure, that there are people, who like this kind of snack, but at the same time there are a lot of those, who hate, finding it disgusting. Of course, tastes are different, that is why it is only up to you to decide whether to celebrate the special occasion or to forget completely about its existence.

By the way, have you heard that initially the product was not traded in cinemas? The places were considered to be strict institutions, and even in interiors they often “imitated” popular theaters, having a lot of chandeliers, chic carpets etc. everywhere. And the audience there was also wealthy and recognizable.

However, everything changed after 1927, when the first sound movies were introduced to public. Before that, only people who could read went there. Since that very moment the entertainment became available for all locals.

During the Great Depression, cinema became one of the most accessible and popular entertainment, the halls were always full. And the audience often entered the premise with a packet of the product, bought on the street.

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The minimum portion was only a few cents, and for $ 10 you could buy a whole bag! Manufacturers became rich quickly, as the demand for their goods was huge, and its cost was very low. Street vendors often put their trays in front of the doors of the cinemas. In the end, they were allowed to trade for a fee right in the foyer. And when in the mid-30s many institutions of that kind were on the edge of closure due to the economic crisis, the filmmakers finally decided to make the sale of the snack one of the articles of their income.


The answer to the question “When is International Caramel Popcorn Day 2020?” would be really incomplete without some additional clarifications and explanations. That is the reason why we want to represent you something really amazing.

Initially machines for making the product were installed in 80 cinemas in Dallas. At the same time, the five most fashionable film establishments refused to install the units. However, a couple of years later it turned out that profits there with the culture had grown significantly, and luxury institutions suffered losses. When they also began to sell it, the revenues equaled.

Popcorn safely survived World War II, when other delicacies were often inaccessible due to a deficiency of sugar. At the same time, half of all the maize produced in the country was sold through cinemas. Before the sessions, and often during them, they spun the snack advertising, reminding that it can be bought in the foyer.

The yummy industry began to experience a decline in the 50’s, when television appeared and people began spending their evenings at home instead of going to the movies. And it’s not easy to cook yummy at home: you need a special apparatus and ingredients. However, enterprising manufacturers brought on the market semi-finished products EZ Pop in containers, which you just needed to hold over the heat source.

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pancakes with Caramel Popcorn


When is Caramel Popcorn Day in 2020, calendar will inform you and this is not a problem, of course. The holiday is considered to be fixed and it is celebrated every year on April 6 all around the USA.

Well, as you perhaps understand there is no any universal way to spend this holiday properly. The event is non-official one that is why the local authorities hardly organize something special. So you are always free to have your own popcorn party. Frankly speaking, it is rather difficult to prepare the caramel one at home that is why in some cases it is recommended to combine the treating with watching the good movie in the nearest cinema.

International Caramel Popcorn Day Facts

It is impossible to give the proper answer to the question “What is the date of National Caramel Popcorn Day in 2020?” without some substantial additions.

In the 70’s, this operation was made even easier: microwaves appeared, and now it was enough to put a bag of oiled grains inside and press the button. Meanwhile, associations between eating popcorn and watching movies and programs were still strong, and popcorn and microwave vendors began recommending their products for “home cinema screenings.”

On bags with semi-finished products it was often pointed out that the composition includes exactly the same oil as in cinemas, and advertisement of this or that sort of popcorn was specially timed to the output of the next blockbuster.

Up to the present moment the tradition of eating popcorn during the film sessions has been preserved. It’s hard to resist the familiar attractive aroma in the foyer – and now the hand itself reaches for the wallet to buy a portion of delicacies, because it’s considered to be commonly accepted.

However, in America as well as in some other countries popcorn is also considered to be in the list of the most popular cultural national symbols.


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