Taking a nap is one of the most excellent things in the world, isn’t it? Who doesn’t like sleeping? There can’t be such a person! Of course, we’re free to close our eyes and travel to the dreamland not only at home in our much-loved bed but also almost anywhere we want. For example, on a bench in the park. Why not?

When is National Public Sleeping Day in 2020 and what are the risks of being awakened by the caring stranger? Read on!


As any weird made-up holiday, this one has not even the smallest clue on the point of its origin or the author of the idea. Well, then we’re left with talking about the sleeping itself!

No matter the fact that the sleep plays an important role in our lives, the average person doesn’t know much about it. It is not just eight hours that allow you to feel great (or not so) in the mornings but the whole range of the mechanisms that must go their own way. If the scheme goes wrong then say hello to insomnia or the frequent awakenings during the night that make the process less healthy.

Man sleeping in train

What is the point with insomnia? The scientists claim that the lack of the sleep can entail the wide range of the problems. In particular, when you spend less time in the bed, the wounds on your body heals slower while the immune system weakens. As a result, the organism could no longer resist the infections and viruses. Besides, you tend to get more sensitive to the pain. Thus, the experiments showed that the mice deprived of the sleep were more sensitive to the pain caused by the electric current than those who got enough sleep. On top of that, the patients with insomnia often have complaints about the pain in the muscles and the joints.

Having a good journey to the world of the dreams is also important for the psychic state of the humans. During the process, the brain collects all memories connecting them to the facts and skills obtained in the process of learning. This phenomenon improves our memory which certainly demonstrated that we do need to get a nice sleep on the eve of the important exam or the meeting. The brain is also self-purifies during the nights. When our eyes are closed, it gets rid of the toxins that are accumulated in the organism in the course of the day!

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When is International Public Sleeping Day 2020? Interestingly, it happens in the late winter which is obviously not the best time for taking a nap out of the house.

In a nutshell, the sleep is really significant part of the human operating system. We’re sure you haven’t even guessed about the following facts that we’re going to initiate you into.

  • The higher above the sea level you are, the higher the chances of catching the sleep malfunction. Probably, it is caused by the lack of the oxygen and the changes in the breathing. To get accustomed to the new height, the human needs at least two-three weeks!
  • The divorced people, the widowers, and single persons are more inclined to suffer from insomnia.
  • The majority of the adults needs from seven up to nine hours of sleep daily. Nevertheless, some of us are able to feel good after six hours spent in a bed. And some can’t get to work if they rested for less than ten hours. Yousee, it’sratherindividual.
  • The one thing is certain: all of us feel the tiredness and the sleepiness at the same time of the day – in around 2 pm and 2 am.
  • The decent nap is also important for the healthy lifestyle, on the same level with the healthy eating and the regular training sessions.

  • According to the international classifications of the sleep malfunctions, people who work at nights are more prone to the cardiovascular diseases and the gastrointestinal disturbances. The scientists are sure that the organism just can’t get used to the shifts at work.
  • The infant sleeps for fourteen-seventeen hours a day!
  • The scientists, alas, don’t know whether the animals have dreams like us.
  • People with the lack of the healthy nap tend to have more extra weight. That’s because of the decrease of the leptin which results in the overeating.

Regardless of what day World Public Sleeping Day in 2020 happens on, don’t underestimate the power of the mighty sleep!

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What does National Public Sleeping Day mean? It means taking the nap in any place you like.

For us, the good sleep is more significant than any other business. Can you understand the people that have not enough of the dreams because of the work? We can’t! If you didn’t have the decent amount of the night rest, the next day you would be just non-productive at all. And so unhappy! We’re against being sleepy because of the little hours the humans spend in their bed. That’s why we are for the public sleeping.

Why not sleeping in the public transport, for example? A good thing, indeed. Especially, if the road is long and you’re getting drowsy. Send your car to the repair and try to get to work by bus or on the subway – the lack of the sleep would be restored in a couple of days!

Of course, of the one falls into the dreamland right on the bench, they might receive the most serious examination of the police. Probably, you don’t feel well or drink too much the other day… But you can easily convince them that you’re okay except for the thirty minutes you need to close your eyes on in order to feel even better.

But no country in the world forbids the public sleeping which obviously means that it’s allowed. So why not using the opportunities? The short nap in the public transport, in the waiting areas, in the line at the hospital – if it doesn’t make inconveniences to the people around, it is absolutely okay to sleep for half an hour even in front of the crowd!

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What is the date of National Public Sleeping Day 2020? It takes place on February 28.

 Women sleeping


The sleep is the state of the rest that occurs to the animals and the humans in the certain periods of time and is accompanied by the decrease of the organism’s functioning. It is the necessity of every living creature on this planet, without exception.

In the culture of many countries, the sleeping outside of the house is quite unusual. Probably, on the beaches or in the parks, it’s okay to lay on the sand or the grass and close the eyes for a couple of minutes. However, there is a country that encourages the sleep among the crowd. It is Japan. There is an interesting phenomenon in this state that is translated from the Japanese as “to be present and sleep”. In a word, it is the practice of taking a nap in the public places (such as the transport, meetings, working place). It is encouraged because it demonstrates that the person doesn’t have enough sleep at home and works a lot. But there are still some rules. First, the person can sleep but they must show that they are involved in the processes that are happening around them at the same time. Second, the boss can take a nap in front of the employees but it doesn’t work the other way around. The hierarchy, you know.


So why not follow the example of the good old Japan and taking a nap right in front of your neighbor, friend, colleague, stranger, and teacher? But let’s make it clear – no more than thirty minutes! Besides, it is the perfect amount of times that the average human needs to restore the energy supplies.

International Public Sleeping Day Facts

  • The human is the only mammal that can revel in the sleeping process willingly.

Mark in the calendar, when is Public Sleeping Day in 2020, and… just go to the dreamland!


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