We all have an addiction to something or somebody. Art, museums, theaters, music, handsome boys and pretty girls – those are the variants. Today, we are discussing one of such addictions connected with food. Americans are famous for their addiction to unusual dishes and fast food. Therefore, it is not surprising that one of the most favorite treats for them is the corn dog. In addition, it is also heard outside the USA. But how did the Corn-Dog appear in American cuisine? Why does it have such a strange name? Letโ€™s find out when is National Corndog Day in 2020?

Before the start of the holiday:

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The global observance is held on 21th of March yearly. The main purpose is to celebrate the holiday by visiting fairs and festivals with much delicious food. The authors are Brady Sahnow and Henry Otley, fine guys from Oregon, Corvallis who invented the day in 1992. Every 5 years the festival was improved and expanded over the U.S. states.



Well, as it was told above, the story of the creation is involuntary and breathtaking. In 1992, 2 guys from Oregon state decided to create a festival dedicated to cereal cuisine and basketball. They thought it would be a nice opportunity to let people free their minds and delve into the delicious world full of corn and dog. First festivals were informal and hadnโ€™t such a success in the USA. Over time, it began to expand and some sponsors like Livingston, Foster Farms were found. In 1997, about 133 fairs in 18 U.S. states were held within the thousands of visitors coming to try the stuff. Yearly, many sponsors came to promote the N.C.D. and get some profit from the advertisement and the success was coming fast. In 2008, 4000 parties on 5 continents were held within 1.000.000 sold corndogs. Only in 2012, the corn dog day became a National holiday with world recognition. So, now you have a nice representation what day World Corndog Day in 2020 will be and we want to discuss the history of the product ingredient – the corn.

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The homeland of cereal is Central and South America, where it has been cultivated since ancient times. Scientists suggest it is the oldest bread plant of the earth. This is evidenced by the fact that scientists found corn cobs, dating back to the 5th millennium BC during archaeological excavations in Peru.

In the 1950s, in the valley of the Rio Grande, Mexico, at a depth of 70 m, archaeologists discovered 750 cobs of cereal. The cobs were strikingly different from the cobs of modern varieties: small, the grains are tiny, covered with leaves only by 1/3. It indicates an earlier cultivation of corn; some scientists claim that this corn was grown about 10 thousand years ago.


What doesย  National Corndog Day mean was somehow discussed above and now we will deepen our knowledge. Firstly, what does it look like? Corn-dog is like an eskimo ice cream. In fact, the dish is a sausage, fried in a corn dough. In order to be convenient in consumption, it is put on a stick. The dish is considered a type of fast food, so it is mainly sold on the streets and fairs in small shops and trailers. It is incredibly delicious food. This stuff is the main competitor to hot dogs, because it is also quickly prepared, does not require using cutlery, and is always fresh and hot. Many Americans often prefer it for its aromatic and flavor properties. Secondly, you should visit fairs and festivals organized yearly in every U.S. state or other continents to feel the atmosphere and taste of the holiday. We suggest visiting a festival in Texas as it remains the most grandiose and biggest one the world. Thousands of stuff trailers and visitors walking through the field and capturing the moment by photos. The entrance fee is $15 that will bring you millions of memories. Grab your friends and relatives to improve the time spending. So, understanding when is International Corndog Day 2020 will help you to reach the happiness.


We have discussed almost all the aspects to identify the holiday and its origin. Now we are turning back to definite the day completely. In America, cereal is called maize as it was given by the ancient Maya. It is known the Maya cultivated several varieties of maize, among which was a variety of maize-early ripening “Canticle of the Rooster”. This variety ripened 2 months after emergence. The “Maize-girl” variety ripened in 3 months. Maya cultivated late-ripening variety, the maturation of which required 6-7 months.

In Europe, maize was introduced in 1496 by C. Columbus after his return from the second journey to the shores of America. In our country, maize is called cereal.

So, N.C.D. 2020 is an opportunity to try probably the tastiest fast food walking through beautiful parks of America and enjoying the life. Simultaneously, it is a chance to improve your life by communicating with other visitors and participants. Navigate yourself by #CorndogDay2020 hashtag and photos in social media. Use the calendar to find out what is the date of National Corndog Day 2020 and visit the event.

Homemade Corndogs


Tradition has a strange property to counterbalance the good and evil, smooth out, reconcile contradictions. The rejection of tradition โ€” even in the name of freedom โ€” results in the abolition of the human community norms, the destruction of more or less acceptable forms of social behavior. N.C.D. is a nice example of such process. Yearly, many cities organize fairs and festivals which are visited by millions of people. The main tradition is to spend your time with a corn dog stuff in your hand either at home or outside. Moreover, itโ€™s a nice opportunity to find out some new recipes for the dish staying at home. You can make a party inviting your friends and colleagues to improve your communication skills within the well spent time.

ย International Corndog Day Facts

  • It remains unknown who is the inventor of the corn-dog. Moreover, many experts believe the creation does not belong to the Americans. However, according to some information, this dish was once patented. It happened in 1929, but broad recognition about the corn-dog appeared much later. This happened in 1947 when the recipe for cooking dishes was published by the authoritative newspaper The New York Times.
  • Sausage on a stick in a corn dough is one of the most favorite delicacies of Americans. In many respects this is due to it is very nutritious and consists of simple ingredients. It’s definitely worth it!
  • Corn can give almost all the nutrients to the human body, so some people eat only corn and feel good. Grains of cereal contain vitamins, micro-elements, protein, fats, and carbohydrates, far exceeding beans in nutrition value. With the constant use, human health improves significantly.
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In conclusion, eat tasty food and feel fine. Donโ€™t forget to check when is Corndog Day in 2020, with the calendar.


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