Every independent country has got its own Constitution. This document is the most important law of the country. It defends people’s rights and freedoms. Another government laws comply with its points. The formation of the Constitution means the beginning of the history of country’s independence. When is Constitution Day in 2021? There is no strict date for each country but the celebrations are very similar to each other. If a person wants to visit the festival, he should choose a country.

Constitution Day

Backgrounds of Constitution Day in America

The second name of the holiday is Citizenship Day. American citizens and the visitors observe this day every year. The beginning of the story goes to the 19th century. In 1787 in Philadelphia there was a meeting of delegated men. They came to an agreement concerning the rules of life and collaboration of American people.

These representatives signed the Convention. It was directed to set the common rules of behavior of citizens and those people who want to become an American. It was generated to confirm the equal rights and responsibilities of all the people in the country. Thus, it took into account all possible interests of the formed states. It also defended each man as a unit.

Providing such a document people signed its last variant, which was the most suitable for every representative, on 17, September. If you write the request “When is Constitution Day in 2021”, you will get the information about the mentioned date.

The main participants of that event were Benjamin Franklin and Alexander Hamilton, George Washington though “a Father of the Constitution” is considered to be James Madison. That man played a great role in creating the Bill of Rights.

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According to the routine of confirming the laws it should be approbated in all the states. The USA consisted of 13 parts for that time and every state needed to use the rules accurately. Thus, the next summer, on 21, June, the representatives of 9 states approved the Constitution.

This holiday wasn’t always celebrated on 17, September. At first a few people used to celebrate the day. In 1939 one American newspaper owner W.R.Hearst proposed to accept a date for the Citizenship holiday. He had great authority so the next years the problem was solved and the Americans got a new national holiday, “I’m an American Day”. It was set on the 3rd Sunday of May. Later the day was replaced by Citizenship Day. It happened in 1952. Four years later the government decided to make an annual week celebration of the Constitution signing. The beginning of that week was set on 17, September.

The last changes were made only in 2004. That year it was decided to set a strict date of celebrating the historical event and to join the Citizenship Day to the date. The exception is when a date coincides with the day-off. The festival is shifted to the nearest weekday (Friday or Monday). If a visitor doesn’t want to miss the festival in 2021, he should find the information in the internet with a request “What day Constitution Day in 2021”. The observance will be on 17, September though the original date will be on Sunday.

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Constitution Day 2017 in America

Interesting facts of the day

Taking into account the complicated process of government and state history some interesting facts of the Constitution formation should be mentioned. The main points are:

  1. The Constitution of the USA is the shortest and oldest document of that type in the world. It consists of more than 4000 words. The longest Constitution belongs to Alabama, one of the American states. It has more than 340 000 words. In the Indian main document there are 117 000 words.
  2. There are a lot of errors in the Constitution. It means there was no spelling checking. One of the most curious mistake concerns the name of one of the American States, Pensylvania.
  3. A lot of delegates signed the Constitution but only two of them became the Presidents of the American States. They were G.Washington and J.Madison.
  4. The goal of the Convention was to determine the way of developing of the political system. In spite of the governmental speeches about the democratic type of the country the creators of the Constitution declared the danger of the democracy for the country. Thus, the USA was declared as the republic, nowadays it is confirmed by electing system. People don’t vote themselves but express their opinion through their representatives.
  5. Originally the Constitution didn’t contain the Bill of Rights. It was joined only four years later.
  6. The discussion lasted more than three months during a great heat. The delegates let themselves to have only 10 days-off for that period. They wanted to save the secret of the Convention, so all the doors and windows were tightly closed.

What is the date of Constitution Day 2021? It is on the 17th day of September.

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Constitution Day

The traditions of celebrating

Though the holiday got the strict date some years ago, it has developed the main structure of celebrating. Each governmental building raises the national flag on this day. The President of the United States of America makes an official speech to his nationals. It is an ordinary thing to commemorate that historical event in the educational establishments. There are a lot of church services across the whole country. People don’t have a day-off through all the states.

Many of the cities have their own festivals. The program is set by the local authorities. It is significant that every American University has different lectures on the topic. They make different concerts and charitable exhibitions.

The governmental support is expressed in giving funds to the educational establishment in purpose of promoting the importance of the date, involving Americans to commemoration process.

The significant role of Constitution Day is seen throughout the whole world. Norway has this day on 17, May. Indian people celebrate the event on 26, November. The 6th of December is the Constitution Day in Spain. If you want to know the American date, write in the internet “When is Constitution Day in 2021, calendar USA?”


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