In the contemporary world there are many ways to decorate our body. Creams, powders, lipsticks, mascara, rouge and liners are always available for modern ladies. All these things can be quite different: cheap and expensive, bad and of perfect quality. But what about the special celebration for all these items? Have you ever heard about such kind of leisure activity? For example, can you answer the question “When is National Lipstick Day in 2022?” immediately and without thinking? – As a rule people both men and women are not able to do this.

However, please, donโ€™t worry, we will help you and remind that this special occasion can be kept on July 29.


All in all when is Lipstick Day in 2022, calendar will remind you without any troubles and difficulties. And we canโ€™t but mention that will be on Monday this year, just at the beginning of the week.

But would you like to know the historical background of this special occasion? โ€“ As a rule this knowledge helps to understand the situation properly.

National Lipstick Day

We have been trying to do everything possible, but unfortunately, we havenโ€™t managed to discover who its establisher was. However, the existence of this special occasion seems to be a perfect reason to celebrate something unusual and amazing.

It is believed that the first people, who began to paint their lips, lived in Mesopotamia. It happened 5000 years ago, and the lipstick was used both by women and men. In general in the heyday of the Mesopotamian civilization, fashion was unusually popular. Locals preferred to have a large selection of outfits, the level of hygiene was great enough. They treated the hair and nails, and, of course, they used perfumes and cosmetics.

They stored lipsticks in special beautiful caskets and applied it to the lips with special brushes. For its manufacture inhabitants of Mesopotamia crushed various precious and semiprecious stones in dust.

Fashion for make-up was very popular with the ancient Egyptians. They put their eyebrows in black, they painted their eyelids. There have been suggestions that the purposes of the Egyptians, when using cosmetics, were not only aesthetic, but also protective. Cosmetics protected the skin of the Egyptians from the scorching sun and the wind of the desert. In addition, it was still used for ritual and magical purposes. The Egyptians loved to use bright red lipstick, this emphasized their aristocratic status. The Egyptians often used very poisonous substances to achieve a bright color of their lips, and that was extremely bad for their health. Only in the course of time, those people learned how to extract carmine from beetles, and using this pigment created lipsticks, coloring the lips with scarlet and rather saturated hint.


What does National Lipstick Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is impossible to give a definite answer to this question, as it depends on the individual preferences of every woman. Some ladies donโ€™t like these cosmetics, but others are not able to imagine their like life without it.

Do you know that on average, an American woman spends around $ 15,000 for make-up throughout her life? 1780 goes for the lipstick purchasing. Do you find this sum to be very high? – In fact, it is not! Why we are so sure about it? – Believe you or not, the sum of $ 1,780 is hardly enough for even one lipstick, recognized as the most expensive on the planet, which costs 62,000 dollars.

Today, lipstick is used by almost all women, and even quite conservative ones. And a great part of them is ready to answer the question โ€œWhen is International Lipstick Day 2022?โ€ Why? โ€“ Because most of them would be rather glad to celebrate this special occasion. And earlier only feminists came out to public with bright scarlet lips. By the way later lipstick was recognized as one of the most feminine makeup products.

From Egypt, as from a country with an unusually high level of development of science and culture of the ancient world, lipstick moved to Greece, and from there to Rome. Then the opponents started to talk everywhere about the presence of poisonous pigments. However, despite all the warnings, in ancient Greece and Rome continued to use it and the popularity of this cosmetic product was unusually high.

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The fashion trends in make-up are considered to be rather changeable, but lipstick will remain far in the 21st century as it was many years ago. This kind of cosmetics is really able to change the appearance of every lady. For example, can anyone imagine sexy Merlin Monroe, beautiful Dita von Teese or adorable Gwen Stefani without their famous scarlet lips? The hint of their lipsticks becomes something like a legend.

The specialists and beauticians recommend all ladies to use lipstick, and especially the classic red, despite all the contemporary trends. It is proved that it makes the women’s face more attractive. The studies of Manchester University say that the modern men prefer to look at girls with lipstick longer than to shy women with naked lips. According to the statistics, red lipstick attracts men for 7.3 seconds on average, pink – for 6.7 seconds, and on ladies lipstick they look only 2.2 seconds not more.


The answer to the question: โ€œWhat is the date of Lipstick Day 2022?โ€ has been already received, but do you know, how to celebrate this special occasion properly?

National Lipstick Day

Frankly speaking, there are no any definite customs, explaining, how to do it in a good way. Perhaps the best way to celebrate it is to go shopping, of course. If you are a lady, you know probably, that there are never enough lipsticks in our cosmetic bag. However, if you are a guy, why not to make a perfect gift for your partner?

Some ladies prefer to organize the special parties, the only rule of which is to cover the lips with as bright and saturated paint as it is possible. You can also take a plenty of different photos and selfie during this special occasion.

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The famous beauty saloons have various thematic lectures this day. And you get the opportunity to get the professional recommendations from experienced specialists and stylists. It seems to be a perfect way to celebrate this holiday in 2022.

Lipstick Day Facts

So you have already known, what day National Lipstick Day in 2022 is, but now we are going to bring to your attention to eight facts about this cosmetic remedy.

Some of them are really amazing even for those, who discover this question in detail.

  • In Ancient Greece, lips were painted only by representatives of the first ancient profession. Ordinary women never did it.
  • Have you ever heard that George Washington, the first US president, used lipstick in order to look better in public?
  • During World War II when the manufacture of all cosmetics was banned in Britain, Winston Churchill made an exception only for lipstick. That famous man was sure that it increased the population morale.
  • Elizabeth Taylor was really fond of red lipstick. She even demanded her characters to have red lips in all her films.
  • Believe you or not but the most popular products on the cosmetic market are not the red lipsticks, and even not the pink ones, but the colorless balms.
  • The specialists have already noted that the sales of lipsticks in beauty shops always increase on cloudy and rainy days.


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