Public lands are the national heritage of each country as every state is trying to defend and save the territory history. The government provides its residents with opportunities of participating in the locally organized events to preserve and commemorate the nationโ€™s patrimony. In the US, the โ€˜Tree armyโ€™ that worked from 1933-1942 is considered as a national hero and government try to follow the traditions of the country. Yearly, companies all over the world gather and donate sums for this event to advertise the products and share the idea with the whole planet. Though the day remains celebrated only in the US, the fame reached the worldwide acceptance. So, letโ€™s find out when is National Public Lands Day in 2024?

The global observance is held on September 26thย and on the last day of the month yearly. The main purpose of the day is to preserve and protect America’s National heritage and a fee-free opportunity for all visitors to go hiking, camping, exploring public lands is provided. Many events are held yearly so that participation is expected. The creation belongs to the government of the US since 1992.

Public Lands Day


As it was told above, the creation refers to the Cabinet of the USA and National Environmental Education Foundation. Truly, the history of NPLD dates back to more than 30 years, when land workers faced the problem of investors breaking into the market to purchase the locations. In 1994, the project was launched with the help of 800 volunteers and 3 federal agencies. Year by year, the notoriety of NPLD has been reaching bigger audiences and in 1998 the first event for 100.000 participants was organized. Thousands of volunteers, workers, and civil servants took part to follow national traditions. In a couple of years, a preview of National Parks was featured and sent to each Americaโ€™s Park on DVD. Many communities were created and sponsored by big companies to promote this idea. In 2001, Stallone, Shakira, Schwarzenegger, and Statham took part and joined the community. To better understand what day National Public Lands Day in 2024 is, key features should be discussed.

Since the creation, the day has been considered as a fee-free day which allows visiting, camping, hiking, boating, and enjoying the lands. Take part in the action to come closer and to be provided with all the historical details.


What does National Public Lands Day mean? First, search more about the day and its details on the Internet or by visiting libraries. Many outstanding legends are stored in books so the opportunity is free. Secondly, come up with the plan for NPLD by asking friends and relatives to decide what to do. Thirdly, donโ€™t neglect the idea of visiting National Parks as it intensifies your patriotic feelings and increases your love of country. Fourthly, join the created communities to stay up-to-date by checking the news and propositions of the founders. Subscribe to YouTube, Facebook, and twitter channels to bear in mind the upcoming events.

NPLD gives a clear-cut idea of the main purpose. The day means people should give a feedback to nature by spending a day outdoors. Coworkers, friends, and students gather to pick up trash, maintain trails, and pull invasive species. The value is joint amusement which unites people to globalize and become good-natured. So, these facts help to memorize when is National Public Lands Day in 2024.


State property includes lands which are prohibited from damage, destroy, deformation, and steal. Federal Law of the US delivered a judgment of the local communitiesโ€™ possibility to enter the lands and organize some events. It means NPLD is an exception to the US Law which allows you to behold, enjoy, and commemorate the process. The legal features should be discussed in details. The Institute of Property Rights is one of the most significant and most protected legal institutions in the US. The 14th Amendment to the US Constitution establishes that no state has the right to “deprive anyone of life, liberty or property without a breach of the law.”

“Property can be defined as the exclusive right to own, use, and dispose of things or rights of economic value.” In the United States, the concept of property is identical to the notion of ownership.

The classical definition of property rights is constantly being criticized, and many scientists are trying to give their definition of ownership and land property. Simultaneously, the classical triad of powers: possession, use, disposal, and revealing the notion of property rights, remains dominant.

So, stay up-to-date to remember what is the date of National Public Lands Day 2024.

Public Lands


Each country and nationality have traditions and rules. The USA is a perfect representative as its government maintains the event conditions by sponsoring, editing, and structuring national holidays. Having NPLD, the main tradition is to join the following channels via social media and maintain the activity by posting photos and videos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Each photo and video help the day to become worldwide. Since 2009, Public Land Hiking became the commonest activity among visitors due to its length. It bundles camping, fishing, and boating. However, participants have to be well equipped and practiced. Also, a camping anthem is reserved for hiking as it takes 4 days and there is no recourse but to create songs. When a foreigner visits the USA on NPLD, itโ€™s necessary to remember about respect and esteem to all the residents while participating in the event together.

In 2012, the biggest boating championship on NPLD was held. Three hundred participants were striving for victory. The event was sponsored by Toyota Inc. and Google. So, itโ€™s a nice opportunity to join the community in 2024 by visiting National Parks and public lands to follow the traditions of the holiday. Many emotions, feelings, and memories are free to get.

International Public Lands Day Facts

  • Public lands take 35% of the overall territory value.
  • In 2024, one of the biggest events throughout history will be held. Many celebrities, artists, scientists, and actors will participate in the event.
  • In 2007, the goal of the day was set. Participants had to plant 1.7 million plants in 10 hours. The mission seems to be impossible, but it was done in 8 hours with the help of 300.000 people.
  • There are 250.000 square kilometers of public lands free to visit, enjoy, and behold.

To sum up, NPLD is a nice opportunity to get closer to nature and make a feedback by polishing and pulling it. Thousands of participants gather yearly to form a community and delve into a hiking, fishing, boating, or camping world. Subscribe to NPLD channels and maintain the activity by posts. Check up the history and always bear in mind when is National Public Lands Day in 2024, through the calendar.


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