In the contemporary world there is a great amount of various holidays. Some of them are much popular, others โ€“ less. But, frankly speaking, we havenโ€™t heard about the significant part of them. For example, do you know what day National Lasagna Day in 2022 is? Unfortunately, usually people are not able to answer this question immediately, and even after the thinking, they still hesitate as to the proper reply.

That is the reason why we are going to discuss this matter in details. This dish is really rather famous all over the planet and deserves its own day of celebration.


When is Lasagna Day in 2022, calendar is able to tell even the most absent-minded person. We will remind you not to forget about the date of July 29. That is really a big day, when you can eat as much of your favorite dish as you like and want.

National Lasagna Day

But this familiar dish hasn’t always been like have used to see and to eat it.ย  Not everybody knows that the lasagna ancestor was nothing more than rather flat and round bread made from wheat flour. Initially this cake was baked by the ancient Greeks and had a bit different name. They called it โ€œlaganonโ€.

However, the Romans, who later took this kind of bread from their neighbors, started to cut it into relatively thin strips and called in a different way again. – “Lagani”, which sounded like โ€œlaganonโ€ in the plural.

We should also mention that until now, on some Italian territories, for example, in Calabria, a rather wide and at the same time flat paste, known throughout the world as a โ€œtagliatelleโ€, is called โ€œlaganaโ€ again. But we shouldn’t forget about the existence of another etymological version. In this case “lasagna” historically comes from the Greek rather popular world โ€œlasanonโ€ and can be translated into English like “pot oven”.

After that the Romans took the word again and turned it into a โ€œlasanumโ€. However, they called in such a way all the tools, used for this dish cooking. And only gradually, this name went to the dish itself.

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What does National Lasagna Day mean? All in all modern lasagna is a few layers of dried, and then cooked or baked wheaten dough, interspersed with various fillings – from minced meat to vegetable or mushroom ragout. The dish is sprinkled with grated cheese and baked in the oven.

And although today it is considered that the lasagna is a true representative of Italian cuisine, the British as well as the Scandinavians are trying to take its ancestry. The version of English origin is based on the fact that it is rather similar to the local dish, which is known like “loseyns” and pronounced “lazan”. It existed at the court of King Richard II in the 14th century.

The Englishmen assure that the original recipe of the lasan could be found in one of the first English cookbooks “Forme of Cury”, which is stored in the British Museum. Such bold and arrogant assertion has touched the Italians, their embassy in London even hastened to make a statement: “Regardless of how this ancient English dish was called, it certainly was not the lasagna that we are doing nowadays.” Yes, Italians are very jealous when it comes to national cuisine.

However, they hardly reacted to the Scandinavians when they heard the story about the times of the Vikings, from whose kitchen the “langkake” dish moved to the modern Scandinavian dish, which really looks like lasagna and consists of bread cakes interlaced with meat sauce and cheese. Apparently, we should not pay attention to this version either.

Taking into attention all the information mentioned above, we should come to the very interesting conclusion. โ€“ The question โ€œWhen is International Lasagna Day 2022?โ€ can be answered in this part of the world as well.

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At the very beginning we should mention that modern and so famous lasagna is thought to be among the popular in the world dishes, belonging to delicious Italian cuisine. It has been able to gain the love of many inhabitants of the Earth. And, as a rule, it draws the great attention from the first piece. And that is the main reason, why it is recommended to know and to remember the answer to the question โ€œWhen is National Lasagna Day in 2022?โ€ You see, it is a perfect opportunity to eat something tasty and to enjoy it without a twinge of conscience, so we shouldnโ€™t miss this chance, of course.

It is necessary to mention that the very first written documented of so-called Italian lasagna recipe was got from the anonymous manuscript of 14th-century, which was found by specialists in the vicinity of Naples. The manuscript was called Liber de coquina, translated like “Culinary Book” into English. According to this recipe, in the so distant Middle Ages lasagna was cooked into the following way: dough sheets were boiled in water and then sandwiched with various kinds of ground spices and cheese, which had to be grated. The most popular spices are salt, pepper and a bit of sugar. In some case an unusual combination of cloves, saffron, nutmeg and cinnamon was taken.


Italian food has always been at a premium among all the inhabitants of the planet. It’s not surprising, because it’s hard to find someone who does not like such Italian dishes as pasta, pizza and lasagna. A variety of cooking variants, a combination with various products can meet the wishes of even the most demanding connoisseurs of delicious and substantial food.

National Lasagna Day

So you have already known the answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of Lasagna Day in 2022?โ€, but do you know how to celebrate it properly?

Of course, the best idea will be to cook this tasty dish and to organize a real party for yourself, your family members, friends or even colleagues from work. As it has been mentioned above there is a great amount of lasagna recipes, and you can choose any, depending on your own taste and individual preferences, but, please, pay attention to that fact that the lasagna is served only when it is hot. This dish is often sprinkle with greens and chopped herbs on the top, but not obligatory. In some cases you can take it served with any green salads. As a rule, this representative of Italian cuisine is pretty good with white dry wines. Usually, lasagna is served with a piece of square shape and eaten with a knife and fork, being cut into smaller pieces.

Lasagna Day Facts

A modern version of lasagna is made of six layers of dough. Each layer is filled with mushrooms, vegetables, minced meat and at the end, sprinkle with grated cheese on top of the last layer. Donโ€™t forget to put a few pieces of butter before baking it in the oven.

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In the olden days, lasagna was prepared in special frying pans without any handles. In the pan of that kind, several layers of thin dough were laid. They alternated with stew and parmesan cheese. Then the parts of the future dish were put in the frying pan and into the oven.

In the case you want to make your lasagna more attractive or even beautiful, some cooks prefer to use mashed spinach adding it on the top. In such a way the lasagna turned to be bright green.

The most common way to prepare this tasty thing is to pre-cook the dough sheets, then to put the layers of fillings, to pour some necessary sauce and to bake carefully in the oven. It will be really delicious.

The dough used to make lasagne is the same as that used for making all other types of pasta. The only difference is represented by the form.


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