When is Lineman Appreciation Day in 2020? Well, to tell you the truth it is not easy to reply this question without any prompts, given from the other sides, under the conditions you are not in this profession or don’t have any relatives, working in this sphere. To make the situation clear we have made the decision to discover the direction in details.


Such matter as what day World Lineman Appreciation Day in 2020 is, need to be discovered in details. Under most conditions the directions devoted to the historical background of the event are of great demand.

The profession appeared together with the worldwide telegraph using. It happened in the 1840s. Why did people need these specialists? – The matter is that nowadays the existing lines of telegraph had to be arranged on high trees or the various constructions. At the first sight, it wasn’t very difficult in fact, however, as the special wooden poles were taken as the preferred method. All in all, the contemporary definition was given only for those representatives, who installed wooden poles and pulled a wire afterwards. In the course of time, the term mentioned above continued its history after the phone invention, which was the very beginning of electrification era.

Lineman Appreciation Day

Unfortunately, we can’t but mention the contemporary electricity job was believed to be much more dangerous than the dealing with telegraph or telephone. – Why? – You see, this happened because of the significant risk of getting electrocution. In the period between the second part of the 1890s and in the first half of the 1930s, the occupation mentioned above was in the list of the most dangerous ones. This fact led to the foundation of the special movement of labor unions, which represented the employee and dictated the rules concerning the safety of people mentioned above. It also caused to the special program establishment and the stricter safety rules beginning. It happened in the second part of late 1930s. For example, in the USA the union was organized and led by the specialists called Henry Miller. Up to the present moment, it is known well that in 1890 this person was even elected to the post president of Electric Wiremen and Linemen Union, called American Labor Federation.

Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to find out why we have to celebrate the special occasion on April 18th annually. The names of establishers are unknown as well.


What does National Lineman Appreciation Day mean? These professional electricians of relay protection and automation work, as a rule, as part of a brigade under the guidance and supervision of the manufacturer of the work, represented by an experienced mentor. Sole work is entrusted only to highly qualified specialists in individual cases.

Under the definite conditions the specialists may be employed at the regime energy companies. In this case they have a clear working schedule, control and supervision. All activities are planned, accounted for, and documented by employee records. Every equipment check is recorded and passports are filled out. The papers are stored in the records management.

All in all there have been not many people, who are involved into this profession. Up to the present moment, it is considered to be rare, not the typical one all around the planet.


As you perhaps understand the question “When is International Lineman Appreciation Day 2020?” needs some additional clarifications and explanations.

All in all, The lineman is a representative of the popular nowadays profession, which is sometimes called a lineworker, a powerline technician (PLT in abbreviation) or powerline worker. In fact, it is a person who creates and controls power transmission as well as distribution facilities. In general, this term is also well-known as a definition for a person, usually a man, who installs and supplies the various kinds of lines (telephone, telegraph, cable TV and more modern fiber-optic).

In accordance with the contemporary experts’ points of view, the term refers only to people, who work outdoors, installing and maintaining the lines. Why? – The explanation is quite simple in fact, in practice those men, who usually install and maintain the cables indoors are called electricians.


When is Lineman Appreciation Day in 2020, calendar will remind everybody without any additional trouble and difficulties. Those who remember the day of its celebration on April 18th will get a perfect opportunity to celebrate something really terrific. In general you can use this holiday to congratulate every person who works in this sphere.

All in all, in accordance with the specialists’ points of view, there is such a profession in the power production, the representatives of which protect people and equipment from short circuits and other faults in the electrical circuit. This work is considered to be difficult, highly paid and prestigious. As a rule, this sphere is chosen only by persistent, purposeful and competent people, who, in the course of time, become the real masters in this sphere.

Of course, as you can perhaps understand, there are no any official celebrations devoted this day. The local authorities usually do not choose this day from the variety of other professional occasions. That is why, under the case you are going to celebrate, you are free to invent something special for yourself. As a rule, people prefer to organize a party with festive table or just some bakery or cakes.


International Lineman Appreciation Day Facts

Discovering the question “What is the date of National Lineman Appreciation Day in 2020?” we would like to represent our readers a great amount of various amazing pieces of information. Today we are going to talk about the ways of obtaining this specialization by people who want to be involved.

In fact it is possible to acquire this specialty even after graduation from a technical school, which gives the right to go to work in energy organizations for electricians. In the personnel department of the company will pay attention to:

health    status; recommendations,    characteristics from places of study or previous work; assigned    specialty training center, the resulting rank.

The specialist of this category needs a physically fit body and good eyes for the following things:

  • transformer load devices, portable tools weigh a lot. They have to constantly move;
  • the contacts of the relays, microcircuits, semiconductor elements are very small, they need to be inspected all the time, and the lighting conditions are often poor.

A lot of work is connected with reading technical literature, working through electrical circuits. The load on the vision is added by computer programs that need to be used to test modern complex protections or to evaluate the metrological characteristics of electrical measuring instruments.

The personnel department usually sends the applicant to the conversation to the leadership of the service for the formation of the final conclusion. During a personal conversation the person is asked questions related to the upcoming activities, the immediate tasks are clarified.

The specialty has to be mastered from the lowest category, each time confirming it with high-quality daily work and timely passing exams, which are common in the power system: too much responsibility.


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