Every country needs protection for itself and its citizens. And every country protects itself by its own and searches facilities for it where it can. That is why all people of their native country have a right and a rule to protect it at the time when it is necessary. The people, who are always on guard of the order are called the army. It exists in every country and usually for all young men it is a must to try it and be ready to protect the country. In the article further, we will speak about a holiday, which is dedicated to the birthday if the USA army. We will know, what do people celebrate and when is National Guard Birthday in 2019.


So, to begin the story and all the descriptions of the holiday and celebrations itself, it is important to talk first about the history of the holiday. Certainly, we all understand, that presence of Army in the country is an important thing, but not all people believe, that it is a holiday to celebrate its existence. All in all, when the Guard has only been born, it was totally unlike we see and know it now. It went through a lot of difficulties and by nowadays it turned into a community, which has huge human and equipment resources and is able to protect all their people, living in the borders of the country.

National Guard Birthday 2017

So, it all began more than 400 years ago in far 1630s. Till that year the Guard hasnโ€™t existed as a formal organization. But then a Declaration has been signed, where it has been mentioned that all men of a particular age and state of health are obliged to join the Army in order to be ready to protect the country whenever it will be required. As we can see, the same rule and state of things have been prevented till modern times and most countries keep to the same law at their places. Some people enjoy it, others do not, but still it works and this rule makes all people be able to protect their families and close people.

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What does Guard Birthday mean? We have already decided, that it is a day when the National Army has been officially declared more than 400 years ago. From that time its birthday is celebrated and all people know, what day National Guard Birthday in 2019 is. The Birthday is celebrated on December 13 every year for all these 380 years. Particularly Massachusetts became the first state, which officially declared their Army under that law, though there were other states, which had their own protection and were not interested in having other forms of the militia.

Under that law, it has been declared, that every person of male gender after the age of 16 years old must to join the army and become a soldier. A man must be totally healthy and do not have any problems of the kind. In such a way the government wanted to make the freedom and life of the citizens more protected in all spheres, inside the country, and outside its borders too. With this declaration, they made all young men be strong enough and owning a range of special preparation to become a real soldier just in case. It was an important step in the life and development of the country.

Nowadays all soldiers know, when is national Guard Birthday 2019. It is an important day for all, who joined the army someday and took part in it all. Those, who served the army, had special preparation, where they all were taught how to behave on a war or any other armed conflict and how to protect yourself and other people. Real men are grown up there. They come there just after schools or colleges and turn into soldiers, brave and strong. Many teenagers do not want to go there and lose their time, but everybody must think soberly and about things in real life and how the army can help it all.

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So, as we have already defined, National Guard Birthday is a holiday, which commemorates the declaration of the US Army about 400 years ago. From that time it is celebrated every year with obligatory traditions. Though a lot of things changed, concerning it all from the very beginning, they became only better. The army all in all is divided into several so-called parts. The first pair contains usual soldiers, who protect the country within its borders. Also, there is a special department, which protects people from different natural disasters. And there is also a special division too, which is located in other countries and protects their country outside the borders.

This division in such a way has been planned for a long time, many people took part in the negotiations and it all is not just because. The division has reasonable arguments, also all the soldiers from all these parts are trained differently. Their preparations differ; they pass various special programs in order to be qualified in their sphere of work. This point is very important because only in such a way these people are able to protect the country day and night at the very high level, sp that all people are totally sure in their action at any situation.

National Guard Birthday


Usual traditions of this holidayโ€™s celebrations include certainly cutting a birthday cake! Though it may sound childish for someone, it is a really good a symbolic traditions, which helps people to recall their history and to remember the importance of this day for their lives even in present times. Also as a usual, this day includes official ceremonies, where the heads of the Guard in their states lead the ceremonies, make special speeches and etc. It all looks festive and many preparations are made to make it all go right, as it is very important for both the country and all people, taking part there and who know, what is the date of National Guard Birthday 2019.

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National Guard Birthday Facts

This holiday is not only important for people, but it is very interesting. Many things are made in a special way, differently every year if possible, in order to interest simple people in it. For example:

  • Cutting a cake is a whole ceremony. Usually, it is cut by the youngest member and oldest one.
  • In 2016 National Guard celebrated its 380th
  • Official part usually includes a kind of enlistment of the members. It makes special sense for the members.
  • During this day people are able to know more about their army and its history because it is firmly connected with their lives and the history of the country, they all live in.

So, you see, that the existence of such a holiday is really important. Through all this time the Army preserved a lot of changes, which influence it and the country positively. With such soldiers and such divisions people may feel safe and sound both within and outside the borders of the place, they live in. That is why it is important to know the date if such a holiday. And if you do not know, when is National Guard Birthday in 2019, the calendar will give you this information. Mark December 13 and do not forget this date.


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