In the USA there are a lot of different kind and funny holidays, which can be appreciated both by adults and by children. Of course, these days we should go to work or studies, but why not to organize something really special for your kids, family members, friends or even colleagues? For example, can you answer the question โ€œWhen is Donald Duck Day in 2022?โ€ immediately? In most cases, unfortunately, people canโ€™t do this. It’s really pity, because that’s a perfect occasion to relax as well as to get positive and unforgettable emotions.

So letโ€™s discuss this amazing holidays in details and from the very start.


Certainly, it’s impossible to answer the question like โ€œWhen is National Donald Duck Day in 2022?โ€ without explaining the historical background of the event.

Frankly speaking, on June 9 we celebrate not the birthday of this famous cartoon duck as many people think, but the day when popular โ€œThe wise little henโ€ shotย  on the screens. It happened in 1934.

National Donald Duck Day

Famous and so popular all around the planet cartoon maker W. Disney introduced Donald Duck not accidentally. It happened after listening to C. Nash, who recited “Marry had a Little Lamb” by his funny duck voice. It was the period, when cartoon maker needed a really negative and naughty character. That’s the reason why Donald with his bad character was perfectly suitable.

We should also mention that Nash voiced personally Donald for a long time, exactly from 1934 to 1985. He also trained another person T. Anselmo to replace him.

Some years ago, in 1984, D. Duck Day was celebrated widely in LA. The event was so impressive that even mayor T. Bradley issued his famous proclamation talking hearty about the great fifth anniversary.

In order to celebrate Donald Duck’s 50th birthday, Disney organized a special meeting. During this event 50 white Peking ducks were brought to Disneyland. In front of all the visitors of all ages they participated in a group photo shoot with Donald in front of the Cinderella Castle, taking different treats from workers and guests. By the way the snowy white ducks as well as hero also had a special platform on the parade that day.

As you know, Donald doesn’t like to be surpassed in anything. This feature was not forgotten in its birthday: in the program called “Amazing World of Color” from W. Disney Studio, Donald boasted that its pie was more impressive than Mickey’s.


What does Donald Duck Day mean? – This year the popular angry duck will celebrate its 83rd birthday. As it was mentioned above in 1934 began the story of the brightest animated Disney characters called D.Duck.

Being represented like a white duck in a sailor’s suit, it was initially introduced in the appreciated cartoon called “The Little Wise Chicken”. Unlike kind, generous and so positive Mouse, Donald became a reflection of every ordinary person. All in all it is far from ideal and has a great amount of negative features: quick-tempered, self-centered, demonstrative, but very sweet at the same moment.

You can even say that it balances with Mickey like Yin with Yang.

By the way besides Goofy, Duck is perhaps the most unlucky hero of all the classic Disney characters. This is illustrated even by the number of its car – 313.


The second name of this funny duck is Fauntleroy. Moreover, it’s necessary to mention that D. Duck’s a unique animated hero that has an official second name. Initially it was heard in 1942 in Donald Gates Drafted”.

Many contemporary Scandinavian countries, especially Finland and Sweden, have used its name as a protest.

And nowadays when residents decide to protest during the election, they prefer to write the name of D. Duck as a candidate on their ballot. The representatives of these Nordic countries use to say that they’re the same as Donald, but he won’t be a good leader for the country because of problems with anger. According to their point of view, this duck can be often better than all candidates put together.

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No matter that they usually know for sure what day Donald Duck Day in 2022 is and try to celebrate it annually.


At the very beginning we should mention that nowadays Donald’s really much more than just cartoon character who’s considered to be the best friend of Mickey Mouse. It has been something like a style icon. In accordance withย  the fashion designersโ€™ point of view, since 1934 people have like to wear long shirts reminding the sailorsโ€™ ones, without any pants. As rule this dress manner is appreciated around modern women not men.

So you’ve already known the explanation to the question โ€œWhat is the date of Donald Duck Day 2022?โ€ But how we can celebrate it? Frankly speaking, there are no any special traditions, but you can organize something really special for your own taste. The only things you need is a bit of imagination and the desire to entertain yourselves and all people round.

What about watching the favorite cartoons with the participation of this funny and amazing character? โ€“ You can have a pleasant and so relaxing evening in front of the TV.

National Donald Duck Day

Some contemporary people love reading comics books. You can do it even in turn with your children, changing the voices and quacking merrily from time to time.

Are you going to have something really special? What about the spectacular themed party then? You wonโ€™t need any complicated and sophisticated costumes. โ€“ Just donโ€™t forget about a red tie. Do you remember the style of that one, your favorite cartoon hero is being dressed in?

Donald Duck Day Facts

At the present when is National Donald Duck Day in 2022, calendar can remind you immediately and without any problems. But we would also like to share some amazing pieces of information about this terrific character.

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It hosted the Academy Awards Ceremony. It hasnโ€™t just received an Oscar award. This cartoon animal led the show in 1958 together with popular James Stewart, bright Jack Lemmon, unforgettable David Niven, pretty Rosalind Russell and famous Bob Hope. Of course, it was animated as well as projected onto the screen behind the ordinary people on the scene, but this only added to the spectacular performance.

This hero has already had a star on the famous and so desired Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was added more than 10 years ago in 2004.

Its girlfriend was not always called Daisy. Initially on the screen, Donald’s passion appeared in 1940 in the animated film called “Mr. Duck is going on a date.” It’s rather curious to admit that in 1937 in the short film “Don Donald” the viewer saw quite another love – white duck Donna. Simultaneously the representatives of Disney studio have stated that Duck always had only Daisy. Of course, they know better. At any case Mr. Duck still loves his lady.

Donald Duck’s a colorblind. Despite the catchy style and colors in clothes, it is believed that Donald is at least partially color blind. In the war years animated cartoon called “Donald Gates Drafted,” it goes to the local recruiting station, and despite the flat feet, color blindness and lack of brains, the hero was taken into the army. So the fact that you are a duck isn’t a reason to release.

Donald’s known for its subtle speech and irritable mood.

Not many people know that in order to record the voice, it was used a special microphone, which smoothed out high tones and squelching sounds.

Donald is much more requested than all other W. Disney’s characters. And in 2002, for instance, it was declared among the 50 coolest animated characters of the world.


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