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📝 When is National Poetry Day 2022

From the very childhood, we are taught to read. First parents read our books and fairy-tales, then we learn to read by ourselves and do it all the time – we have to read, for example, at our schools and universities. But then many grown-ups start enjoys reading and do it just for relaxing and becoming more intelligent and educated. There are different genres, which people enjoy – from novels and horror stories to poetry. The last one takes a separate place in the world’ history and lives of people. That is why today we would like to speak about a holiday, which is dedicated to poetry. We will touch upon this topic closely and know, when is National Poetry Day in 2022.


This day is dedicated to a really wide and interesting topic. Poetry has been created so many years or even ages ago, that it is even hard to imagine it all. Only later it was formed into a separate genre, which became well-developed and wide-spread in the whole world. There are people, who enjoy particularly this type of literature, and many of them are fans of this holiday. That is why if we want to discuss it all deeply and be into the topic, we should touch upon all the aspects of the theme. And we all understand, what form should we begin – it is obviously, history, the basics of all things like this.

Poetry day

Actually, this holiday is not that old, as you could think. Though poetry itself has deep roots, the holiday has been offered by UNESCO only in 1999, which is less than a decade ago. The question of necessity and importance of this holiday rose because people recognized finally the importance of poetry for people’s education, self-development, working places and etc. It is a questionable situation, why have not people created it earlier, as this understanding came long ago before it all. Nevertheless, the most important thing is the visible result that is why it is great, that such a holiday appeared. Nowadays’ poetry’s fans know, what day World Poetry Day in 2022 is.

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What does National Poetry Day mean, we will find out in the further couple of paragraphs, where we will try to explain you everything. After we have discussed a small piece of history, dedicated to the topic, we can move further to the explanations. Do not be surprised, that the topic of background has been so short – as the holiday is rather young, there are not some special and numerous historical facts about it. The first time it has been celebrated in 2000, so you see that just a little time passed since the beginning of celebrations.

So, let’s come back to the main sense of the current paragraph – the meaning of the holiday. Actually, for all of us, or at least, practically all, it is rather obvious, because you see the name and it speaks for itself. The holiday is dedicated to poetry, poets of different generations, its development and its fans. Every year it joins thousands of people all over the globe, and every year this number quickly grows, so next time you may become one of the participants too. Certainly, for this, you should know the dates and place of it in order to be ready when the time comes.


In the previous paragraphs, we have tried to explain to you what does it all mean. It was an important moment, which should be obligatory discussed within the article. Now we raised the questions, which were the most important and without which we couldn’t move further, and after it all we have an opportunity to go to the next paragraph, in which we will be able to give you a detailed definition of the holiday. Earlier the meaning, which we described, was just general and gave some global information, but now we have to deep into the topic and make this information as fully as possible.

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So, if speaking about the definition of the holiday, we should repeat for a while and say that it is a day, which is marked and celebrated once a year in many countries when everything is dedicated to the topic of poetry. It means, that you may not also know everything about the pieces of poetry, which already exists, but support and meet young poets, help the development of this field, etc. It is a really diverse holiday, where thousands of poetry lovers take part. And these people are of totally different ages, races, material statuses and education. Their love to one great thing – that is right what unites many people from all over the world and they know, when is International Poetry Day 2022.


And here we are, slowly moving to the next part of our article, where we discuss all the details and peculiarities of the day, dedicated to poetry worldwide. Here we would like to touch upon the next thing, which can be called traditions. Actually, it is quite a strange name for the concrete part, because there are no things, which people must do due to the tradition. The sense of it all is to make the holiday interesting and attract many like-minded people, but not to follow some obligatory.


So, let’s just talk about what do people do during this day and what is it for about. On this day the organization of the activities is organized by everybody – people from educational establishments, from the government, independent communities. It is of great scale. All, who study – in schools or universities, all day are busy with everything, connected with poetry. The rest of the people can visit bookstores and various lectures, where young or popular poets present their works. So, you see that this day is full of educational activities and it is worth being visited if you know, what is the date of National Poetry Day 2022.

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International Poetry Day Facts

And finally, after all,discussion, we have slowly come up to the very end of the article. Here are the last two paragraphs, where it is time to make a conclusion and collect last details, which we have probably forgotten while the recent discussions. The aim of our article was to inform you about this holiday, to give you plenty of information so that you could fully understand, what is it all about and don’t need to find answers to your questions somewhere else. That is why we made all our best to reach these goals and we hope that we managed to make it and you now understand everything.

And here in the last paragraph, we have the right time to discuss and mention the last thing, which we haven’t been speaking about anywhere throughout this text. You may have already guessed, what is it. Certainly, we have not told you about the date of this holiday, but it is extremely important to mention this information. So, you can celebrate it with the rest of the participants and get ready right from the present moment to March 21. Now you know, when is Poetry Day in 2022, according to the calendar.

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