After Christmas is gone, it’s time to… say a lot of thanks! For the great celebration, for the amazing gifts, for the warm company. And there’s no better way to do that – except for the verbal forms, of course – than writing a thank-you letter!

When is National Thank You Note Day in 2022? You’re just about to find out.


As this note is kind of a greeting card, let’s look into the history of this thing. The very first mention of the celebratory notes dates back to the end of the 18th century, although the Chinese have their own version of the item’s origin. They claim that it evolved from the visiting cards which were quite widespread in the Ancient China. If a man didn’t find a person they wanted to congratulate at home, they should have left the visiting card on the porch with the written greetings on it.

Speaking of a later fellow of the Chinese card, it first appeared in France, when the newspaper showed the message about the post sending not only the mail but also the greetings for all sorts of occasions in the form of the engraved cards with a text. The inventor of such a creative way to congratulate people was a local graver.

Thank You Note

The pictures to those postal notes were added at the beginning of the 19th century, in England. The country warmly welcomed the custom of sending the Christmas cards which looked like the rectangular piece ofthe cardboard with the image of the winter landscapes and the family circle gathered around the Christmas tree. Implemented by the hand of a humble author, a bit later they entered the mass production. Inawhile, the range of the cards was extended to the New Year ones and the St. Valentine’s ones.

The next landmark in the history of these items happened in Germany. The counselor suggested issuing an open postal sheet with one side meant for the address and another – for the text. But the idea was refused. In several years, two more similar projects saw the light of the day and the reason for them was quite practical. Those cards – the printed items – were paid for according to the low parcel tax, not that of the expensive postal thing.

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An interesting situation was developed around the greeting notes. In France, in the end of the 19th century, during the war with Prussia, the city of Paris was besieged. To communicate with the rest of the country’s territories, the authorities ordered to use the balloons, the baskets of which were filled with the cards featuring the text and the anti-war slogans.

When is International Thank You Note Day 2022? With time, the greeting cards evolved until they formed the widest range of the notes and letters we have today, from the thank you notes to the business cards.

One of the versions of inventing the modern illustrated cards refers to the events of the same war. The French army, consisting of about forty thousands of the soldiers, was concentrated in the town of Brittany. In a while, the warriors lacked the envelopes and paper for writing the letters to home. Then, the local book seller decided to help the men and got the cardboard from the attic. Cutting it into the shape of rectangular, he put the pieces on the market. Once witnessing the soldiers’ pictures and caricatures on the paper, he got inspired and created the patriotic greeting cards in honor of the army and the fleet.


What does Thank You Note Day mean? It means sitting at the table with a pen in your hand and thinking about the warmest words you could say (and write) to your near and dear ones!

Probably, one can say – who’d ever need to receive that inscribed with “thanks” piece of paper? Writingitdoesn’ttaketoomuchtime, doesit? Yet due to that little thing, you can show your appreciation and gratitude to the fullest. Try to focus on the “thanks” part, not on the design of the note or the color of the inks.

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The gratitude is important. We should say the warm words for every kindness that was directed to us. Why? Because it boosts up your life energy and improves your mood! Feeling this flow of satisfaction is definitely worth one sincere word.

Hardly anyone could tell that he or she is an ungrateful person. Nevertheless, the big question is could we show that feeling and feel it properly? For many of us, it would be a revelation to hear that the feel of gratitude they experience towards someone is more important for them than for the object of the thankfulness. The more frequently and clearly the person shows the gratitude for the kindness they get, the stronger their inner balance is. Thethankfulnessiscertainlyapositivefeeling. Thus experiencing more and more positive flows we receive more chances to finally understand the true happiness.

Regardless of what day Thank You Note Day happens on, try to say as many words of gratitude to your most-loved people as you can! The positive emotions strengthen the nervous system of the human, eradicate the pressure of the stressful situations and ease the load of the sorrows and problems. Inanutshell, theyhelpustolive. Don’t keep the gratitude deep inside you because staying unrevealed it… affects us in the negative sense. Meanwhile, asking it out loud harmonizes us from the head to the toe.We become better and purer, more perfect, nobler, and more honest. Of course, it doesn’t mean that we have to throw ourselves on every neck we see.

Thank You


In spite of the obvious boom of the electronic means of communication, the cards and notes are still with us. We’d say that it is the postal card that lost several positions in the struggle with the almighty Internet. But the greeting cards (and the grateful ones as well) gladden us as before with the new kinds and sorts of the thing.

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If we’d compare the today’s cards and notes and those issued twenty years ago, we’d see the obvious changes. The modern items do not feature the certain author; the exterior is more colorful, as the printing art does not mark time. Looking into the card itself, we see the prepared words instead of the blank lines expected to be filled with the hand. Yet the hand-written thank you notes and cards are appreciated more.

What is the date of Thank You Note Day 2022? It is annually observed on December 26!

By the way, there is a whole science that studies the history and the symbolism of the greeting cards called deltiology. The scientists studying the certain item try to understand the types of the public consciousness of the previous centuries. But even they can’t bring us closer to the clue of the most important secret of the thing – how this little piece of the cardboard manages to pass so many feelings such as love, respect, and gratitude.


As simple as that – to celebrate the holiday, follow the instruction in its name and make a thank you note. It doesn’t matter to whom you’re going to give it, yet a number of the little pieces of thankfulness is not limited.

If you’re a too busy person, the thank you e-mail will make it, too. But don’t abuse the power of the electronic machines, the handwritten card feels like nothing else!

National Thank You Note Day Facts

  • One of the earliest achievements of the greeting cards’ industry that lasted till the modern days is the St. Valentine’s card created in the 15th At the moment, it is stored in the British museum.

Tick off in the calendar, when is Thank You Note Day in 2022, and let your gratitude out!


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