The world is so multicolored nowadays that civilization of the last century could not believe their eyes if they once saw the future generation. The fusion of nations, cultures, and customs has erased the global frontiers. People easily accept other’s comportment, vestment traditions, and the most important promo of our time remains ยซCelebrate the diversityยป. Modern people freely get to know various manners of fashion and styles. Every one of us is the individuality and the originality, we create our own Universe according to our convictions, feelings, and emotions. The time when is National Be Bald and Free Day in 2022 concerns not only American nation but it had passed into the universal one. Being chrome dome has a big significance. Let us discover more what do men and women want to show with this act and why must one accept their strange choice?

The meaning of the holiday

What does National Be Bald and Free Day mean for Americans? Frankly speaking, someone may stay surprised and do not like the celebration at all. Many could offend the initiators of the commemoration pretending there is nothing special for the hair spoiled guys and… girls. They are particularly right but for you to understand, the feast of these people has one main aim that is to change people’ attitude toward the act of shaving the head and to respect those who have decided to do it. Historically, the alopecia always served as a mark of cruelty and hostility. Ancient tribes used it to frighten weak nations. Many subcultural gatherings also prefer to have a clear scalp in order to show their protest against some world rules and for looking not like all others.

 Be Bald And Free Day

Despite all sinister facts, the devil is not so black as he is painted. They are neither murderers nor criminals but ordinary citizens make evident their world view. Moreover, they have right to make a choice suitable for them and for their thoughts. If you are not yet aware of what is Be Bald and Free Day in 2022, this article is a precious source of information for you.

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Men and women have the different reasons for doing such a courageous modification of their lives. Someone is struggling in a long and difficult battle against cancer or another illness, they are not able but have to receive their new lookโ€ฆ a bald one. Some people are getting old and they may lose some quantity of hair because of the old age. Different individuals hope for an eternally young and fresh appearance that is the reason why they like becoming hairless. From the other hand, it is trendy now. Remember many famous Hollywood stars who are entirely dehaired. Despite, they are neither old nor ill but it is their fashion icon style.

No one has to rationalize his actions. If your existence does not hurt anybody and you do not commit any crime, this original haircut is not but your own business. Remember the eminent citation from Bible: Judge not that you are not judged. Stay calm and enjoy the extraordinary appearance.

The history of the anniversary

Various centuries and people traditions choose the meaning of a bald head differently. Its origins were primarily found in some Old civilizations as Egypt, Rome, and Greece. It concerned a religious cult there because Egyptian sacrifices removed all hair from their bodies including eyebrows and beards.

The military art recognized this manner of looking during many centuries. The image of a good soldier has relied on the naked skull that is still presented in many world organizations. Moreover, some American forces adopted it as standard, for example, Air and Marine Forces of the USA. It is interesting to know that in Greece this practice was canceled from 1982.

In the XVII century, many aristocrats from different countries adopted a fashion tendency. One of the brightest examples is a young noble dame of Lithuania Krystyna Lubimirska, who refused of her beautiful coiffure in order to be in style. There is her picture in one of the Polish museums, where the painter described a beautiful girl with a haircut of the newborn.

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The definition of the feast

The commemoration turns on 7th or 14th of October annually not only in US calendars. All over the world multiple events and parties take place to make the citizens informed when is National Be Bald and Free Day in 2022. It is curious to underline the second title of the holiday denomination, the word free. The authors may attempt to draw attention to the link with two realities โ€“ the freedom has no limits. The sense of the time is also to get free from human prejudices and to express yourself in the way you feel and think.

The celebration has also many positive results. For example, if you shaved your hair or even if you lost it during the past decades, it is not the obstacle for a happy life. In the present case, you will save lots of money on hair conditioners and shampoo, combs and brushes. Your new coiffure will stay perfect all year round and you would not have to arrange it or to visit barbersโ€™.

Concerning the part of religion, many successors of Buddha and Hare Krishna current shave their heads. The same do some monks and nuns before entering their orders. Besides, many sportsmen as professional swimmers or runners, joggers and sprinters scrape with a razor.

 Be Bald And Free Day

The fete when is International Be Bald and Free Day in 2022 mentions all people who enjoy or rather suffer from baldness. History tells about bad and dark sides of human injustice. Nazism let its trace everywhere, its influence affected every part of society. Beginning with the regime of Adolph Hitler, prisoners were always shaved, especially women. It was one of the methods of humiliation and discrimination. What is more, Nazi surveyors provided a parade of all captured females. They were almost naked, thin, miserable, and had to walk down the streets. The citizens laughed at them, mocked their bodies, and fought them. This kind of insulting was one of the most severe in the whole history of women discrimination.

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Facts and traditions of the celebration

If you put away advantages and disadvantages of the baldness, it is cool and there is nothing wrong with it. If you are really brave, try it on yourselves. What is more, think about how many celebrities have tried it once… until now they have not refused their new appearance. Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, and others have shown their relativity to other people’ thoughts and became more recognizable with this prominent haircut. For more, in the 60s American continent was infected by a new wage. Many women supporting ones with cancer started to shave their hair. This action took place not only ordinary popularity but many actors and singers joined the manifestation as Sigourney Weaver and the global meeting earned a lot of money for patience from all Earth. As you can see, the baldness is no more the verdict, it opens more possibilities and chances today.

Nowadays, the October 7th and October 14th present the wonderful opportunity to appreciate the date when National Be Bald and Free is in 2022. All over the globe, men and women unite into clubs, set up meetings and conferences, gather and spend some time together. They drink beer and chat, take photos and go fishing, play football, basketball or watch it on TV. Some get very friendly and continue their communication for years. You may also unite with them even if you are not bald or you do not want to lose the haircut. These people are not wild, they have families and friends. Take part in events in their honor and celebrate the feast of ยซhair holeยป.


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