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💑 When is National First Love Day 2022

According to statistics data, the first sense is the most sincere and bright feelings that every person feels. In most cases, we experience it still quite young and inexperienced. Most people sincerely believe that the first feeling is for the whole life and that they will never part with this person. However, can you answer the question “When is National First Love Day in 2022?”  immediately, or perhaps we should give you some time for thinking about?

Unfortunately, modern guys and ladies are really surprised to find out about such special occasion existence, and correspondingly are not able to reply.

And all in all that is a direct explanation why we have decided to investigate this amazing matter in details.


Certainly we understand that the discovering, what day World First Love Day in 2022 is, needs the explanation of the historical background of the situation.

We know it, but unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find any suitable information about the establishers of this so romantic special occasion as well as about the reasons to celebrate it on September 18 exactly.

Perhaps, this day was created by the person, who once met his/her partner that warm and sunny or cold and rainy autumn day and forgot immediately about everything around. The feelings were so strong ad the idea of the holiday invention appeared almost immediately. Who knows?

First Love


What does National First Love Day mean? Oh, please, don’t ask us the question like that. Frankly speaking, we don’t know it what to tell you. The matter is that the reply seems to be rather individual for everybody. You see, we are not able to dedicate you to celebrate this special occasion if you, for example, have never felt it.

As the same time, you can also say a thousand of cute and absurd phrases about these emotions if you have ever been in them.The specialists are sure that a person who has experienced such a feeling as the first feeling does not need to be explained something. After all, in the case he/she himself/herselfhas gone through it, this man or woman realize that for each person the first strong emotion is something special and unique, forever left in the hearts.

However, many people do not understand the meaning of this type of emotions. And this is quite normal in fact for the situation when you are not familiar with this state. Everything comes with experience and for years. But, please, don’t worry when you meet that very true sense in life, then, believe us, you will surely understand everything.

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Will the feelings flash in a few years? – That is a question, which appears often and usually concerns many different people all around the planet. And really, having met the first strong emotion in a few years accidentally on the street, would you feel something in your heart? Most likely, yes, but maybe you were broken up with those feelings, when you stopped everything yourself? It’s hard to say, because everyone has his/her own story of first emotion.

Many ladies and guys say that it is better not to return to the love. After all, this is nothing but a past, which is better not to remember.

According to the others’ point of view, the first strong sensation on the contrary can be recollected, you can think about the feelings that you experienced earlier and dream.


Frankly speaking it is almost impossible to give the answer to the subject “What is the date of National First Love Day 2022?” without giving the explanation to this matter.

The feelings that we experience during the first feeling are almost the same for all. You feel, so the brain automatically turns off. All thoughts are only about one person. You think about it every hour, every minute or even a second.

In 14-17 years old age you think that this feeling is with you forever. You naively believe that this is the same person with whom you will live together in the future. Most likely, in your head you have already married and given birth to two or eve more children.

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At many young people at this age the brain doesn’t work, and only hormones play. Feelings at this period are inexplicably emotional. In principle, this is not so bad, because you feel and do not think about anything. All you want is to spend as much time as possible with your partner, to see his/her smile and eyes.

The first strong emotion is something that is never forgotten. Even in many years, you will remember a neighbor or a classmate. It can be anyone and the fact remains a fact: first emotion is really the strongest feeling on our planet.

However, many contemporary people argue: whoever does not forget the first sensation, does not recognize the next ones. Yes, that’s true and absolutely right. After all, if you will grieve all your life that you have not realized the plans that you built in your head, how do you know what fate has prepared for you next?


When is First Love Day in 2017, calendar will definitely remind you about this event. The only thing you shouldn’t forget is when September 18 comes. By the way, it will be on Tuesday.

All in all, there is no any special list, containing the recommendations how to celebrate this day properly. But this is not the reason for being upset, as you can always invent something amazing and hearty.

If you are not going to talk with somebody about your first relations, devote this day to watching corresponding movies or reading romantic stories about warm emotions between two people. Perhaps, it will be the best way to spend this romantic special occasion.


International First Love Day Facts

Trying to introduce the answer to the question “When is International First Love Day 2017?” we would like to tell our readers something really interesting about this matter.

According to the psychologists’ points of view, the first sensation plays a very great role in the formation of self-concept and self-esteem. It changes forever and determines how the person will act in the relationship further, what he/she will do and what will not.

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How long does the first love last? Many people believe that this relationship must necessarily fall apart. First love is though clean, but short. But in fact, not all stories fall apart.

Not so often, but still, not infrequently, the first feeling grows into more serious and mature relationships. People get married, raise children and live happily ever after.

However, in a short time teenagers often part. They grow, their personality develops, and not always this development coincides with the development of the personality of the object of first love.

An adult acquires more and more social skills and knowledge, more clearly determines for himself/herself the criteria for choosing a partner. And after school the former sweet couple can go to different directions of the world. Later, they can meet again, start a relationship, but again, very often it turns out that they have changed too much and are no longer the ones that they were in high school.

Many parents in advance worry about their child and for how the first relations will take place. In many ways, the foundation for a happy period of time is laid long before adolescence. Sufficient feeling and emotional connections with parents, empathy skills and adequate self-esteem are excellent preventive measures against unhappy love and prolonged suffering in this regard. Naturally, no knowledge can not 100% protect the teenager from life’s disappointments. But it gives an advantage in how the child copes with the possible rupture or rejection of the object of first love.

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