When is National Marmot Day in 2020? โ€“ That is the question, which seems to be quite easy in fact. Why? โ€“ You see, the matter is that, being introduced ones this holiday became rather popular all over the planet.

Of course, we want to mention that its celebration is rather controversial as many scientists are sure that the human behavior in this situation is rather harmful for the creature itself. But, despite this fact, it gains more and more popularity a year after year.


Of course, it is almost impossible to talk about the matter concerning what day Marmot Day in 2020 is, without saying anything about the historical background of this amazing event.

Nowadays not everybody knows that the first official meteorologist, Phil, lives in Punta Cana, Pennsylvania. The glory and worldwide popularity came to it in 1993, after appearing on the screenshots of the movie “Groundhog Day” with bright Bill Murray and talented Andy McDowell in the lead roles. The amazing fact is that already in 1997 more than 35,000 people came to see Phil.


In 2006 Phil was shot for the promotion of Absolute vodka, and before that the animal advertised beer, Sega game console and cereal flakes. Revenues from the sale of soft-mercenary toys allowed the organizers of the holiday to buy the territory of the Hill with an area of more than seven hectares for $ 75 thousand. Before that it was just rented.


What does Marmot Day mean? Are you ready to answer this question without any help from our side? Frankly speaking, we are almost sure that among the contemporary people there is perhaps only a little amount of those, who have never heard about this occasion existence.

According to the belief, if a sleepy and awaken animal does not see its shadow and calmly climbs out of the hole – spring will be early; if the funny creature does not come out of the hole – winter will last longer than usual.

In general groundhogs are mammals. These are representatives of the squad of rodents, the family of bellies. There are fifteen species of marmots, the ancestral of which is the American continent. It is interesting to mention that all of them have one common ancestor.

A significant proportion of scientists in Eurasia distinguish eight types of marmots. Different kinds of these animals have features, typical only for them. They are connected with different geographical habitats. However, for all groundhogs have a common feature: they fall into winter hibernation.

They are herbivorous animals with very warm fur. During the lifetime they create numerous holes. Almost all individuals live in colonies.

Researchers distinguish mountain marmots that live in rather harsh conditions in the Alpine mountains and plain ones.


As it has been already mentioned above the answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Marmot Day 2020?โ€ sounds like โ€œOn February 2โ€ and the event is celebrated mostly in the United States and Canada. That is the date, when the sleepy animal is pulled out of the hut for people to find out when the spring comes.

By the way the name of this animal was not chosen right away. At first, it was simply “The Shroud from Pancsatons,” later called Pete, and then the marmot became Phillus. His full and official name is as follows: Phil of Pangasotoni is a clairvoyant of the Jasnovids, the Wise of the Wise, the Predictor of the Predictors and the Outstanding Seer of the Weather. It looks and sounds cool, doesnโ€™t it?

Have you ever heard that the famous groundhog named Phil, who is living on the popular hill, belongs to the species of so called forest marmots, although it dwells mainly on an open plain.

The hut of this creature is not abandoned as it may seem at the first sight. In Phil’s sleeping place, a constant temperature is always maintained. The experienced veterinarians are watching for its health. Fil adores eating various greens, fruits and vegetables. Some scientists note that the animal loves dog food.

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In the house of the marmot there are some areas: for sleep, for healthy walks, for funny games and for food, of course. People can watch the famous living being through special windows.


When is Marmot Day in 2020, calendar will definitely remind you. And that is not a problem in fact. The holiday is considered to be fixed, so the opportunities to forget about its existence are really minimal. You can be involved any year you like.

By the way we canโ€™t but mention that from the scientific point of view, the famous ceremony of February 2 violates winter mumble hibernation.

You see, every year the amazing celebration begins at night, in the eyes of thousands of people, the president of the club wakes up a creature. The man usually takes it out of the hut with the help of the special steel gloves.

At the very beginning Phil is placed on a special stage so that everyone has an opportunity to look at him. This is usually followed by a photo session and a tour to the city center for merry festivities. Only at the end of the day Phil is returning home.

Marmot Eating

National Marmot Day Facts

Discussing the question โ€œWhat is the date of Marmot Day 2020?โ€ we would like to draw your attention to some pieces of information, which seem to be rather amazing from our points of view.

Despite the fact that now marmots are very popular as domestic pets, it is very difficult to look after them. The most important condition for the keeping this animal at home is to provide it with a comfortable winter hibernation, as the violations of the physiological regime can lead to serious problems, causing great damage to the creature, its lifestyle and even the death of the pet.

The most optimal housing for a marmot will be a metal cage. Other materials are easily gnawed by strong teeth. The length of the cell should be about 66 cm, width – 56 cm, height – 64 cm. On the door (41 by 43 cm) you need to put a good lock, so that the animal does not open it.

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The creature needs a shelter, so it’s best to create a house for it, and to put the dry leaves and the butterfly on the bottom of the cell. There must be a toilet tray in the dwelling house.

The hut should be protected from cold, direct sun, air conditioners and drafts. The bowl with food is placed in the cage only for the feeding period, but the drinker-dispenser must always be filled with water and within the reach of the animal. The groundhog is fed twice a day, from morning to evening.

Meal nutrition should be diverse and full. In its diet it is desirable to include juicy vegetables and fruits (to avoid citrus and exotic species), fresh breads, various feeds for rodents. After hibernation, the animal needs vitamins, so special vitamins for rodents should be added to the diet.

Groundhog should walk around the apartment at least twice a day. It is very curious and usually climbs into all the gaps and holes, sofas and closets, and all that gets in its way is being biten. Therefore, during such walks, animals need careful care to avoid tragic consequences.

These animals are big opponents of water procedures, so they should not bathe. The animal itself monitors its appearance and purity, and the owner simply brushed it with a brush. During the hibernation, you will need a small box of lining, clad in a grid and lined up with a chip or a hay, and also equipped with a strong lock. The temperature inside the drawer should not be at 3 degrees, and drafts are not allowed. Approximately two weeks before winter hibernation, it is necessary to stop feeding, to cover with an opaque cloth and put on air for a couple of hours. So the animal will understand that the food disappears and it’s time to start winter hibernation.


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