This article is going to be about the responsibilities, the faith in yourself, and the accounting. Why? Because the holiday tells.

When is National Evaluate Your Life Day in 2022? Let’s reckon it up!


In spite of all seriousness the event implies, it came into being as a result of brainstorming of the rather humorous people. How else could we call a couple that created a website dedicated to the most whimsical observances and tries their best to popularize it? Probably, funny and creative one, to boot.

Anyway, that couple is Thomas and Ruth Roy from the United States, and you might have heard the name of the man in the movies like Night Catches Us and The Answer Man. Yep, he is an actor yet we suspect that his real passion (as well as Ruth’s) is… herbs. Because the same website kindly offers us to look into the mysterious world of the plants’ unusual ways of use.

National Evaluate Your Life Day

Well, sticking to the point, we don’t know when and how did the authors come up with this serious heading as the other holidays are somewhat like No Socks Day or Yell “Fudge” at the Cobras in North America Day. Feel the difference?

Nevertheless, this festivity is quite popular – the social media are active on the eve of the holiday emphatically suggesting you to check your course.


What does National Evaluate Your Life Day mean? It means to take a pause and delve into the deep thinking about your way of living. When is International Evaluate Your Life Day 2022? We’d hint that it happens during the season when the weather outside screams of the reevaluation and developing the plans of making it abroad.

Are you content with yourself? Does everything go as you want it to? Do you feel yourself following the right path on this Earth? In fact, we evaluate something daily yet cursorily and not exactly the things that we really need to. We take a look at our outfits, count our money left till the end of the month, consider the impression we’ve produced on that yesterday interview.

But when was the last time you sit down and think about your life more thoroughly? Whether you work at the place you unequivocally like, or whether you’re satisfied with the sums you earn, or don’t you pay too much attention to your appearance? And the main question – what are your values and do you live in accordance with them?

You might have met people who live “by default”. That is, not knowing that they actually can change the settings. Don’t be like that and live according to your own rules. The first point to the positive self-evaluation is the amount of the things and events that you can tell about to the people around. To spend the wonderful distinctive years of your limited time on that planet, don’t look back at the others. You can listen to them but all the decisions you’re ought to take alone. Ponder over that issue in your spare time and let through the truth – are you a leader or a follower when it comes to your own life?

Basically, every little one of us has an urge to change something. Yet someone is okay with ignoring that feeling which later turns into the intangible jab of the blame. They even probably feel some indignation and remorse, however, can’t stop and evaluate their actions and attitude, getting stuck into the daily problems and routine.

Everyone should take an evaluation – the youngster, the elderly, the adult – there’s no excuse for closing the eyes when something definitely goes wrong. So, regardless of what day World Evaluate Your Life Day in 2022 takes place on, have a seat, bring a cup of tea and get plunged in the philosophical activity.


What is the right path that you should be on? Sometimes, we think that the inner compass tells us the direction. Yet, it’s not like that. There are numerous options of the game called “life”. You have to understand only the one thing – it’s not about the finish but about the enjoyment in the process. Even if you fail to accomplish your goals the pleasant experience of the race will smooth out the bitterness. That’s why it’s so important to take a reckoning over your passed years once in a while.

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Ignoring that crucial part of being content with yourself, you’d inevitably reach the critical point when the single thought of “that’s enough!” seize your conscience, integrating the emotions, desires and urges into the negative energy. Although, it is able to give us power, to become the benchmark in the course of self-discovery that helps revise the attitude for the better side.

The concept that should be dominating in your mind is that you are the master of your life only when you consciously take the responsibility and ready to analyze your way and change it at any time.


What is the date of National Evaluate Your Life Day 2022? The Roy’s couple made it clear – you check your course annually on October 19.

You got that from the name, right? In general, it has to look like you sitting at the table with the sheet of paper in front and the pen in your hand and trying your best cross-referencing the things you want to achieve with those you’ve managed to get close to so far. To define those points, we’ll help you with providing several questions that you should answer honestly.

National Evaluate Your Life Day

What is the biggest achievement you’ve made in the previous week? The reflection over your ambitions and the results is the best way to see the progress or the opposite. And the good reason to compliment yourself if you are focused on the big stuff and do not notice the little one. What was the waste of time in the previous week? That’s an evident example of the acts you should avoid to be more productive, concentrated, and engaged.

What task do you sidestep although you need to do that, sooner or later? This one is important. In most cases, it’s related to the job or relationships with close people. Maybe, your boss is always gnawing at you for not catching up with the production plans and you shun showing them the worst ever report? Or your lover wants you to get to know their parents yet you don’t feel that you’re ready to. Sort it out, whether you avoid the situation because of the outside pressure or just because you have some barriers to overcome before. The first variant should be dealt with strictly.

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Is there anyone you want to talk to? The frequent communication helps distinguish the “yours” people from “not yours”. The first ones obviously make your life much more positive and exciting. What are your main goals for the next three years? You will never succeed if you do not set the direction you should move in. The absence of the purposes does not seem like an effective way to spend the life. What was the last act of yours that pushed you forward to your dream? If you can’t remember, you really need to change the way the things go.

What is the next step to follow the purpose? It is the little part that leads to the bigger one. What are you looking forward to in the week to come? This might be a motivation for you. Or, a hint on what you want from that life. What are your fears? Deal with them; sort them out to the categories, from the less intimidating to the hateful ones. Learn how to manage your fear because it interferes with you progress.

Not to forget about this philosophical activity, mark in the calendar, when is Evaluate Your Life Day in 2022, and be honest with yourself – is your life goes along the right path?

Evaluate Your Life Day Facts

  • This holiday is on the list of Chase’s Calendar of Events – one of the most detailed collections of the reasons to celebrate every day in a year.


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