Have you ever thought about which role plays this or that animal in our lives? It is a really important question because any creature, which exists on the planet does something for nature, for our environment and it has not been created just for fun. Right, sometimes it may sound senseless, but it is really so. You just need to deep into the topic better, and you will understand and find out really serious things. Today we would like to talk about squirrels. Are you surprised? Then you will be surprised even more after you know that a whole holiday is dedicated to it. We will speak closely about this holiday and sure will know, when is National Squirrel Appreciation Day in 2020.


We will repeat again that you may appreciate this holiday and the discussed topic all in all as fun, but it really has strong scientific reinforcement and reasons to be noticed. That is why before we will come close to the discussion of the holiday directly, we will first go to its background and historical facts. We will do it in order to tune you in the right way and give a reasonable explanation of why it is all so serious and should be taken into consideration.


This entire topic has been started by people in Northern California. Particularly in that area, there exists special rehabilitation center for wild animals. There one of the current scientists and doctors, called Mrs. McKeown, raised a problem of these animalsโ€™ lives in wild nature. She began it all in 2001 โ€“ the year when the holiday has been first celebrated. The problem was that there is lack of food for squirrels, that is why they are dying. And people are able to save their lives by simple help. These animals are not o noticeable, that is why decrease of their population may stay unnoticed. But it all may cause some changes in nature and wildlife, that is why it is really helpful to know, what day World Squirrel Appreciation Day in 2020 is.


What does National Squirrel Appreciation Day mean we will be describing right here in this couple of paragraphs. We will give you a better general understanding of what is it all about and why should people pay attention to it at all. We all love these tiny fluffy animals; we can meet them everywhere, not only in wild nature but even near our homes and in the cities. Children and adults like how they look like, they are happy when they feed them with nuts of some seeds. But we all forget about them when we do not meet them. And as a sudden, it turned out to become a big problem, if we do not change the situation.

So, the named holiday is dedicated to squirrels. There are a lot of subspecies of them, but it matters mostly only for scientists. Squirrels can live in the different environment, that is why we can see them in any small park or huge wild forest. They eat a special type of food โ€“ nuts, dried apples or mushrooms, for example. But the lack of this food leads to the lack of food for these creatures. As we all know, they collect food for the whole summer and autumn and eat it all in winter. But if such food is not enough, they have nothing to eat in winter and as a result โ€“ die. And this is a real way out that we can help them, leaving some food for them.


So, in the previous paragraphs, you were given a general explanation of what is the sense of the holiday. Now we are moving further and here we can come deeper into the topic and define the holiday more detailed. Actually, we hope that you have caught the idea, but still, we would like to avoid some possible obvious questions that are why further we have collected for you all the information, which was available, which will suit the definition of the holiday and make you understand everything.

So, we have already defined, that this holiday is dedicated to squirrels โ€“ animals, which can be met easily in our everyday lives. People often closely communicate with them, but rarely think, how difficult their existence may be. Sometimes, especially in particular areas, they suffer from the lack of food, and a rehabilitator from North California raised this problem in order to pay people s attention to it all and help to save this piece of nature. The sense is that people may leave food for them in special places so that in winter these creatures will not suffer and die from hunger. Certainly, if they know, when is International Squirrel Appreciation Day 2020.


Now after we understand the sense of the day, reasons for its existence and the problems, why it all has risen, we now are ready to discuss the rest of the questions, dedicated to this holiday. In particular, we would like to tell people, how can they celebrate this day, what should they do, etc. It all is not obligatory, certainly, but we must admit, that the sense of the day is not simply to have fun, but mainly to solve one of the problems, which touch upon the life around us. And it turns out that it is not that difficult to combine fun with help.

Squirrel Appreciation Day

So, as you could have already guessed from our earlier discussions, the first and the main thing, which you all are able to do without any special waste is to leave some food for squirrels. It doesnโ€™t matter, which place you choose โ€“ some public park, a forest or your backyard. Just find a place, where you know they live and put some food there. Be sure that they will easily find it. But be careful and try not to make harm because of your not knowing something. Be sure that the food, which you leave, is healthy and is allowed to be eaten by these creatures. Do it all after you know, what is the date of National Squirrel Appreciation Day 2020.

International Squirrel Appreciation Day Facts

Squirrels are more interesting creatures than we can think about them. We see them in usual life and do not even think more than about their cute appearance. We will repeat, but they all differ โ€“ there exist dozens of species of them throughout the country. Moreover, they are able to survive practically in any weather and climate conditions that is why they are so frequently met in many countries. But due to some circumstances in some countries, their number becomes less and less every year.

Successfully, people turned their attention to this holiday and appreciated the problem with understanding. In many countries, every year since its beginning in 2001 people join the celebration, pay their attention to it and really are preparing for this day. They read information about these animals, watch special films and read professional literature. You too can become a part of it all and can see, when is Squirrel Appreciation Day in 2020, on the calendar. Every year people leave big and small pieces of food throughout the areas, where they live on January 21st.


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