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🥟 When is National Tortilla Chip Day 2020

We all love snacks. It is hard to find a person, which would not love chips or nuts, for example. Snacks are beloved by many people and are popular in many countries. Every nation has their own traditional snacks, but still, tourists come from country to country, try these or that things and also become fans of the cuisine of another country. Many of the dishes, including snacks, become well known all over the world and moreover, earn numerous fans all over the world, not only within the borders of their country. Separate snacks have even their own holiday, which is dedicated to this or that dish. And in this article, we would like to speak about one of them, dedicated to tortilla chips. We will speak about it and aspects of it all and know, when is National Tortilla Chip Day in 2020.


We will be discussing quite an interesting holiday further. And it is not because there is something extremely special and extraordinary in it, but because many could even hardly thought that such a reason can lead to the creation of a holiday. Right you are, this one day is not that serious, but still people are loving it because it lets them have a rest a bit one day a year more, forgetting about the usual routine and problems.

Tortilla Chips with cheese souce

But before it all we should discuss with you the background of the holiday, because the beginning of such thing is always very important and now it will be the base of your discussion. As the holiday is not about something extremely serious, then it does not have some long history, full of facts and dates. It all began somewhere in 1940es, when one Mexican family, who owned a factory, where tortillas were made, was searching for a way to reuse bad tortillas. So, we can frankly say that these chips were created just by chance, but turned out to be a great snack, beloved by many. They know from that times, what day World Tortilla Chip Day is.


What does National Tortilla Chip Day mean, we will be telling you in the further paragraph. We are sure, that this topic is quite obvious and you could already guess about it all at least from the name of the holiday or from our basic discussions. But in order not to get misunderstanding and such like problems, we decided that here we need to explain you first in general, what does the holiday mean. Then after it when everything will be quite clear we will be able to move forward and continue our discussion in more deep and detailed way.

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So, the meaning of the holiday, as we have already understood, is to celebrate tortilla chips. They are originally Mexican food, but their popularity spread out far throughout the borders of the country and they are now popular in many places of our globe. We have already admitted that though there is lack of seriousness, the holiday has a piece of interesting history. Not all holidays have the same of it. You are not though obliged to know everything on this point or celebrate it all the time with others. You are free to skip it all if you are not a fan, but still, you can at least make a try. Who knows, probably you will also love it?


So, as in the previous paragraph, we wanted to touch upon the basic question on the meaning of the holiday, we think, that we reached our goal and made what we wanted for. Now we are sure that you understand all the general things and are ready to move further. Here we mean that it is time to explain everything to you deeper so that you will understand more things and the sense of it all better. Though it all is rather simple, there are some peculiarities, as at any holiday separately, that is why you should know about them and separate it from the rest of the others.

As we promised, we now provide you the detailed definition of the day – this holiday is dedicated to a very popular and famous snack all over the world – tortilla chips. They are different from other snacks by their special shape and taste, which you will not find anywhere else. These chips also can be called a national Texas food even. They became popular more than 60 years ago, though were created by chance. This experiment didn’t make the things worse but presented the world such a tasty thing with its special flavor. Probably many of you have already tasted this dish, which you will not find in any other country. So, remember, when is International Tortilla Chip Day 2020, and celebrate it.


Now we moved to the next part of our discussion, which is one of the most interesting. We will talk with you about the ways, how people can celebrate and spend this day. Though there are no some strict rules on this point, it is hard for many people to do something new and they do what others do. That is why here we would like to tell about some standard things, which everyone always do happily and share their experience with the rest of the people. Just try to experiment and make something of it – maybe you will also join those people, who really love the taste of these chips.

Tortilla Chips with salsa

So, the simplest thing, which you can do is to buy these chips somewhere in the shop and eat them at home, out in the park or in the office during your lunch break. Usually, these dish is served with special dips or sauces. They are not obligatory and are just up to your taste. That is why you can choose any dip you like and dip there your chips. What else you can do, is to cook these chips on your own. Right you are, there are numerous recipes, which will help you to do it at home and, for example, organize a small party with your friends. So, find out, what is the date of National Tortilla Chip Day.

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International Tortilla Chip Day Facts

Now we came practically to the finish of our discussion, that is why we have a bit off time to study final interesting things about this topic. Many people from other countries think that this dish is eaten as a snack. But the truth is that they are very tasty and healthy so that they can be eaten for breakfast for example. Also, they may be crushed, after which you can put them in salads and other food. As a result, you get a really tasty food, you can try some of the recipes.

All in all, there are numerous recipes and advice on this point on the Internet. That is why you can always study all the information and try some of the at home. We promise that you will like what you will get. This holiday is a national one, but certainly, it does not let people have a day off. That is why they celebrate it during their working days when they have time. But there is nothing difficult in it – you can always create something, which will be interesting. To prepare and think about the celebrations you better find out, when is Tortilla Chip Day in 2020, on the calendar. Every year it is one and the same date, though the days of the week change all the time – celebrate the holiday on February 24th.

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