When is National Potato Chip Day in 2020? โ€“ In fact this is a rather amazing question, but only a few people can answer it immediately and without any prompts from our side. And it is really strange as this product belongs to the most popular ones all around the planet. Today we are going to discuss this special occasion in details.


Frankly speaking, we understand quite well that the investigation of such matter as what day World Potato Chip Day in 2020 is needs a lot of clarifications and explanations. Our usual followers are considered to be rather curious people and the themes devoted to the historical background are among the most requested ones.

At the very beginning we would like to mention that this type of snack was invented occasionally. In accordance with the specialistsโ€™ points of view, these snacks were invented accidentally in 1853. The cook called George Krum was working at the restaurant Moon’s Lake Lodge at the expensive resort of the State of New York. For the claims of fastidious customer had to cut the ordered dish of potatoes three times. In response to the third claim that the potatoes are fat, George Krum, to anger the guest, made potato plates as thin as possible. In such a way no one had ever cooked potatoes. To everyone’s surprise, the guest liked the taste of that dish very much.

Potato Chip and potato

The sensible guest of the restaurant was Vanderbilt Cornelius, one of the richest and most successful entrepreneurs of the USA of the 19th century. Since then these snacks became a specialty of the restaurant and were called “Saratoga chips”.

In 1985, the first factory for the production of snacks was opened, and over time, the appetizer gained incredible popularity, which is quite natural: lightness, a pleasant crunch and a wonderful taste led it to the first place in the category of snacks. Today, sachets of potato fried according to special technology have become frequent companions of merry parties, friendly gatherings, light snacks and just cozy evenings in front of the TV. However, so pleasant to the appearance of a delicacy is not as harmless as it seems.

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What does National Potato Chip Day mean? To tell you the truth e are not able to answer this question instead of you. Why? โ€“ The matter is that we know nothing about your eating preferences. You see, among the representatives of the contemporary society there are a lot of those who donโ€™t have this product at all. โ€“ There are a lot of explanations of this behavior manner. โ€“ Some people are on a diet, others just donโ€™t like the taste.

And here there is a couple more facts about the time of the chips invention. George Crum was actually called George “Crum” Speck. Crum or crumbs was the father’s nickname, which passed to his son.

Also there is a version that the snacks were invented not by George himself, but by his sister, who was with him on the same day in the restaurant kitchen.

In 1860, Crum opened his own restaurant, in which he sold chips, but not to take them out. However, due to the simplicity of production, the snacks soon appeared in other places. The existence of the restaurant lasted 30 years until 1890.


Discovering the question โ€œWhen is International Potato Chip Day 2020?โ€ we would like to tell you as much as possible about this direction. The history had its continuation. It happened when the industry of flavor additives was launched.


Until about 1921 chips were known only in the US. And only after Herman Lay invented the special machines for cleaning potatoes, the serial production began.

Until 1940 chips were made without seasoning. However, soon after that a small Irish company Tayto developed a technology for adding seasonings and flavorings, and since then these snacks were sold with a special bag of salt. Chips were becoming popular and popular. By the way, after a while, the owner sold Tayto and became Ireland’s richest man.

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Modern chips are very different from their first “fellows”. If previously the only ingredients necessary for the production were potatoes, oil and salt, today the producers use starch, flour, various chemical dyes, preservatives, flavors and enhancers.


When is Potato Chip Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you and this is not a problem, of course. The date is fixed and the special occasion can be celebrated on March 14th every year. To join or not to join is up to you to decide. But why to miss the chance if you adore the taste of this product?

Do you know how to celebrate this holiday? – In fact, of course, you can buy a lot of varieties of this product, some beer and organize a real party! Invite your friends, relatives or stay along. – The day will be great in any case.

However, in our turn we are going to propose you something special indeed. What about preparing some homemade potato chips? Are you ready for new experience? Yes? – We are going to teach you then!

Here is a list of the ingredients you will need for this purpose.

  • Potatoes – 300 g
  • Vegetable oil – 100 ml
  • Ordinary black ground pepper – an ordinary pinch;
  • Salt, dried thyme and paprika – a pinch either;

Potato Chip pack

And now the most popular cooking method:

  1. At the very beginning we have to clean and to peel the potatoes. After that it is recommended to cut them into very thin slices. They should be of 2-3mm. You see, some people prefer to use a special grater for shredding cabbage for this purpose.
  2. Soak chopped potatoes in the container filled with cold water. For this activity 2-3 minutes will be quite enough. We are sure that the potatoes will be dried better on a paper towel. Then it is high time for combining the prepared vegetable oil with requested amount of salt, some pepper, a bit of paprika and taken thyme. We pour the vegetable oil together with spices into our potatoes and shake the bowl well. Mind that the oil has to cover carefully all the pieces.
  3. Cover the chosen baking tray with one layer of parchment paper. We spread the potato slices in one layer either. Cover them all with the second layer of parchment paper. You see in such a way, your components do not burn.
  4. Fry the chips in a preheated oven for up to 180 C for 15 minutes.
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International Potato Chip Day Facts

Talking about the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Potato Chip Day in 2020?โ€ we canโ€™t but mention some interesting facts devoted to this matter.

Here is our list of the most curious facts about this type of product:

  1. Surely everyone knows about Pringles chips. However, in the UK, it has been established in court that Pringles is not a potato product, as the potato content does not exceed 42%. Are you really surprised? โ€“ We are! In the production process, a mixture that contains potatoes and yeast dough is used. This allows the things to be put in one line with pies or biscuits.
  2. Chips are high in calories. That is why it is not recommended to use them to those who are on a diet or want to stay in a good shape. โ€“ In accordance with the specialistsโ€™ points of view, just 100 grams of chips contains about 500 kilocalories. This is comparable to the BigMac menu, prepared in the famous takeaway restaurant. The surprising thing is that people know quite well about the harm from Macdonaldโ€™s, but they forgot everything when they are consuming chips.
  3. Chips can be set on fire. In the Internet there are a lot of videos devoted to this feature of the famous product. You can find something special any time you want. The choices are really endless in this case.


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