In the contemporary world there is a great amount of so called tasty notable dates. They are usually appreciated both by children and by adults. The only thing we should do is not to forget about the moments, which are really able to bring positive emotions and to organize perfect leisure for the whole family. For example, are you ready to answer the question “When is National Cheesecake Day in 2022?” immediately and without thinking?

Unfortunately, most people can’t and that is why July 30 may turn into quite a usual day. It is a real pity but almost no one knows that this date is devoted to a very tasty, airy and gentle cheese dessert! As you have already guessed, we are going to tell about a cheesecake.


It seems impossible to answer the question “When is International Cheesecake Day 2022?” properly without discovering the historical background of this special occasion.

National Cheesecake Day

Believe you or not, but being born in NY, this kind of dessert has a Greek origin. In that European country it was believed to be an excellent energy source.

By the way, have you ever heard that Greek couples used these delicious items as a main wedding treatment? โ€“ This’s already a proven fact.

Just at the end of 19 century one a NY dairy farmer tried to create a very special product, reminding of French Neufchรขtel, but during cooking something went wrong and as a result the tasty variety of creamy cheese was accidentally invented. Four years after , this cream cheese began to be sold in all the shops, supermarkets and certainly in the large stores under the special brand name “Creamy Philadelphia cheese.”

However, in the course of time another huge local company bought the brand name “Cheese Philadelphia”. And by the way it has continued to produce this famous refined cream cheese even now.


What does National Cheesecake Day mean?ย  Frankly speaking, it’s rather difficult to explain it just in a few words.

That is a moment when you can prepare and eat your favorite dessert.

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Classic recipe of the world famous cheesecake is usually served without any additives. It means without any fruit, chocolate (dark, milk or white) as well as any caramel aren’t used either. According to the specialists’ points of view, the secret of famous delicate taste and aroma is in the addition of extra egg yolks. Only they have been able to change everything and to show all the advantages.

By the way we can’t but mention that New York is not the only American place, where locals began to make cheesecakes. For example, in the US city of Chicago some amount of sour cream can be added to the prepared dough in order to give some creamy taste to the dish.

Many countries of the planet have invented their own way of cheesecake preparation, trying to make a recipe ideal for this region. In Italy, for example, ricotta cheese is added, while in Greece people give preference to Feta cheese. Some Europeans, like, for instance, the Germans like cottage (or home) cheese, and at the same timeย  the distant Japanese use an exact starch and egg whites combination. In general there are many variants of this dessert preparation. Sometimes even cheese with mold, chili, various seafood is appreciated all over the planet tofu are added!


The name of this famous cake comes from two English words ordinary “cheese” and sweet tasty “cake. Knowing this we can understand the reason why this famous dish, belonging to European and American cuisine, is represented by cheese-containing dessert, reminding depending on the variety something really special, beginning from curd casserole to a cake soufflรฉ.Being shared throughout the Earth and, of course, thanks to the passionate love of the famous American chefs, this tasty dish is thought to be an American one with some very distant English and Greek roots. And it is really true that this pie, prepared on the basis of soft cream cheese or cottage cheese, came to the American kitchen together with the European native settlers and has gained the popularity there, getting the so-called “American citizenship”.

That is why, taking into account the popularity of this special occasion, don’t worry: when is Cheesecake Day in 2022, calendar, some close friends, relatives or colleagues will definitely remind you. Just think how to celebrate July 30 properly.

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So you have already known the answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of Cheesecake Day 2022?โ€ but do you have any clues how to celebrate this special occasion properly? Frankly speaking there are no any universal traditions. You can do it in a way you like: alone, in a family circle, with friends, relatives or colleagues from work. It is up to you to decide.

Some people prefer to prepare this dessert at home, others like to purchase it in the nearest shop or to go to the favorite cafรฉ.

No matter what variant you choose, it’s recommended to mind the following things.

If you know the answer to the question, what day National Cheesecake Day in 2022 is, you probably know that there’re cheesecakes, which are believed to be not desserts, but something like a snack, with should be saved with salads.

Up to the present moment, it seems as everyone has already had an idea of how to prepare this favorite dessert. In fact, there two main types: baking one, i.e. the variety for the preparation of which, you should bake, regardless of the recipe and the ingredients, and correspondingly “non-baked”.

The last modifications are cooked in another way. They are prepared in a cold way, that means that the main products are usually represented by cream cheese, ordinary and common cream, sugar and gelatin.

National Cheesecake Day

This mass is laid out in the baking cup and used for this item base. Instead of it, you can also take crushed crackers, joined with butter, with or without nuts or a biscuit. It is also possible to replace cream with sour cream. This will give your dish a more dense structure.

By the way, depending on the necessary result, you can use different types of cream cheese, for example, with different fat content or without it, as well as a variety of flavors. Cooked products should be sent to a refrigerator or a freezer. Ready cheesecake is usually decorated with frozen berries in jelly or chocolate.

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As for baked cheesecakes, they are represented by a huge amount of different varieties.

Cheesecake Day Facts

A great amount of men and women is sure that cheesecake was originated in NY or in Philadelphia. That’s the reason why the most famous and appreciated desserts have specific names the NY Cheesecake and Cheesecake Philadelphia. However, there is an evidence that its history began in ancient Greece .

At that times when the strong and brave Romans conquered the Greek Empire, one of the things they took with them was an original recipe of this dish. In some years the Romans slightly changed the ingredients by adding there the eggs. As a result, the cheesecake could be prepared without any problems even under hot bricks.

Initially all cheesecakes were prepared with the help of yeast. At that time it was the only way to raise the dough. However, Europeans learned how to use some ordinary whipped eggs in order to raise products. And as a result it allowed to remove yeast from this tasty dessert and fortunately to avoid unpleasant or even irritating yeast flavor.

At the very end we would like to mention that the recipe for modern cheesecake was written relatively recently. In accordance with some sources it occurred just two centuries ago. Why did it happen so lately? – The matter is that the cheese, which represents the basis of modern cake, was produced in 1872. In those days, William Lawrence, who lived in Chester, NY State, was trying to find a way to experiment with cheese. At last chef master got a cream cheese quite occasionally, and it became extremely popular then and even got the special name – Philadelphia. The taste features, as well as the texture of this cheese suited perfectly for a popular dessert and since then, the Philadelphia cheese has turned to be its main component.


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