Have you ever stopped for a while and thought at least for some time about your life? Most people will answer negatively, and this is a pity. Our everyday life is so busy, we are always in a hurry, we have so many things to do. But among all this, we have not the time to stop and look around us. There are so many things, which are left without our attention, they create our surrounding and are always somewhere near us and the life without it all would be impossible. But most people do not notice it all and do not even think about something of the sort. That is why people, who really care, created a special holiday, which we will discuss further. We will know everything about it and also will find out, when is National Sauntering Day in 2022.


Right those people are, who will ask about the sense of this holiday and what is it all about. Many of us have not even heard about it, do not understand, what is it for and did not even pay attention to it. But here we would like to tell you everything, concerning the holiday because it is really important and will make any of us only better. So we would like to discuss its history before continuing discussing the rest of the things because it is the very beginning and without it, the continuation will not have sense.

National Sauntering Day

The history of the holiday actually is not so long, because it all began in the end of 1970s. At that time not only the holiday has been created, but the idea itself has been born and the discussions took place, which also needed some time to be realized to live. It all began by a man from the USA, probably from Michigan. His idea born after he noticed that jogging became very popular among different people in different places of living. He turned it all into life and practically since that times people are aware of what day National Sauntering Day in 2022 is.

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What does National Sauntering Day mean, we will discuss and find out in a couple of further paragraphs. We will also discuss some other topics concerning this particular day, but firstly we need to speak about the meaning of this all. The first thing, we should speak about, is the word “sauntering” at all. Usually, people do not pay attention to its meaning, but it is a mistake because it is the sense of everything, connected with this day. This word itself has special meaning. We can say like this when we mean a style of walking, similar to jogging, for example. It is a sort of sports. But the sense of it and the difference between jogging and this one is that you walk slowly and not just like this. Also, you look around, relax and try to enjoy the things around you and notice every little detail, that helps you to feel this world fully.

The difference from jogging is huge. Though it was so popular at that times and the popularity rose quickly, while running people have no special opportunity to observe everything around them. The same situation is with relaxation – a person running is concentrated on his physical state and sports, while sauntering allows forgetting about all these factors. The fans of this holiday know, when is World Sauntering Day 2022.


The last several paragraphs were devoted to the history and meaning of the holiday, which we are speaking about. We have known that it all began not so long ago after jogging became popular, so the history of the holiday is not so long. Also, we found out the general meaning of this day. We know that the sense of the holiday is playing inside the word from its name. Sauntering is a kind of sports, which is totally different from many other types.

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It all is not mostly for your physical state to be better, but for the moral and psychological state. A person should walk slowly, preferably somewhere in nature, turn off all his thoughts and observe the surrounding things and everything, which can attract his or her attention. It is very important because in such a way person has an opportunity to relax, to refresh his feelings and inner state. There is no any other kind of sports, which allows a person do and feel the same thing. That is why, after jogging was so popular, people had no other alternatives and actively spend their time on particularly this kind of sports. Those people were likely to know, what is the date of National Sauntering Day 2022.


Traditionally, this holiday is not like a usual one and people are not given a weekend to celebrate it or to have a rest because of there no some visible and serious reasons for it. Nevertheless, people find opportunities to celebrate it and to have a rest at least after work. This holiday is celebrated by its fans every year, once on June 19. Consequently, this day may go to any day of a week, both a weekend or a working day. But it really does not matter for those, who really want to take part in this all and people celebrate it not depending on the day of the week.

National Sauntering Day

People do not obligatory need a whole day to take part in the celebrations. There are lots of opportunities throughout the day to take part in it all. And even a couple of minutes may be enough – you do it all just for yourself, but not for others, right? That is why people, for example, can take a walk from home to work in the morning or vice verse. While walking try to pay attention to the things, which are around you all the time – trees, the wind, children laughing, sun shining, etc. Maybe you will notice something else, which will make you smile. There are plenty of them, you just need to slow down for a couple of moments and you will see it all.

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World Sauntering Day Facts

So, we have practically fully observed the holiday and discussed the pain points, concerning it all. We knew, that its history counts a bit more than 40 years only and it all was begun by a man from Michigan. People enjoyed the idea and the man had a lot of followers, why tried not only to support but also spread his idea wider to other states and even countries. And they managed to do this because it all really worked and helped people to stay in normal conditions while doing their usual things and work.

An interesting fact is that this method really works and doctors proved it a long time ago. Stopping for a while, observing the world around us helps our brain to relax, which, in its turn, protects us from depressions and nerves. A lot of people, who supported the idea of the holiday or those, who tried it all at least once for the first time, often turn it all in their style of life and do this every day or several times a week, for example. It is really great that people find efforts to slow down and think not only about them personally, but about things, which exists near us and with us every single moment. So, try to find out too, when is World Sauntering Day in 2022, in the calendar, and join this community.


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